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we 24 Apr

Slice of Life present Passionate MachineTheatrical the approaching weekend.  The Harleston Players start Friday a run of the restoration comedy The Beaux Stratagem, Open Space Theatre present Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in Hoxne and at the Halesworth Cut, and in Framlingham Rosy Carrick's one woman show Passionate Machine.

tu 23 Apr
St George's Day

 JOBS  A weekend barista and waiting person wanted at the The Tea Hut Woodbridge and relief doorman/men being recruited in Framlingham where it got a bit warm yesterday in a conservatory.

sa 20 Apr

Oil seed rape around FramlinghamThe oil seed rape is looking very yellow around Framlingham and the Fram doctors are looking to recruit a practice manager for their forward thinking, friendly ... rural practice.

fr 12 Apr

Poignant, possibly even sad, to see the Conservative Club in Church Street Framlingham boarded up.

tu 9 Apr

 JOB  First line support engineer in Framlingham.

th 4 Apr

Diss Emporium - antiques - vintage - collectablesDo you remember Alan and Henri landlords of the Framlingham Castle Inn around 2011?  Henri moonlighted as a belly dancer?  Stumbled across them from a roadside notice on the way to Norwich, since last year they've been the Diss Emporium.

sa 30 Mar

Today on Framlingham market a young girl old enough to have a mobile phone accidentally knocking her entire untasted real lemonade into her lap reacted with Ah, that was refreshing ... a future Victoria Woods.

tu 26 Mar

 JOB  Board outside the Framlingham Lemon Tree says Cook wanted, apply within.

fr 22 Mar

The Yoxford Griffin♫ We last visited the Yoxford Griffin when Ange (then late of the Framlingham Railway) was the landlady.  This Sunday it's Dixie's everybody welcome afternoon/evening Buskers.

th 21 Mar

 JOB  Painter and decorator wanted at Framlingham college with perks lunch most of the time and leisure centre membership.

fr 15 Mar

 JOB  Restaurant supervisor with an engaging smile wanted in Framlingham and at the college a design and technology teacher ... doesn't seem to mention smiling in the job spec for the teacher but the applicant needs to be dynamic.

th 7 Mar

Yesterday afternoon's birthday tea party in the Framlingham Unitarian .

th 28 Feb

 JOB  Vehicle technician wanted at John Grose Framlingham.

we 27 Feb

The late Sally Waters with a new kittenThe first time we visited Stately Terrace Framlingham a ginger cat rushed up and told us they loved us.  After we moved to the Terrace we learnt that the ginger belonged to Sally our near neighbour and had been named George on the usually safe assumption that he was a tom.  In fact George was a betty as they call female cats in Suffolk.  A sunny day years later we could see George curled up asleep on Sally's garden roof ... an hour later George was still there unmoving.  George had passed away sleeping in the sun ... can't think of a nicer way to go.

Lot's more years later Sally who always had two or three cats also sadly passed away.  We've seen the new people in Sally's house with a tortoiseshell kitten ... what goes round comes round.

th 21 Feb

♫ Baron Du Dongleur's open mike at the Framlingham Castle Inn 9pm tonight.

su 17 Feb

 JOB  Catering assistant needed at Framlingham College.

sa 16 Feb

Film @ Fram in 2008As always changes in the present continue to unhook linkages to the past.  After over ten years at the Conservative Club Film @ Fram (the club originally showed in the British Legion Albert Road ... we saw Topsy Turvy there) has moved to the Unitarian Meeting House.  A single source reports the Con Club SOLD to a private buyer.

mo 4 Feb

Businesses Open as Usual in Fairfield Road Framlingham ... that would be St John's then.

su 3 Feb

The now not so new zebra crossing in Station Road Framlingham has had the barriers removed but no sign of the belisha beacons.

th 31 Jan

Treasure Island by The Puzzle House - pic contributedIt's coming up to two month's since a new zebra crossing was installed in Station Road Framlingham and it's still not operational but more cheerfully a 3pm matinee only Treasure Island pantomime in the St Michael's Rooms Saturday.

we 30 Jan

John Bawtree's show in Carousel FramlinghamPop up shop Carousel in Bridge Street Framlingham has been an impressive success.  Previously it was ladies clothes and this week it is paintings by Peasenhall artist John Bawtree.  His works are thoughtfully attractive and are of both local Suffolk scenes and overseas including Venice, France and Zanzibar!

tu 29 Jan

Today is Victoria's pearl anniversary in the Framlingham Bookshop.

th 24 Jan

 JOB  Salary negotiable bookkeeping and payroll assistant wanted near Framlingham.

Throwback Thursday:  Twelve years ago today much of Framlingham had been without gas for some 24 hours, it happened again four years later.

we 23 Jan

It's all the go in and about near the coast, temporarily closing petrol stations to re-Haynings garage Framlingham being updatedmodel them, not an insignificant matter when there are so few to start with.  Woodbridge (has it re-opened yet?), Co-op Stowmarket (not closed but building going on), Haynings Framlingham (reportedly will have a 24 hour self service pump) and now the BP garage on the west bound A14 near Newmarket.  Fortunately services just off the A14 on the other side of Cambridge are copiously resourced ... three Costa Coffee machines!

sa 12 Jan

 JOB  Enthusiastic small animal vet wanted in Framlingham.

fr 11 Jan

Taylor-Wimpey site Fairfield Road FramlinghamThough we are and always will be blow ins we do remember Love Lane off Brook Lane and the footpath across the Fen Meadow Framlingham being surfaced.  Certainly surfacing Love Lane made life easier for pram pushers taking older children to Bobby Hitchams but it did feel like suburbanisation.  Now it's the footpath off Fairfield Road's turn.

we 9 Jan

 JOB  Consultant Level Support to Director in Framlingham with a 50” TV with Sky, a pool table, table tennis, a dartboard and a beer fridge ... phew!

tu 8 Jan

Harry Rowland Laura Wright weddingAs Lady KRJ observed of Framsden soprano Laura Wright you think of her as looking cold in an evening dress on a rugby pitch whilst fluting the national anthem.  In unseasonably good weather she certainly didn't look chilly wedding at St Michael's Framlingham just before Christmas and as expected at a wedding statement hats.

fr 4 Jan

Advent calendar windows Double Street FramlinghamGill Knight reports that the advent windows in Double Street Framlingham raised £640 for the two charities.  Three year old Idris wasn't too sure about the cow and donkey peeking out of the stable at the Castle Street end and wouldn't come near to stroke them.

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