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Campsea Ashe

sa 28 Oct

The Orebeck BeneficeThe Orebeck Benefice could be considered a triangle with Brandeston, Parham and Campsea Ashe at the corners.  The monthly newsletter available free online has news and info for those not necessarily religiously inclined.  Unless a new editor is found the November-December issue will be the last, if interested email Nan Waterfall.

tu 4 Jul

We were confused about the location of this sadly fatal single vehicle motorbike accident in Campsea Ashe but we've found Station Road.

tu 7 Mar

Petanque in Aldeburgh and 2007In prehistoric times when the Campsea Ashe pub was still The Talbot it briefly had a boule pitch at the side and there were attempts in Aldeburgh to get a team going.  Brandeston has a petanque team for this year's summer league and needs more players.  Email Joanna Moorman for more info.

sa 17 Sep

Suffolk ConstabularyA house garage in Ashe Rowe Campsea Ashe was broken into between 6pm last Tuesday and 6am Wednesday and several Makita tools stolen.  If you have any info please contact Suffolk police quoting crime ref 37/59567/22, you can call 101.

fr 12 Jun

Benjamin Britten on CameraTonight the virtual Aldeburgh Festival starts with Benjamin Britten on Camera on BBC4.  We once heard Britten described in what was then the Campsea Ashe Dog and Duck as That famous writer or something.

th 30 Jan

ArtDog are returning to the Campsea Ashe Station House tomorrow until Sunday with their entertaining mix of local and other artists ... excellent coffee.

mo 18 Nov

Brockley Open StudiosA pleasure to visit the imaginatively made over Campsea Ashe Station House yesterday for the last day of Artdog's show.  Artdog will be showing Saturday at Brockley Open Studios in South London and in Framlingham next month.

su 17 Nov

When we drove past the Campsea Ashe shop this morning encouragingly it was open and has been since the end October.  When we drove back this afternoon it was closed.

th 14 Nov

We shall be visiting ArtDog London this weekend at the Campsea Ashe Station House partly because we've been told the venue's makeover is impressive.

mo 28 Oct

Campsea Ashe farm machinery auctionWe like farm machinery auctions at Campsea Ashe.  Farmers in a large group and a surprisingly sophisticated process.  Outside sales have a miked up auctioneer on a trolley pushed by a couple of blokes, a SELLING THIS LOT stick holder and an Internet wrangler wrangling online bids by a laptop.  The whole moves along rapidly with the occasional bidder addressed by their first name while in another yard children clamber over gigantic tractors.  Great stuff.

mo 26 Aug

Disproving that all village fetes happen in July Campsea Ashe's free fete this Sunday includes The Rabble Chorus, Gipsy Rose Lee and a hog roast.

fr 28 Dec

Campsea Ashe shop shutWe've only just noticed that the Campsea Ashe village shop closed back in September but is aspiring to re-open under new management.  We see no mention of post office on the shop frontage and wonder if like Hacheston's shop in 2008 the sub-post office had been lost?

mo 3 Sep

2018 Special auctions at Campsea AsheToo late to enter now but Saturday at Campsea Ashe a Domestic & Rural Bygones & Collectors Vehicles auction.  Lots of &s there but Collectors Vehicles looks interesting.

fr 1 Jun

Woolpit Steam RallyThis weekend it's the Woolpit Steam Rally which in the Suffolk manner is held in Wetherden and tomorrow there's a jumble sale in Campsea Ashe and though we don't know where or what time the village hall seems an uncertain guess.

we 7 Mar

Chugganauts singing, music and movement for pre-school children Monday at the Campsea Ashe Station House.

fr 23 Feb

Viewing for tomorrow's Domestic and Rural Bygones and Collectors Vehicles (well that covers just about everything ... mind you they left out charity market) auction in Campsea Ashe 3:00-6:00pm today and from 8:00am tomorrow.

su 25 Sep

Ginetta G27 sports carClassic British sports car enthusiast Art Allen is looking for either a Ginetta G27 or a Ginetta G33 and will pay a finder's fee.  Local Interest: Ginettas were first made in Campsea Ashe.

sa 9 Jul

A second person has told us the Campsea Ashe pub will be re-opening next month.

sa 11 Jun

Campsea Ashe Dog and Duck in 2003Heard this week that the Campsea Ashe Dog and Duck is having a lot of work done and will re-open in August, possibly under its original name The Talbot.  Pub talk in both senses but by an ex-patron who remembers the D&D having an outside loo.

we 16 Dec

Campsea Ashe auctionsWe hadn't been to a Campsea Ashe Monday auction since Clarke and Simpson took over quite a while back and last week we found the market side of it had got a lot bigger.  We were surprised by the fruit and veg auction and particularly liked the butcher with a Kate Bush wrap round microphone to pull passers by in.

tu 8 Dec

PCSO Marie Smith and PC Karen ClabburnEveryone's a careful driver when there's a speed indicator with two police next to it.  PCSO Marie Smith and PC Karen Clabburn set this one up in Campsea Ashe when they visited with the mobile police station yesterday.  This is the last week this year the mobile will be out visiting villages around near the coast and it's likely it won't be out making village visits at all next year.

mo 26 Oct

Campsea Ashe farm machinery auctionWe thought it a little odd that the police were having a meet and greet at Clarke & Simpson's Campsea Ashe and definitely surprised by the packed car parks when we arrived.  The mobile police station and PCC Tim Passmore were there but the attraction was a farm machinery auction.  Very enjoyable, people in wellies poking at lumps of rotating metal whilst discussing it on the mobile and a Harwich farmer who told us of using a pole to force stacked bales off a sledge before sledges got a hinged tipper and then were made illegal.

