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we 8 Mar
International Women's Day

After two years the temporary traffic lights in Fairfield Road Framlingham have gone leaving a shiny new fence and tarmac pavement but doing nothing about the giant tree in the ditch that is the River Ore and no doubt causes the flooding.

sa 18 Feb

Table top sale in CloptonNear the coast you're supposed to know by osmosis when the Framlingham Gala happens and when the Stratford St Andrew Riverside Centre is open but this table top sale Saturday week has relented to let you know it's in Clopton today.

fr 17 Feb

The Framlingham Crown re-opens today presumably with a shiny new kitchen.

we 15 Feb

Janet Weston's funeral is 2:00pm Saturday at St Michael's Framlingham with extra parking on the Castle Meadow.

th 9 Feb

Piazza San Marco by John BawtreeOur thanks to painter in oils and watercolours John Bawtree who has renewed his top ad.  John's fortnight in the Framlingham Carousel last year was so successful he's booked a return this year.

 JOBS  Part time (up to 16 hours) medicine counter assistant at the Framlingham Pharmacy and a new artistic director at the Eastern Angles.

tu 31 Jan

John Grose in Station Road Framlingham shut three years ago today and despite some recent activity still no sign of it becoming a supermarket ... perhaps it won't.

Each week day in Framlingham there's a different warm space offering a hot beverage and no doubt a bit of company.

fr 27 Jan
Holocaust Remembrance Day

Around 12:15am today Friday 27 January a tipper van YT 12 VBP was stolen from business premises off Saxtead Road Framlingham  Entry was forced to the site and the white Transit driven away.  Any info please contact Suffolk police quoting reference 37/5138/23, you can call 101.

th 26 Jan
Australia Day

Similar to Framlingham's allotment expansion Woodbridge town council are looking for land to become allotments.  Friend of ntc Peter Brockett has suggested the proposed Stackton Tressel allotment expansion should be careful Woodbridge tc don't snipe the land behind the Trouser Museum.

fr 10 Feb

Framlingham Infirmary OS map 1947At the top of Fore Street Framlingham on the right there's an unmade road marked on maps as Infirmary Lane, after winding for a bit it ends at what might be has been a farmhouse and continues as a footpath.  This 1947 OS map sort of marks the building as Infirmary (Infectious Diseases).  Search Infirmary in the Convalescent Home by CF DowsingFramlingham Archive and you get a 1930 pic of the East Anglians camped near the Infirmary.  CF Dowsing was Framlingham's other photographer with a studio in Double Street but we find it unlikely this Hospital Convalescence Home was at the end of Infirmary Lane.

we 25 Jan

house sales around near the coastFOR SALE by online auction next Tuesday end of terrace 30 Victoria Mill Road Framlingham.  It's one of those on the crescent, thanks Edith.

tu 24 Jan

house sales around near the coastThere are house sales for the last two years sorted by road and street for Framlingham, Saxmundham, Wickham Market, Woodbridge and now Melton.

mo 16 Jan

Happy birthday traffic lightsAbout now in Framlingham it must be the Fairfield Road temporary traffic lights' second birthday.

we 11 Jan

Mills Charity Office next to Ellen RossEach week day in Framlingham there's a different warm space offering a hot beverage and no doubt a bit of company.  We were uncertain of the Mills Charity Office's location but thanks to Colin now know it's next to hairdresser Ellen Ross at the mini-roundabout end of College Road.

mo 9 Jan
Plough Monday

 JOBS  The Framlingham chippy is looking for part time staff, St Elizabeth Hospice needs furniture van drivers at the Martlesham Retail Centre and you have until tomorrow to apply as Homework Club Assistant for the Eastern Angles in Ipswich.

tu 3 Jan

Double Street Xmas WindowsThe Framlingham Double Street Advent Windows are best seen around dusk when the lights come on and it's last chance toThe Ukranian national flag see today.  So far they've raised £1,463.93 for the Salvation Army Food Banks and Disasters Emergency Committee.

tu 27 Dec

Detectorists Christmas SpecialChristmas tv included a Norwegian Bob and Paul festive special, Ted the dog appearing was so heavily signposted it was hardly a surprise.  Considerably more subtle in Detectorists was Professor Alice Roberts' slightly out of focus and unremarked appearance (around 1:04:24) on the steps of the British Museum.  Already nostalgic to see the now gone Framlingham St Michael's Rooms.

th 22 Dec

Ed Sheeran in 2005 and Grease at Thomas MillsIn Framlingham and 2021 John Bridges published FRAMLINGHAM A Tour Through Time, seven motorbikes were stolen in a Lampard Brook burglary and we recall that there Ed Sheraton in Tommy Mills' Grease.

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