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sa 10 Aug

 JOBS  Two care assistants wanted at Mills Meadow Framlingham, senior and not senior,

fr 9 Aug

 JOB  First line IT support wanted in Framlingham the silicon thingy of near the coast. ... it's got two zebra crossings.

th 8 Aug

What was the Christian Science reading room in Fore Street Framlingham has been made over with abstract paintings on the walls, uplighters, a very swish glass desk/counter and a full length mirror ...

we 7 Aug

A lost goose (or possibly duck) in the Fen Meadow Framlingham,

tu 6 Aug

Yesterday's Framlingham wedding at St Mike's.

su 28 Jul

Beefeater Bend on this year's Tour de TourAnorak Alert No.28:  A bit picky considering the hours of filler Ned Boulting has to generate commentating on the Tour de France but Geraint Thomas was 32 when he won last year not 36 ... and here's why the Le Tour is unlikely to visit Framlingham, it would exceed local authority imposed fun limits.

sa 20 Jul

Tv presenter Nicholas Crane on the Market Hill FramlinghamPresenter of tv show Coast and president of the Royal Geographical Society Nicholas Crane was on the Market Hill today and bought some books in the Framlingham Bookshop ... well they are very popular.  Tonight in St Clare's the Ladies Choir present their Summer Concert. ♫

we 17 Jul

Little brown mouse in Stately Terrace Framlingham.

tu 16 Jul

Unlike the Framlingham Co-op but like Co-op Dailys the Laxfield Co-op stays open until 10pm.

mo 15 Jul
2019St Swithin's Day

Dunwich Dynamo cyclists in Station Road FramlinghamWe can quite understand that when you've cycled a hundred miles a short cut must be very appealing but we were a little surprised early yesterday morning to see two Dun Runners sneaking across the Framlingham Fen Meadow.  Later in Fore Street we saw more Dun Runners emerging from Fairfield Road:)

mo 8 Jul

Just noticed that the Framlingham Station Beer Festival is four days this year.

sa 6 Jul

The 106th Tour de France started today in Brussels and yet again it's not coming anywhere near Framlingham.

fr 5 Jul

Sporting Framlingham 2019-2007 ... remember the bungee jump?

tu 2 Jul

Stallholder Karl on Framlingham's Saturday market joins our Suffolk Gentlemen.

sa 29 Jun

Next Saturday the Phoenix Singers present at Framlingham College Mozart - The Final Year, which includes the overture to The Magic Flute. ♫

tu 25 Jun

Some date confusion over this week's Framlingham swift walk?

su 23 Jun

Sparrowhawk in Stately Terrace FramlinghamIn a Stately Terrace Framlingham garden this morning a sparrowhawk (NOT a goshawk) that had just taken something smallish.

th 13 Jun

Church Street Framlingham at the beginning of last centuryMonday waiting for the Women's Tour Church Street Framlingham looked how it must have looked before cars took over the world, more people fewer cars.  Even in the late sixties Church Street by the Crown and Anchor still looked pretty peaceful.

mo 10 Jun

2019 Women's Tour in FramlinghamIn the miserable wet the 2019 Women's Tour passed through Framlingham today as one single not particularly interested peloton.  In the evening on the telly (our word those presenters are annoying) Brit Abby-Mae Parkinson animated the race staying away for 20+k and then caught inside the final two kilometers.  Her bike frame looks so small there's barely room for a bottle cage.:)

su 9 Jun

♫ Intriguing concert hosted by the East Anglian Academy in St Mike's Framlingham this afternoon.

sa 8 Jun

Newly married couple in the rainDon't know who was getting married in St Mike's Framlingham today and despite the rain the couple looked very happy but there was a mixed effect.

su 2 Jun

Last year in Framlingham.

tu 28 May

 JOB  Indoor Pig Stockperson wanted (presumably near) Framlingham.

mo 27 May

2019 Framlingham Gala princessesRemember Hassan who opened the Pizza Grill in Bridge Street Framlingham?  These days he is the California Grill in Ipswich but today was on the Castle Meadow for the Gala Fest with his baby son Hassan Jnr.  The paella looked wonderful and judging by the queue probably was.  Lots of smiles and as always the Gala Princesses looked and were princessly.

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