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Christmas 2005


su 5 Dec

Darkness falling The tree and the moon

Annual Charity and Voluntary Organisations Christmas Market, still trips off the tongue doesn't it?  No rain, lots of stalls with the RNLI in lifejackets, a queue for Gosia's coffees, the Ipswich Hospital The queue for Gosia's coffee Band made jolly tootle, darkness started to fall and five year old George Smith made a perfect job of turning on the lights.

Carols were sung and the Guides distributed their carrot and coriander soup and the councillors distributed the mince pies they'd brought and then ... everyone went home.

An empty Market Hill

fr 9 de 05

Startled deer and market stall

Bang!  There goes another camera

Startled Deer The crowd joining in Carley and Webb

The were TWO Morris sidesDaddy Christmas (who's been on a diet) had queues to meet him whilst next door the ladies of Barclays were making Alice in Wonderland at The Crowncameras explode.  On the Hill pony rides, carriages rides, people joining in the Morris dancing and children hyper active on a lifetime of E numbers deploying crazy string and stink bombs.  We didn't get anything to eat because there was always a queue and you couldn't move in The Crown.  A good crowd and a good night.

Crazy String

sa 31 Dec

La Macarena at The Crown and Anchor

We concede the conga line was not quite as long as last year but it was certainly more committed, lots of partying with hefty commitment (our word for the month) to fancy dress and La Macarena from the Crown and Anchor's patrons, full house at the Castle and yooves posing with community copper Andrea Honeywood.

The not so Conservative club Goth and friend at the C&A

Patrick and friend at The Railway CPO Andrea Honeywood and yooves

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