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G15 electrics

G15 Technical Guide - electrics

Helpful part numbers G15 Wiring Diagram
Fuse box Lucas 54038068
Control box Lucas RB 340
Control box Autlec 39813
Front indicators Lucas 488 Model not given
Rear indicators/brake lights Lucas 538 Model not given
DynamoLucas LRD100
DynamoMopar 5046555
AC temperature sender AC A34514
AC fuel tank sender AC 7974037
Rear light units Lucas/Unipart 216369 Alternatively, Toledo rear lights have been fitted
Chrysler part numbers  
DynamoType C40L1205501
 Type C40-l 71800910
 Heavy duty 77080531
 Brush set 5037543
 Spring set5037544
 Drive end bearing9188002
 Heavy duty 9198019
 Control box (RB 340)75243743
 Dynamo adjusting bracket77101202
Type IBAC neg earth less fan 5060052 
Type 16 ACR less fan 71804286 
Brush set 75061614 
Bearing kit - drive end 75061616 
Diode kit - surge protection for alternator Lucas serial no. 23713 75062868 
Diode kit - fitted to alternator Lucas serial no. 23715 and 23716 75063759
Control box - type 8TR 1801587
Relay-field isolator - type 6RA 1800746
Simulator - warning light - type 3AW 1800745
Alternator pulley - 3" dia 7100831
2.375" dia71266208
Dynamo pulley 7101069
Alternator adjusting bracket7101097
Starter motor - type M35G-1 71801825
Type M35Jas above
Pinion assembly5039533
Thrust washer7080045
Main springK20255
Brush set5038067
Column mounted ignition switch/lock 77103826
Electrical base7780515
Base retaining ring7780516
Shear bolt75062215
Thermal transmitter 7105069
Oil pressure switch 7100380
Stop light switch 1800399
25D4 No 411907100973
45D4 No 4145771803906
Flasher unit
Type FL51046994
Type 8FL (3.6 amp)1801585
(4.1 amp for use with repeater lamp)1801589
Rear no. plate lamp type L534 7105349
Rear lamp stop/tail
Type L69271263096
Series 26671263096
Rear lamp indicator
Type L6911214234
Series 2667126097
Direction indicator 7105244

Alternator Wiring Diagram and Fitting Instructions (pdf file)

Electronic Ignition and Voltage Sensing Tachometers

Options of fitment
Original tacho (current sensing)New tacho 8,000 or 10,000rpm (voltage sensing)
Reluctor-triggered electronic ignition or Lumenition etc. Only works sometimes but seldom reliably, usually needs at least a separate trigger feedWorks

Tacho wiring diagrams (pdf file)

Master Switch Wiring Diagram (pdf file)

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