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Framlingham in 2005


tu 27 Dec

Very quiet on the hill, Solar is open till 4pm and still has some bread, it's started

Some bread in Solar

snowing again and the TC has spawned a sub-committee to help make the skate park happen.

fr 16 Dec

The Film @ Fram audience clapped The Station Agent last week, we much approve and hope it becomes a habit.

su 20 Nov

School Days at The Railway

The Phoenix Singers at St Michaels

It was School Days at The Railway last night and the audience did stand for the Phoenix Singers' Hallelujah Chorus, the Phoenix Singers are the lower picture.

th 17 Nov

Sad to report that Peter Pickett was found dead in his flat after Ben Goodbrey had notified the police concerned that Peter had not turned up for work.  It's thought that Peter died in his sleep, probably Monday night.

sa 5 Nov

400th Anniversary of the Gunpowder PlotGuy Fawkes 1570-1606

A wheelbarrow will do itThe Ents Committee co-optees built the bonfire with the help of a JCB and donated burnables, some of which arrived in aThe volunteers are using a JCB to build the bonfire wheelbarrow.  Despite some two thousand people on the Pageant Field there weren't big queues to get in but the three foodie stalls did have more or less permanent ones ... the pa broke down but Spadge still organised the crowd to count down the first firework (and the winning tickets in the raffle {sorry draw} both belonged to ladies and were Yellow 137 the DVD player and White 124 the hamper) ...

Ooooh Aaah Mmmm

... the crowd applauded spontaneously and there was the inevitable traffic jam to get out.

tu 1 Nov

Trick or treaters  Ghosts  Click for a bigger pic

Fortunately the rain held off for Halloween and Barclays made an effort.

Barclays 2005

fr 21 Oct
Trafalgar Day

Castle StreetWhat jolly capers shipmates!  To celebrate the Battle of Trafalgar's bi-centenary two hundred people poured up Church Street Framlingham last night to consume free The lanterns are litsoup and cake from the Guides, hear the Phoenix Brass Band strike up just as an announcement started, dodge bits of flying beacon as the wind got up and, impressively, Artur the Polish barman at The Crown knew why we were doing it.  Shiver my timbers!  Brilliant!

we 12 Oct

That'll teach us to make assumptions; community copper Andrea Honeywood says the black Rover below wasn't turning, more info soon ...

... the Rover was coming along Albert Place, swerved and hit the wall apparently and if you don't believe me ask Andrea on her new forum.

mo 10 Oct

Breakdown truck, police car, black Rover and brick wallThis afternoon a black Rover didn't quite make it round the corner at the bottom of Fore St.  A bystander expressed the usual opinion that the police were making the traffic worse.  Can't quite see how Alan Mutimer's truck would have got in without someone to stop the traffic?

th 8 Sep

Sounds unlikely but the Community Centre got their bingo set back!  Sarah says Thank you very much.  My faith in Fram has been restored.

tu 6 Sep

Chris Gray looking very seriousDoes anyone remember American serviceman Chris Lane Gray who lived in Fore Street in the mid 80s?  He's now domiciled in Arkansas and looking for news of Jim and 'Queenie' from the Hare and Hounds.

su 24 Jul

Chris HaeslerVery regrettably Chris Haesler has resigned after twelve years as a town councillor because of ill health in his family.  A thoroughly nice man and we shall miss him very much - Eileen Coe.

we 8 Jun

We were rather pleased with our Framlingham Gala pics but were still a little surprised when the Diss Express asked if they could use some of them ... the sordid matter of coin was not mentioned of course.

th 5 May

St Michael's Rooms about middayThe polls are open till 10 o'clock tonight, you don't have to have your poll card to vote and you don't have to tell those people hanging about with clipboards how you voted.  Just DO IT.

sa 16 Apr

Remember we wanted the Airfield Museum phone number for US Navy Chief Aviation Electronics Technician Brad Taylor?  Brad writes I had a wonderful time there in Fram and everyone in the community was very helpful.  A special thanks to Gerry Fryer and Raymond Carter for sharing their time and knowledge at the Air Museum on a day that it wasn't regularly open.  It was nice to see where my grandfather served during World War II and I look forward to spending time with him this summer to talk about the pictures I have.  I most definitely want to bring my family back to share the experience.  How nice.

mo 30 May

Framlingham Gala/Gayla Prnicesses

Framlingham Gala

th 10 Mar

Two men and one of those things on a stickThe yellow jackets poking about in and around Station Road are from Milton Keynes Surveys.  The head office wouldn't tell us who their client is (maybe you can do better mail@mksurveys.co.uk 01908 565561), but MKS are taking levels for a feasibility study associated with the "seed place".  (Later:  A source close to someone says it's Bovis wanting to build on the Victoria Mill Rd end of the Bibby's site.)

sa 12 Feb

Protestors outside Thomas MillsAn awful lot of police, noise, and some milling about outside Thomas Mills before Any Questions last night.  Don't know what happened afterwards as we went to Ipswich for the beer festival.

th 6 Jan

The Station's Tsunami Appeal jarThe giant pickle jar on The Station bar raised £87.75 for the Beslan Appeal and the pub till added a twenty pound note to bring it over the ton.  Not surprisingly the jar is now collecting for the Tsunami Appeal.

sa 1 Jan

Happy New Year and 150 people poured out of The Crown, congaed round the back of the curry house, round the town sign, and back to The Crown just in time for fireworks.  No, we couldn't believe it either.

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