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The Crown in 2004


sa 22 Dec

Gamekeeper points out the crime sceneThere's a vicious rumour that the petty criminals disturbed pinching ivy down a dark lane were a very senior female member of The Crown's staff and a male junior who is well known to admire her.  The rumour goes on that perhaps they weren't just gathering ivy.  Crown regular Simon Blackburn points out the crime scene.

sa 18 Dec

Thomas AnthonyThere's been a flurry of Crown babies.  On the right is Thomas Anthony born Sunday, not in the stables, to receptionist Vikky Seeley.  Collette Taylor had Amelia Page four weeks early in October, and Vicki Fordham brought Jasmine Keira in to the world two weeks late in August.  There has been mutterings about the receptionists' chair having fertility powers.

we 15 Dec

Sophie as Queen GertrudeFram College, no doubt exhausted from presenting Hamlet - probably the best play in the world, breaks up today.  Sophie, the daughter of a regular Crown guest, played a modern Queen Gertrude.

we 1 Dec

A next door neighbour of The Crown is the delicatessen Carley & Webb who had such an enjoyable Christmas party with us last Saturday they sent flowers!

su 21 Nov

Who is this member of staff?We're still struggling with computers but things are getting better and the directors are planning serious upgrades.  In the meantime a free drink (and we mean a pint, or a glass of wine not a bucket of whisky) to the first person to identify from the passport photie on the left the current member of The Crown staff.

sa 20 Nov

Click for bigger picRoom 8 is traditionally The Bridal Suite but is also know as The Four Poster Suite.  Not surprisingly this very spacious room features a four poster bed.  There is a substantial period wardrobe, half timbered walls, a sofa and two club chairs create a parlour in one corner, and a desk in another corner can be used as a dressing table.  A copiously Click for larger pic appointed room that will make you feel you have done Click for larger pic yourself very well indeed.  At the front of the hotel the room is easily accessible from the main stairs and overlooks the Market Hill and the venerable lantern above the Crown's main entrance.

The room is on one level but the en-suite bathroom has a roll top bath so it may not suit those with mobility difficulties.  Cots and zed-beds are available to accommodate a small family and the free wireless Internet reception is excellent.

we 17 Nov

Fortunately The Crown's web site continued to functionLike everybody else in the universe we've been having computer problems but the staff, particularly Tracy, were their usual flexible, committed selves.  We may have lost some email sent from Sunday afternoon through till late last night.  If you sent email we can only apologise and ask could you please send it again?  Thank you very much.

On a brighter note the flying trip to Genoa, Italy by The Crown team and Beaky was a great success though occasionally the coffee was cold, unlike at The Crown!

fr 12 Nov

"Maybe a plate of olives to start?"Crown staff Jake Clutterbuck and Felicity Potter nobly deputised in the rain and cold this week as Mary and Joseph.  You can see the official Street Fayre photo here but we prefer this unofficial pic of Mary and Joseph checking out the menu before deciding whether they want to stay at the inn anyway.

tu 2 Nov

Attempting to schmooze Beaky in to returning soon The Crown has invited him on a pasta eating weekend in Italy!

mo 25 Oct

After a gratifyingly successful stables to gallery transformation for Arts Framlingham we're keeping the display board opposite reception.  Presently it's full of info about The Street Fayre but from January it will be available for local artists to show their work.  It's FREE (except for a 2.5% service charge should a buyer uses our credit card facilities).

th 7 Oct

Click for a bigger pictureRoom One is a double room towards the rear of the hotel and consequently a quiet room.  The bed and bath rooms are on different levels.  The bedroom is big enough to take a zed-bed, cot or travel cot and we can just about get in two ... but it is tight!  You approach the room along a half timbered corridor, down two steps, a few steps more and the suite's door opens onto what might be called a "vestibule" which also functions as an additional dressing space.  The "vestibule" contains a generous fitted wardrobe.  You turn and go down two stairs to enter the bedroom.  The view from the window is always a Suffolk blue sky ... well almost always, and the toiletries and preparation of the bathroom reflect the care our staff take.

Click for a bigger picture Click for a bigger picture Click for a bigger picture

mo 4 Oct

Beaky and friend.. and didn't Beaky rock on Friday night!  The rhythm section, whose credits include Lonnie Donegan and Emile Ford, were particularly impressive.  His repertoire included hits of the 60s, Steve Miller, Lynryd Skynryd, and a bit of Zep!  Not surprisingly he'll be back soon.

th 16 Sep

Sunday Jam sessions move to the last Sunday of the month.

fr 30 Jul

Click for bigger picRoy Hunt demonstrates the satellite navigation in The Crown's taxi to Tony Carpenter (Beaky of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich) ... and yes, they are still on the road ... ie both Dave Dee etc and the taxi.

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