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Fram events in 2005


sa 18 Jun

Maypole dancing The unrideable bike proving it is pretty unrideable Get Together Drops on the way to do their set

The Human Fruit Machine

fr 11 Nov
Armistice Day

Those Thomas Mills musicals just keep getting better.  Grease appeared to have half the school in the chorus, the Teacher/director getting overhugged beauticians looked just perfect and a little unintentional corpseing just added to it. The pitch went west occasionally but it doesn't matter, the wonderful musical director Mr Hanley left absolutely nobody in any doubt where the beat was and everything was done with complete commitment and enthusiasm.  It was a privilege to see the leads as they came off stage pumped up to the stratosphere on adrenalin, squealing, jumping up and down and hugging each other.  The over hugged lady in the pic above is Mrs Ross (née Watts) the teacher/director and it did strike us as a distinct improvement on our own schooldays.

Mind the steps Adrenalin Doesn't appear to know how to put a tracksuit on:) Just brilliant

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Yes, I'll wear my tiara next year!Posh Do in the Poor House

Bit of excitement even before the Posh Do started when one of the Gainsborough Quartet was in a car accident on Friday so it was the Arbutus String Trio who gamely took on one hundred chattering Friends of Sir Robert Hitchams.  There was the inevitable raffle but there were prizes like a bottle of gin.  There will be other Friends money raisers but Mark Perkins wasn't sure whether the Posh Do will become an annual event.  We think it should.

The Arbutus String Trio

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