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Framlingham in 2004+


th 16 Dec

Framlingham Camera Club meet tonight in their new venue Parham Village Hall.

tu 14 Dec

Stately Terrace's postman Phil is also the Framlingham fire station commander and he tells us that the house fire during the Street Fayre was a chimney fire.

mo 13 Dec

Framlingham Station  des' dinners 47

Lunchers were Fi with Stella (fresh from the hairdresser), Katherine (who admitted she had been getting the emails), Mark (who had to getA Station Menu Blackboard back to work), Hugh, Mrs Hugh, Hugh's daughter, Spadge, NaTCH, Goddess Steph (who had managed to gild her divinity with copper) and Max, Vernon who used to go in the Vic, Vernon who used to go in the Vic's daughter, The Brewer, and Matt not in a hat.  Inexplicably by some process of osmosis a table had been reserved for us, Esther managed to keep track of the multiple bills, with Mike in the kitchen the food was of course excellent if elegantly restrained in quantity, Sadie waited tables and was charming.  Conversation included the car chase in Bullit, the Compost Association Conference and ESB's proposed St Valentine's beer Jolly Roger(last visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

th 2 Dec

County Commander James Brownfield and Sally Butcher just before jumping out of the way of a bulldozer

... and demolition of the Framlingham St John's hut in Fairfield Road, there since the 1960's, has begun. 

fr 19 Nov

Andrea finding being photographed pretty funny ... as it is :) 

Framlingham Community Police Officer Andrea Honeywood found time to visit yesterday and yes we will get a better pic of her.

fr 11 Nov
Armistice Day

The Ascot scene in Thomas Mills' production of My Fair Lady

Last night of My Fair Lady at Tommy Mills tonight but you won't get tickets as it's sold out!

sa 6 Nov

The bonfire was lit on the Pageant Field at 6:30pm and £3,500 worth of fireworks went off at 7:30pm.  Framlingham Sports Club and Roberta Stocks catered, flashing light ropes and sparklers were sold, and A Grand Draw (of course) with a DVD player as first prize to end the evening.

th 28 Oct

Gossip has it that Linda from Framlingham Stationers' Charity Sky Dive raised over £3,000

sa 2 Oct

Beaky certainly rocked The Crown last night!

mo 31 May

The annual Framlingham Gala on the Castle Meadow.

we 13 Nov

Framlingham Station  des' dinners 31

A dozen or so lunching ladies having a birthday party rather swamped Suzanna andSign over the rear entrance of The Station NaTCH and what's more chef Carol was off sick so no liver casserole but new landlady Kate, in hyperdrive mode, produced enjoyable Cottage and Chicken Pies and as usual the Vic was on song.  Conversation included "passive anger" and the paucity of interesting gigs at the moment.  AfAR from Spadge (shipping Ginettas to the US), Hugh (actually in Ireland this time), and John B (nobody told him).  (last visit ↓  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 12 Sep

Framlingham Station  des' dinners 18

Prompt were Las, NaTCH and birthday boy Malcolm.  A lot late wasThe Fram Station pub sign John B and a little late was Andy who explained it was because he wasn't wearing a watch.  Fortunately Malcolm was sufficiently distracted by his birthday candles and the wonderful flower arrangement from Steph that there was no further discussion of watches.  Inevitably there was discussion of the unbelievable events in the USA but impressively Andy is playing a football match in Moscow!  Good food!  Good beer!  AfAR from Spadge (testing at Mallory Park).  (last visit ↓   subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 13 Sep

Framlingham Station  des' dinners 6

What a success!  Despite petrol problems attendees were John B, Malcolm, NaTCH, Spadge, and Andy - the latter two en velo!  Apologies for absence from John FH who couldn't find any diesel for his Landrover.  John B and Malcolm whizzed off promptly to be on tv but the rest of made us a useful contribution to the sum of human happiness by putting the world to rights.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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