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fr 7 Jun

In Yorkshire David Midgley is looking for a Ginetta G12 car or project. Ginetta G12

sa 11 Nov

GinettaIn the USA Chris Shepherd is looking for a Ginetta G12 project, kit, rolling chassis ... as its seem less than a 100 were made we cross our fingers for him.

fr 11 Aug

Ginette G10I am trying to compile the history of the Ginetta G10 which Stan Robinson raced in the late 1960s.  I knew Stan briefly ... more here

we 27 Jul

The gold Series 2 Ginetta 15 sold in May 2005 has new owner Richard Batt.  Not surprisingly in the intervening 22 years it has become a restoration project.

sa 23 Jul

Angus Brown is looking for headlights and lifting mechanism for a Ginetta G27 and is also interested in buying a Ginetta G12.

we 24 Oct

Thanks to Richard Egger we've corrected the booboo below that SAY 789 G is a G16, it's a taxed, MOTed and being driven Ginetta G15.

sa 30 Jun

Roy McBride is asking if the engine number 16N5 3/1313 75 in a Ginetta G15 found last year can be identified?  Email us.

we 14 Mar

Ginetta G4Phil Mulligan is looking to buy a Ginetta G4 sports car and Tom Dwornik is looking to fix the speedo on his Ginetta G15.

su 25 Sep

Ginetta G27 sports carClassic British sports car enthusiast Art Allen is looking for either a Ginetta G27 or a Ginetta G33 and will pay a finder's fee.  Local Interest: Ginettas were first made in Campsea Ashe.

su 19 Jun
Father's Day - pic contributed by R Magritte

More history of 1972 Ginetta G15 GVD 673 K 1983 Scottish Hillclimb champion:

Yellow Ginetta G15I was actually the original owner and builder of Genevieve, bought brand new from Ginetta as a kit.  The registration reflects the fact it was first registered in Lanarkshire Scotland.  I and my brothers built it on my father's farm, Hamperhill near Braidwood in Lanarkshire and I had it for about ... more here

fr 29 Apr

 FOR SALE  Art Allen is still looking for a G33,would consider a G27 plus he's selling his Ginetta G15 SS.

mo 29 Feb

Art Allen already has a Ginetta G15 and G20 but would like a Ginetta G33.

fr 22 Aug

Hi Des,

I had a look at some questions being asked in this page:

Tony Blunt asked about G15 replacement chassis: I know that Mark and Tom Walklett built one last year and in the process they re-made the jigs to build others if asked.  Contact the Walkletts at DARE: +44 (0) 1621 869199

Dave asked about changing dimensions of rear side windows: simply DON'T do it!  The small rear side windows, as also the external door handles are characteristics of the Mk 2 G15 ...

Matteo Panini should contact the Ginetta Owners Club registrar, Trevor Pyman for this kind of questions (I did it now, let's see what happens) or maybe contact me directly as we share some good friends here in Italy as well.:)

Richard asked for G16 window frames, also for this he should ask the Walkletts as they still build them ...

Also for G27 panels, they should ask the Walkletts they have plenty of moulds in their garden, and many parts are interchangeable between models.

Saluti, Luigino Masarati

th 3 Jul

Two more Ginettarists looking for parts: Hello can you help me? i am looking for some fibreglass parts (dashboard and top panel) and seats for my Ginetta G27 of 1999.  Can you help me?  Wim van Steijn. The Netherlands and Hi  Just to say since you are interested in such things that Ginetta G15 SAY 789 G chassis 036 exists and is nearly complete.  It has been mothballed for four years and we are in the throes of recomissioning her.  If you have a source of window frames we would be interested as ours are about dead.  Richard Egger.   Tell us by email or Twitter

mo 9 Jun

John Ford has emailed Are you guys in touch with any G4 owners in the US? I'm looking for an original open car I can hang tags on.  Tell us by email or Twitter.

fr 16 May

Ginetta G4R for saleMatteo Panini wants to know if anyone knows about the history of a Ginetta G4R for sale and Tony Blunt asks Where do I get a replacement chassis for my G15?  Tell us by email or Twitter.

we 19 Mar

I am working on a G15 at the moment.  This one has the tiny rear side windows like this.  Because the car is stripped I have been asked to modify them before a new headlining is to go in.  I don't know if all G15's are DIY modified or if they altered the mould for the larger windows.  Is there a template available?

Dave  Tell us by email, Twitter, or Facebook.

mo 20 Jan

I have recently purchased a 1972 Ginetta G15 from Doug Franklin of Telluride, Colorado, USA.  Mr Franklin purchased the car from Adrian Bone of the UK in Yellow Ginetta G15 November of 1988.  At that time the car was shipped from the UK to New Jersey, USA where Mr. Franklin lived at the time.  The car was built/owned by George Ritchie of Scotland prior to Mr. Bone.  The chassis # is G15-0346.  The car was the 1983 Scottish Hillclimb Championship car.  The car is pictured in the Ginetta G15 Super profile.  Mr Franklin raced the car in Autocross races for a very short time before blowing up the motor.  Mr. Franklin disassembled the car at that time and it sat until I purchased it.

I have inventoried the parts and am in need of some missing bits.  Do you know if there are any stock seats or seat frames available?  I have purchased a race motor built by Alan Peterson of Seattle, WA USA.  It is an R21 cam motor with dual DCOE carbs but I do not have a header/intake.  Mr Ritchie had the car set up with SPAX shocks.  Are any of these available?

Bob Dustan  Allyn, WA USA  Tell us by email, Twitter or Facebook.

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