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Dennington 2008-06


sa 25 oc 08

Another Family Halloween DiscoJust like last year Dennington Sports Club are having a Family Halloween Disco next Saturday.

tu 7 oc 08

Do you know anything about the accident involving a motorbike in Dennington this afternoon?

mo 9 jn 08

Despite all the soggyness Saturday the Dennington expo raised over £1,000 for the Dennington sports club.

Soggy in Dennington Saturday ~ pic contributed

sa 24 my 08

Dennington sports field was near idyllic Thursday evening, birds tweeting and youngsters having a kickabout.  Where else would they go?  Saturday 7th June the Dennington Fete is pumping itself up into an expo to raise extra money to buy a MUGA for the field .   Watch the vid to find out what a MUGA is.

sa 17 my 08

Yesterday another car didn't make it round the corner in Saxtead Bottom on the A1120 between Saxtead Green and Dennington.  (Thanks Grethic)

we 13 fe 08

1656 Woodbridge tokenA while back we mentioned a 17th century Dennington shop token at auction?  Right now there are one Woodbridge (Grocer Henry Stebbing) and two Saxmundham (Draper Nicholas Shepherd) 17th century tokens on ebaY.

mo 28 ja 08

This June Dennington Sports Club is having an ex po which will include exposure, extramural and very probably expenses and ex-wives.

tu 1 ja 08

Dennington Village HallKids warming up for the disco... in Dennington Village Hall the dancing hadn't started as people were still having a sit down feed, but the youngsters were warming up ready to boogy ...

fr 26 oc 07

These things only happen because people help outSmoke, disco lights ...And like we said there's a family Halloween Disco tonight in Dennington Village Hall (which we discover is a sizeable old space) where lots of smaller people are having a brilliant time showing off their pumpkins and proving La Macerana and YMCA are still floor fillers.

La Macarena

This is the second year this Dennington Sports Club fundraiser has run and it certainly deserves to continue!

mo 22 oc 07

Police are appealing for any info about a two car accident in Dennington yesterday afternoon that has left one of the drivers in intensive care.

tu 3 jl 07

Dennington 1668 half penny tokenSupport band wanted for The Outlaws gig in a tent at Worlingworth next month and we spotted this 1668 Dennington half-penny token in an auction, it went for £80.

tu 20 mr 07

Dennington Queen's Head  des' dinners 60

The Dennington Queen's HeadBit of hail on the journey there.  Chums present John B , new playmate Nick, The Brewer, NaTCH and Matt.  Katherine also arrived with Debbie but that seemed to be just coincidence.  The Queen's is a bit restauranty but well kept Adnams and Woodfordes' Wherry.  Conversation included attempting to explain to The Brewer the difference between Arnie and Rocky ... not easily done.  AfAR from Richard V (prepping for Frankfurt).  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

su 11 jn 06

Pointing persons at Dennington Hall Farms

The Dennington Hall Farms open day was jolly, lots of free tuck and a very interesting trailer ride.  Let's hope they do it again next year!

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