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G15 cooling

G15 Technical Guide - cooling

Cooling System  Standard capacity 14 pints so 25% anti-freeze/corrosion inhibitor is 3.5 pints.  7lb pressure cap.

Modificationscooling mod

Larger header tank plus catch tank.  Fit a flat cap onto the header tank.  Fit a pipe from the overflow tube on the header tank neck to the bottom of the catch tank.  A Triumph sourced item fits nicely on the left-hand chassis rail.  Fit the 7lb cap onto the catch tank and keep that tank half-full and the header tank topped up.

With this arrangement the system will self bleed itself - especially if the rear of the car is jacked up whilst the system is filled.

Cooling pipe specification

6 x 90° bend and 1 x 135° bend silicone hoses

36" straight silicone hose

Heater hose (depends on spec)

22 feet of 1" x 16swg alumnium pipe

1" x 1" x 1/2" 'T' piece

5/8" to 1/2" reducer (if required)

30 x 35mm hose clips

20mm/22mm hose clips (depends on spec)

8 x chassis grommets

Ali pipes cutting list

A = 9"B = 16.5"C = 13.5"D = 80"E = 75"
F = 35"G = 6"H = 4.5" (x2)I = 9" (x2)

Header tank

Engine:I pipe (x2)2 x 4" silicone1 x 90° silicone6 x 35mm clips
Main pipe:A, B & C pipes1 x 4" silicone2 x 90° silicone
1 x 135° silicone8 x 35mm clips

Water pump to main pipe  F pipe  1 x 90° silicone  1 x 4" silicone  4 x 35mm clips


Bottom:H pipe2 x 4" silicone'T' outlet
1 x 6" silicone6 x 35mm clips
Top:H & G pipes2 x 90° silicone
1 x 12" silicone6 x 35mm clips


Stromberg or heated 28/36 manifold:51" x 5/8" hose8.5" x 5/8" hose4 x 22mm clips
Non-heated manifold:2 stainless 5/8" stops2 x 4" x 5/8" hose4 x 22mm clips
+ either:54" x 1/2" hose2 x 20mm clips1/2" - 5/8" reducer
71" x 5/8" hose2 x 22mm clips
or:125" x 1/2" hose2 x 20mm clips

Cooling system layout (opens in new window).

Fiesta Mk2 radiatorRadiator:  The standard G15 radiator was custom made, get it recored locally.

Alternative radiator:  Use Fiesta Mk 2 950/1100 radiator, part no. SER 2359041.  Fiesta radiator modifications and mounting

Heater:  The standard heater was a GT6 item held in position by a Ginetta moulding.  The heater doesn't work as well as it should because it takes air from a low-pressure area.  Exploded view of heater

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