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Ipswich Cardinals

tu 18 Jun

Needs to be said that Ipswich Cardinals 17-00 Berkshire Renegades was a bit coloured by the Renegades having just some 20+ players.  An impressive streak from the Cards' kicker #27 who on the same drive recovered his own onside kick followed later by placing a fourth down punt so close to the Renegades line they had to play it making maybe just a handful of yards.

th 30 May

Terry Butcher at the Ipswich Cardinals last SundaySunday we were confused (easily done these days) by the Ipswich Cardinals pitch having moved and rotated.  It seemed to disorientate the Cards too who used up three time outs getting a complete set of players onto the field.  Guest of honour Terry Butcher interviewed said his favourite game was any one where they beat Norwich, he had no rights in pix of him bloodied against Sweden otherwise he'd own a tropical island and he thanked the Cards for helping his family.

mo 29 Apr

The forecast was even money rain for the Cardinals at Colchester GladiatorsIpswich Cardinals 03-16 Colchester Gladiators yesterday but the weather restrained itself to just spitting early on.  It was pretty much a scoreless even stevens until a Gladiators touch down out of nowhere just before half time.  Later a Cards interception looked like a shoo in TD until the ball carrier stumbled and fell.  The Cards rather lost focus in the fourth quarter and their 16-03 loss would have been three points worse if a Gladiators field goal attempt hadn't hit an upright.  It was shortly followed by three victory formations in a row to end the game.

fr 8 Dec

Ipswich CardinalsThe Ipswich Cardinals are named for local boy and Henry VII's bag man Cardinal Wolsey, he would have been 550 in March.  As is the Suffolk way his birthday is being celebrated just before the year runs out ...

mo 7 Aug

Success for the Cards yesterday when they immediately scored a touchdown prompting an excited decamp of the Cardinals sideline to that end zone, but from then on the ball rolled downhill, it ended Ipswich Cardinals 07-22 Colchester Gladiators.  Regrettable Cards penalties were two delay of game, one too many players and under pressure a new to us illegal batting.  A novelty were police cadets working the chain gang and ball persons but regrettably after 12 years it was Matt Agate's last game.

mo 26 Jun

Ipswich Cardinals 10-27 East Kent MavericksDespite yesterday's absolute scorcher at Ipswich Cardinals10-27 East Kent Mavericks the bar didn't sell out of draft Guinness even at a promotional £1/pint but good to see the Cards had water bottles sorted.  The Cards were leading 10-00 at the half but it all went to pieces in the second with fumbles, interceptions and an ejection.  Next home game and this year's final regular season game 6 August.

th 18 May

Ipswich Cardinals 21-12 Sussex ThunderIpswich Cardinals Juniors towards the end of the second half were coming back but still lost 34-24 to the together South London Renegades.  The Junior's bigger brothers had an outstanding start against Sussex Thunder, 21-00 at the half including a touch down on the very first play.  Sadly the Cards lost focus in the second half but still won 21-12.  We were impressed by the kicking on both sides of the ball.  Next Cards game 4 June away to Colchester Gladiators.

tu 9 May

Ipswich Cardinals Juniors played 9 a side with kicking for the first time Sunday.  We were told there had been an ejection in the first half and the second half was anIpswich Cardinals 26-11 East Essex Sabres absolute PenaltyFest, even had Ineligible Player Downfield.  A Rushmoor Knights 20-12 win that ended in a sporting manner.

The first play of the seniors v Essex Sabres got three flags and we thought Not another Fest but the game was hard fought with another impressive Cards four play goal line defence and in Q3 a first down gained from a fulsome pile push.  Three Cards TDs in Q4 gave them a 26-11 win.

mo 10 Apr

Ipswich Cardinals 6-0 Essex SabresThe season opened yesterday in Benfleet with a 6-0 Cards win over Essex Sabres.  Though it was always hard play after a shaky start the Cards mostly looked just fine.  A pity was a Cards TD called back for block in the back but magnificent was the Cards' four play goal line stand with pretty much minutes to go.

Very regrettably a neck injury to Cardinal Jake Larter Yallop in Q3 needed an ambulance which arrived surprisingly promptly in these difficult times.  Thankfully Jake left hospital today without a serious problem.  Our very grateful thanks to the visiting NWA Photography who so kindly lent us a lens extender.

sa 25 Feb

Training at Kesgrave High SchoolWhen we visited the Ipswich Cardinals last Sunday we found a lot of change happening.  During the rugby season the Cards are training at Kesgrave High School, there are newly designed uniforms coming (the logo changed in 2021), this season the juniors are playing 9 a side a format that includes kicking, both juniors and seniors have sponsors and we are expectant that half time entertainment will be back on match days.

fr 22 Jul

Gridiron UKIt was hot enough at the Ipswich Cardinals Sunday that there were two minute water breaks between quarters.

tu 5 Jul

A very welcome Cards win Sunday but it was stressful for the spectators.  Well within the final two minute warning the visitors touched down but failed to complete the two point try after td making it Ipswich Cardinals 36-35 Ouse Valley Eagles.  Now theGridiron UK Cards had to face an onside kick having bogged one up earlier but a happy ending and just one victory formation needed.

