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sa 4 Nov

Toffee apples

A slow start we thought to the fifth annual fireworks but Bill Bullstrode had pre-sold 1,500 tickets and the tc was to run out of tickets at one of the gates.  The Guys were all brilliant and it was sad that they had to be burnt ... but right.

This Guy came joint second How sad ... the Guys burning

The Sports Club had put on a full football team with two reserves and a physio behind the counter and were still hard pressed to keep up.  Bill Bullstrode had five people dashing about selling dangly, whirring, flashing things including a scary gum shield that you put in your mouth and when you smile reveals flashing teeth!

The bunny ears flashed

sa 24 jn 06

Reliable Rob and Ian Baird (Ian's the one on the shooting stick)

A marshal, a passer by, Andrea our CPO and a runner A penalty shoot out?! Sister and brother

Very muggy in the morning for the runners.  The new five-a-side goals got a serious workout as did the bouncy castle and the mini roller coaster.

Some of the Fram College Band

Once they got over their nerves the Framlingham College Band made a cracking fist of tunes likes Mercy, Mercy, Mercy and Peter Gunn; Minx enthralled the younger MSMers, Earl Soham Brewery made a mercy dash when the beer tent run out of Vic, at one point there were at least five impromptu football games going on and the kids ran about, ran about some more and then, for a change, did a bit more running about.  Superb!

JugglerAnother use for the new goal posts

Serious guitar spanking from The Verdict Enthralled Tricky dance moves

Extremely relaxed MSMer

... oh, and the kids did a bit more running about.

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