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we 4 Dec

ArtDog are poppIng up this week in the Framlingham Art and Frame Shop and offering porcelain bling, jewellery, prints and ceramics from £15.

mo 2 Dec

 JOB   A practice manager wanted by Framlingham Vets, managerial experience essential but not necessarily veterinary.

su 1 Dec

Impressive lighting effects for Peter PanWe were pleased to see the dress rehearsal Framlingham's Off-Ice Skating Club's Christmas show Peter Pan.  Like last year's show this year's is charming and has lots of impressive lighting effect.  More info and tickets from pippatigerlove@talktalk.net.

we 20 Nov

The Horse Show and Framlingham Flyers in sporty Fram 2008-07.

we 13 Nov

Sporting Fram has become sporty Fram, there is reason.

tu 12 Nov

 JOBS  Two CSCS labourers wanted to start next week on the outskirts of Framlingham.

mo 11 Nov

Armistice DayHeartening that there were so many people in the St Michael's Framlingham churchyard yesterday for Remembrance Sunday.

tu 5 Nov

Political discussion on the Fen Meadow Framlingham ... well it is Suffolk.

sa 2 Nov

Canadian actress Shea  Wojtus has joined Framlingham Ladies.

th 31 Oct

2016 Framlingham Flyers cross countryIt's the Framlingham Flyers cross country this Sunday.  It will start on the Castle Meadow though we're a bit vague about the time.  A water person at this year's 10k told us the route was changed slightly last year but surely it will still include the perilous swoop down into the castle moat.

tu 29 Oct

You are in designated public placeDesignated Public Place Orders (DPPOs) were enacted in a bunch of near the coast towns over ten years ago.  They aren't simple drinking bans, it's not illegal to have wine with a picnic as long as a copper doesn't ask you stop ... read the question.  DPPOs have been replaced by Public Space Protection Orders and last month East Suffolk Council resolved (didn't they vote?) to remove the DPPOs (number seven in the minutes).  Impressively they also thought to remove the signs that imply Framlingham Fen Meadow is the haunt of drunken muggers rather than sober(ish) dog walkers.

mo 28 Oct

Framlingham AmDram's autumn show is Abandonment by Kate Atkinson.  The show runs this Wednesday 30 October to Saturday 2 November at the College theatre, get tickets at www.fadsweb.co.uk/tickets.

sa 26 Oct

Last night in the Headmaster Porter Theatre at Framlingham College.

th 24 Oct

 JOB  Catering Assistant wanted at the Mills Meadow care home Framlingham.

su 20 Oct

Gibbons & Gaulier present comedy The AffairTheatre company Gibbons & Gaulier present their three handed vaudeville style comedy The Affair at Framlingham College Theatre Friday.  Theatre of the absurd, clowns, French farce, slapstick... a generous helping of stage comedy.

th 17 Oct

Over the Moon coffee stall on Framlingham MarketStanding by the Over the Moon coffee stall on Framlingham market a tiny grabbed hold of our trouser leg to help him get up on the step.  When you're that small it must be difficult to tell the difference between people and furniture.

tu 15 Oct

bloody Christmas ... eh?Chrissie on Framlingham Market in 2017Tragedy!  Long term Framlingham.market trader Chrissie will now only be attending at Christmas and other special days.  We recall one absolutely freezing Saturday she came into The Crown and removed three anoraks ... we will be missing her superior eggs.

mo 14 Oct

Moistness didn't disrupt yesterday's Framlingham sausage festival, loads of people and plenty of catering alternatives to a piece of sausage on a stick.

th 10 Oct

Usual lazy media patronising shite that anything not metropolitan is cutesy, this time Woodbridge and Framlingham ,.. mind you they managed to show Fram Castle without the sound of recorders and lutes.

tu 8 Oct

Extinction Rebellion protest in Stately Terrace Framlingham.

th 3 Oct

 JOB  Framlingham College are recruiting a suitably qualified accountant.

su 29 Sep
Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

 JOBS  Wanted in Framlingham a junior project manager, in Debenham a 14 month contract accounts assistant and in Woodbridge a booking administrator plus at Jewson at a customer service advisor.

fr 27 Sep

At least two people have told us that that there Ed Sheraton was in the Framlingham Station we think last week and with his lady .

we 25 Sep

Saturday in St Michael's Framlingham the East Anglian Academy present A Bavarian Festival: sparkling polychoral music by Lassus, Gabrielli and Hassler.

mo 9 Sep

John Bridges sent us a pic of the wooden building in Fore Street Framlingham which was the Christian Science reading room for at least two decades ... more here

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