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th 17 Oct

Over the Moon coffee stall on Framlingham MarketStanding by the Over the Moon coffee stall on Framlingham market a tiny grabbed hold of our trouser leg to help him get up on the step.  When you're that small it must be difficult to tell the difference between people and furniture.

tu 15 Oct

bloody Christmas ... eh?Chrissie on Framlingham Market in 2017Tragedy!  Long term Framlingham.market trader Chrissie will now only be attending at Christmas and other special days.  We recall one absolutely freezing Saturday she came into The Crown and removed three anoraks ... we will be missing her superior eggs.

mo 14 Oct

Moistness didn't disrupt yesterday's Framlingham sausage festival, loads of people and plenty of catering alternatives to a piece of sausage on a stick.

tu 8 Oct

Extinction Rebellion protest in Stately Terrace Framlingham.

th 3 Oct

 JOB  Framlingham College are recruiting a suitably qualified accountant.

su 29 Sep
Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

 JOBS  Wanted in Framlingham a junior project manager, in Debenham a 14 month contract accounts assistant and in Woodbridge a booking administrator plus at Jewson at a customer service advisor.

fr 27 Sep

At least two people have told us that that there Ed Sheraton was in the Framlingham Station we think last week and with his lady .

we 25 Sep

Saturday in St Michael's Framlingham the East Anglian Academy present A Bavarian Festival: sparkling polychoral music by Lassus, Gabrielli and Hassler.

mo 9 Sep

John Bridges sent us a pic of the wooden building in Fore Street Framlingham which was the Christian Science reading room for at least two decades ... more here

su 8 Sep

Skin Safety CentreThe Framlingham Pageant Field has temporary toilets.  When we visited the gents it was impressively clean, a choice of four hand dispensers (we chose restore), no paper towels in the dispenser and if you stood still long enough the lights went out.

tu 3 Sep

♫ Edith Peck is forming in Framlingham a female acapella group of maybe eight singers.

su 1 Sep

Framlingham Flyer Andrew RookeFor today's Framlingham Flyers 10k the start moved from the usual New Road to outside The Crown on the Market Hill.  By the time the race had got to the right turn into Castle Street Fram Flyer Andrew Rooke had already put distance between himself and the bunch, not surprisingly he went on to win.  We were impressed by Andrew's veteran team mate Adam Howlett's fourth place and as always the cheerful endeavour of the back markers.

mo 19 Aug

Very sorry to say goodbye to Brian Tom Thomas this afternoon in the Framlingham College Chapel.

su 18 Aug

In the St Michael's churchyard and 2015 added to Framlingham Ladies.

sa 10 Aug

 JOBS  Two care assistants wanted at Mills Meadow Framlingham, senior and not senior,

fr 9 Aug

 JOB  First line IT support wanted in Framlingham the silicon thingy of near the coast. ... it's got two zebra crossings.

th 8 Aug

What was the Christian Science reading room in Fore Street Framlingham has been made over with abstract paintings on the walls, uplighters, a very swish glass desk/counter and a full length mirror ...

we 7 Aug

A lost goose (or possibly duck) in the Fen Meadow Framlingham,

tu 6 Aug

Yesterday's Framlingham wedding at St Mike's.

su 28 Jul

Beefeater Bend on this year's Tour de TourAnorak Alert No.28:  A bit picky considering the hours of filler Ned Boulting has to generate commentating on the Tour de France but Geraint Thomas was 32 when he won last year not 36 ... and here's why the Le Tour is unlikely to visit Framlingham, it would exceed local authority imposed fun limits.

sa 20 Jul

Tv presenter Nicholas Crane on the Market Hill FramlinghamPresenter of tv show Coast and president of the Royal Geographical Society Nicholas Crane was on the Market Hill today and bought some books in the Framlingham Bookshop ... well they are very popular.  Tonight in St Clare's the Ladies Choir present their Summer Concert. ♫

we 17 Jul

Little brown mouse in Stately Terrace Framlingham.

tu 16 Jul

Unlike the Framlingham Co-op but like Co-op Dailys the Laxfield Co-op stays open until 10pm.

mo 15 Jul
2019St Swithin's Day

Dunwich Dynamo cyclists in Station Road FramlinghamWe can quite understand that when you've cycled a hundred miles a short cut must be very appealing but we were a little surprised early yesterday morning to see two Dun Runners sneaking across the Framlingham Fen Meadow.  Later in Fore Street we saw more Dun Runners emerging from Fairfield Road:)

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