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fr 7 Jun

In Yorkshire David Midgley is looking for a Ginetta G12 car or project. Ginetta G12

sa 11 Nov

GinettaIn the USA Chris Shepherd is looking for a Ginetta G12 project, kit, rolling chassis ... as its seem less than a 100 were made we cross our fingers for him.

fr 11 Aug

Ginette G10I am trying to compile the history of the Ginetta G10 which Stan Robinson raced in the late 1960s.  I knew Stan briefly ... more here

we 24 Oct

John Miller gave me your contact, he's a member of the Antique Automobile Club of America.

I'm a classic cars collector, I spend a lot of time working on my cars.  I'm actually restoring a 1969 Porsche 911S Targa and a 1965 Jaguar 3.8 Sedan.  Mostly European cars, some American, my favorite is the '63 Vette Split Window.  I have a particular interested on some British cars, Jaguars, MGs, AH, AM.  I'm familiar with the restoration and can consider any condition.

Please let me know, I'm looking to buy - James McLean

we 24 Oct

Update on Ginetta SAY 789 G

we 14 Mar

Ginetta G4Phil Mulligan is looking to buy a Ginetta G4 sports car and Tom Dwornik is looking to fix the speedo on his Ginetta G15.

su 19 Jun
Father's Day - pic contributed by R Magritte

More history of 1972 Ginetta G15 GVD 673 K 1983 Scottish Hillclimb champion:

Yellow Ginetta G15I was actually the original owner and builder of Genevieve, bought brand new from Ginetta as a kit.  The registration reflects the fact it was first registered in Lanarkshire Scotland.  I and my brothers built it on my father's farm, Hamperhill near Braidwood in Lanarkshire and I had it for about ... more here

mo 29 Feb

Art Allen already has a Ginetta G15 and G20 but would like a Ginetta G33.

fr 22 Aug

The very excellent Luigino Masarati answers some Ginetta tech questions.

fr 8 Aug

The drastic plastic bulletin board has become the drastic plastic forum  Ginetta G11

we 6 Aug

Ginetta G11The drastic plastic bulletin board will become the drastic plastic forum tomorrow night.

tu 29 Jul

Below is why the drastic plastic bulletin board will become the drastic plastic forum Thursday week (we've put it back a week).

th 3 Jul

Maintenance on this web site means that sometime in the near future the software for the drastic plastic bulletin board will have to be re-installed.  This is ongoing work we can do without so we've created the new forum drastic plastic on the other nearthecoast.com bulletin board.  When maintenance in progress on this drastic plastic section ends (probably in August) the drastic plastic board will close ...

Luigino Masarati's Facebook pic... but the good news is very flatteringly Luigino Masarati will be co-modding the new forum. Luigino is a Ginetta enthusiast, owner and an Italian who gives serious regard to beer so absolutely the right stuff!

su 25 May

David is looking for a Lenham GT.  Anyone know of one FOR SALE?  Tell us by email or Twitter.

fr 16 May

A question each about a Ginetta G4R and G15.

th 20 Mar
Spring Equinox

Gold Ginetta G15 side view  I am working on a G15 at the moment.  This one ... more Ginetta

mo 24 Feb

I found your web site by chance and was wondering whether you ... more at TVR

tu 4 Feb

WANTED in Leiston a CAD CAM operator for a company making trim for classic British cars.

mo 20 Jan

Yellow Ginetta G15I have recently purchased a 1972 Ginetta G15 from Doug Franklin of Telluride, Colorado, USA.  Mr Franklin purchased the car from Adrian Bone of the UK in November of 1988.  At that time ... more at Ginetta

mo 11 Mar

We've merged the two remaining Ginetta forums into one on the drastic plastic bulletin board.

fr 22 Feb

We've merged two more Ginetta forums on the drastic plastic bulletin board.

sa 12 Jan

Gerry Marshall (1941-2005) was a saloon car racing driver who in four decades achieved 625 professional wins.  Although in this vid he looses out in the end it does show how impressively good he was.  We are very pleased to place in drastic plastic this memorial to him created by the late Cottage Classics who lived on the outskirts of Framlingham.

mo 27 Feb

Dave Randall in a Ginetta G43:05pm:  The drastic plastic bulletin board is back, took a while because the changes to make ntc friendlier to Google and which caused the problem had to be finished first.

su 26 Feb

11:15am:   The drastic plastic bulletin board is down, working on it.  Yes, we do work Sundays.

tu 24 Jan

Strada Cars LtdGetting a good response on the board to a drastic plastic query about Strada sports cars built on the Carlton Ind Est in Saxmundham during the 60s.

sa 20 Aug

Possibly a Warwick Gt ~ pic contributedYou may have noticed a while back we provided a home for the Ginetta Heritage bulletin board as drastic plastic, it's for fans of 1960s British glass fibre sports cars.  Honoury nearthecoaster JayGee wants to know if anyone has memories of the Bypass Garage Woodbridge which made some Warwick GTs?

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