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tu 10 Oct

Suffolk ConstabularyA metallic pink and purple Giant Liv E-Bike and a CCTV camera were stolen from a home in Monastery Hill Dunwich just after midnight lastLiv E Bikes Thursday.  The bike has an iridescent bottle holder, carbon fibre wheels, red writing on the wheels, Fox forks on the front wheel and bright blue pedals.  Any info contact Suffolk police quoting crime reference 37/58450/23, you can call 101.

sa 1 Jul

Dunwich DynamoAs previously the Dunwich Dynamo will pass through near the coast in the early hours of tonight.

tu 19 Oct

It always seems to be good weather for the overnight Dunwich Dynamo.  Pix from 2019 and 2015 on that there Facepack.

su 26 Sep

The Dunwich Dynamo on Radio 3The Dunwich Dynamo as slow radio on Radio 3 tonight, even if not your cup of Darjeeling it's a joy for us all that the BBC can do such unlikelies.

we 23 Dec

Lunching with some visiting chums at the 12 Lost Churches Restaurant Dunwich we had to explain about the lost churches ... clearly they hadn't heard The Silburys.

mo 26 Oct

Dunwich last week The Dunwich Flora Tearooms is closing for the winter Sunday 15 November, seems several weeks later than usual.  Last week when we lunched there (and for some rewarding snapping) last orders were 3pm.

fr 2 Oct

Yesterday we lunched at the Dunwich Flora Tearooms.  It's fully functioning (though yesterday temporarily mushy peas only), has posh new furniture and is still dog friendly.

we 10 Jun

The Dunwich Dynamo Facebook page is back, clearly suspended to cool down what may still be called flaming.

mo 8 Jun

2015 Dunwich Dynamo near FramlinghamThe Dunwich Dynamo was due over the weekend 4-5 July.  To say the some 112 mile cycle ride is organised would be an overstatement but this morning the ride's Twitter and Facebook accounts were archived clearly to discourage riders this year.

sa 14 Mar

The Flora Tea Rooms DunwichDunwich's Flora Tea Rooms re-opened for the season at the beginning of the month.

fr 12 Jul

Voices floating past in near the coast and the early hours of Sunday will be the Dunwich Dynamo.

su 10 Mar

The year moves on, yesterday the Flora Tearooms at Dunwich reopened for fish and chips.

mo 12 Nov

Last Wednesday we were surprised the Flora Tea Rooms Dunwich were still open but they closed for the year yesterday.

sa 28 Jul

Stepdance Day at the Blaxhall ShipIt's going to be a busy Sunday tomorrow with the Dunwich Dynamo passing through near the coast in the early hours, open gardens in Double Street Framlingham, free step dancing at the Blaxhall Ship, classic car day at the Debach Airfield and St Lawrence's Brundish will be visited by The Right Reverend Martin Seeley Lord Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, probably the first visit by the diocesan bishop in sixty years and there's a picnic as well.  We will be snapping the East Anglian american football derby of Norwich Devils at Ipswich Cardinals.

tu 24 Apr

Sadie dancing at the 2009 HachfestOur plan today was to lunch at the Flora Tea Rooms but it was closed for a family funeral.  We moved on to the Dunwich Ship which was dog friendly and serving Adnams Copper House gin by default but was starting to look overwhelmed by the many other like us movers on.  We moved on to the Cliff House Holiday Park.  The cafe/bar/restaurant is open to non-residents, it too is dog friendly and serving Copper House plus very sensibly serves lunch to 11:00-3:00pm!  What's more behind the well stocked bar was Sadie, a glowing back of house presence at the Framlingham Station maybe ten or more years ago?

sa 11 Nov
Remembrance Day

We were surprised to find the Flora Tea Rooms Dunwich open for lunch Thursday but we were just in time as it closes for the winter tomorrow the 12th, last orders probably 2:30pm.  Re-opens Saturday 10th March next year.

we 5 Jul

Dunwich Dynamo 2015Next Saturday/Sunday night the 25th Dunwich Dynamo will be passing through near the coast.  This year the Gentleman Plumber will not be popping up his cafe near the Framlingham water tower but may be back next year.

th 10 Nov

We always thought the Dunwich Flora Tea Rooms closed for the winter at the end of October but no, we had lunch there yesterday.  It will close this coming weekend.

fr 15 Jul
St Swithin's Day

Voices floating past in the early hours of Sunday morning and near the coast will be the Dunwich Dynamo.  For the fifth consecutive year the Gentleman Plumber is popping up his cafe by the Framlingham water tower.

mo 6 Jul

Lots (probably too many) pix of yesterday's Dunwich Dynamo around Framlingham and the Gentleman Plumber's pop-up cafe on the Saxmundham Road.

su 5 Jul

A red tutu for the Dunwich Dynamo at the Gentleman Plumber's pop-up café near Framlingham, more Dun Run pix later but now a flat footing class with Stompin' Dave Allen at Maverick ...

mo 25 Aug

Dogs on Dunwich beach last Tuesday.