tu 28 Jun

Grandfather and granddaughter refsGridiron UKCards coach Liam Smith's tweet says just about all about Sunday's Ipswich Cardinals 00-20 Norwich Devils.  We can add there were a lot of injuries (perhaps the dry weather made the pitch less forgiving) and the Devils' game day presentation was excellent.

mo 6 Jun

Ipswich Cardinals 14-21 Colchester GladiatorsYesterday's Ipswich Cardinals 14-21 Colchester Gladiators was a little tetchy but disorder was limited to one outbreak.  Later there was a flop so spectacularly theatrical an opponent parodied it.  Chop block penalties were popular and place kicking accurate.  The Cards were leading 14-07 at the half but then things started going bad before worsening.  Next Cards home game 3 July against Ouse Valley Eagles.

sa 21 May

Ipswich Cardinals 13-32 Norwich DevilsPoignant last Sunday as the Ipswich Cardinals v Norwich Devils home game was the first without the management of Ralph and Jan Alexander though Jan was spectating and enjoying good company.  Local derbies can be tetchy affairs but despite a 32-13 loss to the Devils this one remained essentially good natured.  The Cards are failing to gel properly and sometimes still confusion about how many players on the pitch but they will get better.  Next home game 5 June against the Colchester Gladiators.

tu 26 Apr

Ipswich Cardinals 00-10 Colchester GladiatorSunday at a new and military looking sports facility on the Mersea side of Colchester the Ipswich Cardinals played the Colchester Gladiators.  No score in the first half but in the second quarter a ref advised a player Keep your gob shut.  Later in the quarter disorder broke out by the Gladiators' sideline leading to a single ejection.  In Q3 a Gladiator's converted td and field goal were the game's only scores.  Good news is Cards' one time wide receiver now punter Mitchell Melanaphy when good was brilliant.  Next Cards game May 15 at home to the Norwich Devils.

tu 12 Apr

Gridiron UKFor one day only Sunday the Ipswich Cardinals moved round the corner to train amongst the dog walkers on the Dumbarton Road Rec.  Two hours of drills one of scrimmage including punts that when they were good were very good indeed.  Cards' first match of the new season weekend after next away in Colchester.

mo 20 Sep

Ipswich Cardinals 08-57 Cambridge CatsYesterday somewhere between Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge both ways there was very heavy rain but none to speak of at Cardinals 08-57 Cambridge Cats.  A lot of Cards injuries so it was gratifying to see that the medic was following play and ready to come on when asked by the refs.  Season end for both teams and an undefeated one for the Cats.

mo 13 Sep

Ipswich Cardinals 00-63 Norwich DevilsSometimes the ball rolls downhill ... sometimes when things go wrong they just keep getting worse.  Yesterday Cardinals 00-63 Norwich Devils.  To the Cards credit although inevitably frustrated, at least one player extremely so, there was no on pitch indiscipline that we saw.  The Devils' game presentation is increasingly polished with announcer, scoreboard, two portaloos and yesterday a mobile bar and a van that sold out of ice cream doughnut type treats.

mo 23 Aug

Ipswich Cardinals 06-21 Colchester GladiatorsFor their last home game this year the Cardinals hosted the Colchester Gladiators.  A game of event and incident with rain that thankfully went away during the first quarter, two ejections, a safety and a Cards lateral pass!  In the end despite consistent and powerful running from the Cards #36 Henri Clements a Gladiators 21-06 win.  The Cards are just down the A12 at the Gladiators next weekend.

su 1 Aug

This afternoon at the Ipswich Cardinals for the first time we just spectated an american football game .... it was very pleasant.

th 24 Jun

Ipswich Cardinals 40-35 East Kent MavericksOh Joy!  The Ipswich Cardinals are back Sunday and at their new Rushmere St Andrew ground.  Opponents are the Ouse Valley (it's Bedfordshire) Eagles who are one of the friendliest american football teams we've met.  There's food, drinks in the clubhouse and spectators are expected to observe Covid guidelines.

we 9 Dec

Lots of laughter at the Ipswich Cardinals' first practice after lockdown two and interestingly to us at least the first hour was spent on special teams ... no blocking below the waist on kicking plays.  New players (especially linemen) and rookies always welcome.

mo 5 Oct

Cardinal Liam 'Puffy' Smith in the rainAt the Ipswich Cardinals new venue in Rushmere despite steady rain with enough wind to make it uncomfortably cold an impressive near fifty players old and new turned out and just one spectator.  Some younger newbs unwisely thought shorts and a t-shirt suitable for the conditions and everyone enjoyed the rookie who when the ball came at him unexpectedly batted it away rather than catch it.  Know how he feels, we've done similar playing rugby.

su 9 Aug

Stan on the Ipswich Cardinals chain crewSaddening but not surprisingly the Red Rooster Festival near Thetford has been postponed until next year.  Robert Stan Stamper (seen here on the Ipswich Cardinals chain crew entertaining the visiting Bury Saints sideline) at last year's Maverick Festival before dashing off to dance with his daughter told us the 2018 Roosterfest had been brilliant. ♫

su 26 Jul

What could be sisters at the Ipswich Cardinals last year added to Suffolk Ladies.

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