su 20 Jul

We didn't start snapping until 8am last Sunday so it was theNarayani sensibly walking the last bit of Fore Street tail end of the 115 mile Dunwich Dynamo passing through near the coast but then the achievement of the less trained is perhaps the more impressive.  Narayani had previously ridden no further than 20 miles before her first Dynamo last year.  The Gentleman Plumber said he'd had fewer cyclists through his pop up cafe on the Saxmundham Road Framlingham but also said a Dun Runner coming back reported they'd never seen so many cyclists at Dunwich, perhaps the unsettled weather put some off.

sa 12 Jul

Tomorrow near the coast expect voices floating past In the early hours as it's the Dunwich Dynamo again.

th 5 Sep
Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

Sixteen years ago today The Blessed Teresa of Calcutta commonly known as Mother Teresa died.  She was born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu in Albania, a good reason to change your name then, imagine them trying to call that out at the Flora Tea Rooms.

mo 29 Jul

The Gentleman Plumber cateringMore pix of the Dunwich Dynamo in the early morning around Framlingham; a charmingly moist lady (early on the mist was so heavy it felt like rain) and two spaniels enjoying the ride.  The Gentleman Plumber's pop up cafe by the water tower served until gone 11am, sold out (coffee and tea is free) of everything including the vegetarian sausages but only just broke even and that's not counting everybody's time (the GP was on his feet for 12 hours).

su 21 Jul

Dunwich Dynamo 2013Wisdom of the peloton this morning around Framlingham was this year's Dunwich Dynamo had some 2,000 cyclists.  Pix soonish but it's a massive edit and it's the Brundish garden fete this afternoon ... first Dynamo pix up.

sa 20 Jul

If near the coast you hear voices drifting past in the early hours tomorrow it'll be the Dunwich Dynamo.

mo 15 Oct

Our Twitter feed on the left there is back which is nice and a pig stolen in Dunwich ... not as funny as it sounds.

su 15 Jul
St Swithin's Day

Just after midnight this morning we sat in the bus shelter by the Framlingham Station to see the first Dunwich Dynamo riders come through (the Dynamo is a loosely organised 115 mile overnight ride of 1,000++ cyclists from Hackney to Dunwich).  By 1am despite a surprisingly steady stream of cars but no bikes so we retrieved our car to see if the Gentleman Plumber had set up a feeding station by the water tower.

The Gentleman Plumber's feeding station

The feeding station was MAGNIFICENT with free hot drinks and cheap food.  GP told us we'd missed the first three riders through ... we now stood about for two hours ... a friendly visit from two Woodbridge stationed coppers and three solo cyclists who flashed past without speaking ... the fourth solo stopped to chat and around 3:30am a steadily swelling stream started that included a trike, tandems, recumbents and urban single fixed/freewheels.

At 5:30am we returned to the Station Road bus shelter and cyclists were everywhere both on and off the road including a fellow with two spaniels in his bike basket, a girl in a red dress on the back of a tandem and a maniac on a Boris bike.  By 9am we'd run out of batteries, camera cards and energy and there hadn't been a rider for 10 minutes.  To everybody involved <BIG Props> and look what can happen while you're asleep nearthecoastPix on Facebook and lots more to come.

PS: The GP says last riders through around 10:30am, all the cooked food went and he (and his family) served over 500 drinks not counting water from the hose!

fr 18 Mar
Red Nose Day

Re-open 12th March 2011The Flora Tea Rooms (lovely fish and chips) at Dunwich reopened last Sunday for the ha ha summer.

mo 7 Mar

St Elizabeth Hospice tell us there were impressively 280 walkers yesterday.

su 6 Mar

The weather for last year's Walk of Thoughts was very nasty but at first time venue

Dunwich walk of thoughts

Signing up for the Walk of ThoughtsDunwich today the wind made it cold in the car park and on the beach but acceptable enough otherwise.  A 140 people had committed to support the St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich by walking in memory of someone close, plus enough signed up on the day that the departing mass looked around 200 walkers.

fr 27 Nov

Death in DunwichThe police aren't talking, the coroner is terrified, business as usual in Dunwich.  A Call of Cthulhu adventure set in the mythos infested town of Dunwich. ... on ebaY

we 24 Jun

In Dunwich surprisingly dedicated commitment to being brainless ... couldn't find their arse with their hand if they were sitting on it.

tu 24 Mar

Oh dear, looks like someone tried to set light to the recycling bins in a Dunwich car park.

sa 18 Aug

The Flora Tea Rooms at Dunwich are still a joy even if it does seem to keep Lots of skygetting more expensive; two fish and chips, one side salad (this time a bit posh with fancy lettuce) and a pot of Tea - the cup that cheers but does not inebriate for two twenty quid?  Maybe it's us.  Either way we sat outside and it was very enjoyable.  We bumped into ex-Fram town councillor Chris Haesler now retired and living in Woodbridge, and afterwards there's the sheer size of the sea and sky to enjoy.

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