su 22 Mar

Mobile Police StationThe cuts have meant that the mobile police station near the coast now only goes out every six weeks and even the station seems to have shrunk.  OTOH they are going out until the end of the year with the next set of visits starting in Campsea Ashe at the end of the month.

mo 9 Feb

Terry at the Campsea Ashe Dog and DuckThe Campsea Ashe Dog and Duck will be closed next week from Sunday night the 15th until Saturday night the 21st.

su 22 Dec

The Dog and Duck landlord TerryNice to discover the Campsea Ashe Dog and Duck née Talbot is Thursday through to Sunday lunchtime serving food again, we'll be along there soon for their freshly cooked liver and onions.

tu 27 Aug

Lady's mountain bike stolen in Parham last weekend and an attempted burglary in Campsea Ashe Saturday.

mo 18 Feb

The Framlingham Black BarnWe knew it was happening but still a surprise to see opposite the Campsea Ashe Dog and Duck that where there used to be an Antiques Warehouse (that always seemed an odd choice ... warehouse?) and a garage (not the one where Ginettas were spawned) there's now a terrace of houses ... whilst we're on the subject a gathering of hiviz and hard hats behind the Framlingham Black Barn this afternoon ... just saying.

su 29 Jul

Local police will be at the Campsea Ashe auctions tomorrow morning to advise about vehicle and home security, bogus callers, scams and rogue traders.

fr 26 Aug

Dennis Rollins at the Snape PromsAt the Snape Proms last night Dennis Rollins Badbone Co jazz/funk six piece cranked it out with us particularly enjoying Mark Ellis' alto and the band's arrangement of Stephen Stills' Love The One You're With ... a bit of Bill Withers can't be bad either ... and on the way home we got excellent freebie leftover tuck from Anglian Events at the Campsea Ashe Dog and Duck.

th 4 Aug

Campsea Ashe opposite the Dog and DuckApparently the antiques warehouse and garage in Campsea Ashe has been closed for a while, the gossip in the Dog and Duck is the site will be developed as houses ... no surprise there then.

fr 29 Jul

In Campsea Ashe during the afternoon Thursday last week a large quantity of cash, a laptop, jewellery, camcorder, booze and more burgled.

fr 10 Jun

Scarecrow advertising Larke fayreAt a near Chelmsford college in the late 1960s we sat in with a band from which we'd been sacked ... we're almost over it these days ... especially as two of the band are now dead.  We're pretty sure we annoyed jazzer Lol Coxhill by keep crashing his solos.  What goes round comes round and Lol is playing the Campsea Ashe Lark Fayre tomorrow but we're not worried, we're away at the Hog Hill freeride.

we 9 Mar

Van stolen from Woodbridge found in Melton containing property burgled in Campsea Ashe..

tu 1 Dec

Last Thursday in locations including Orford, Melton, Campsea Ashe and Ufford Woodbridge SNT handed out 15 warnings and 10 fixed penalties for speeding, and seized a vehicle.

fr 31 Jul
Dog & Duck pub

Campsea Ashe Dog and Duck  des' dinners 74

NaTCH and Tony M enjoyed the usual substantial meals (as always the liver and bacon was magnificent) and well kept Adnams.  Joined later by founder diner Andy B for just a drink, as we haven't seen Andy for at least two years there was much catching up; he's no longer a teacher at Tommy Mills, his middle child Philip is teaching English in China and Andy has bought a tandem trike.  Regrettably the Debenham Angel has closed again, reportedly the new landlords wouldn't take on the lengthy lease, the only one offered by the pubco (the evil Pubmaster/Punch Taverns?).  We had heard from Terry the D&D's landlord that his immediate predecessor Brian has passed away.  AfAR from Amanda (going out to work for a bit).  (last visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

mo 29 Jun

This coming weekend it's the Campsea Ashe Flower Festival at the church with light lunches and cream teas.

su 8 Jun

The Blaxhall~Campsea road flooded

The road out of Blaxhall is flooded again but this time for us it was the Campsea road, if you look carefully at the big pic you can see a silver car wussing out and turning round to go the other way:)

tu 11 Mar

... and on the road between Campsea and Blaxhall a serious lump of tree has fallen off ...

fr 29 Feb



... and from the people who brought you the Saxmundham-Aldeburgh branch line another 24 carat piece, the 1958 Aldeburgh Carnival with a brief glimpse of Wickham Market Junction (yeah, yeah we know it's at Campsea).

we 19 Dec

Muffin the donkey at Fram's nativity last yearAt 5pm this Saturday and Sunday Jolly's Farm, Campsea Ashe will be presenting a nativity featuring live animals who will be meeting their fans afterwards.

tu 22 May

Campsea Ashe Dog and Duck  des' dinners 61

Lovely day for it and the motorcyclist who pulled into the car park with Nick and NaTCH turned out to be Richard V.  OtherTerry sorting out a table for us lunchers were The Brewer, The Brewer's accountant Andrew and Goddess with Max.  The swordfish proved too popular (it's meaty rather like fresh tuna but pale in colour) and one of us had to make do with a magnificent liver and onions.  Inevitably much gossip about the audio industry, the Tunstall Green Man and the Blaxhall Ship have both changed hands, Terry and Barbara still have the D&D on the market but selling a pub takes time, and Goddess quoted the excellent Ted Ray one liner that when he was a lad his family was very poor but they bought him a cap so he could look out the window.  (last visit ↓  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

tu 09 Aug

Campsea Ashe Dog and Dog  des' dinners 51

Certainly the bridge hasn't closed yet.

Select lunchers were NaTCH and The Brewer in a pub having a busy little old lunch time session, Terry had even employed a barman.  Excellent condition Adnams and The Brewer chose Woodfordes' Mardler.  Inevitably much conversation about pubs and beer and a late 60's TVR was spotted in the car park opposite.  (last visit ↓  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

tu 11mr 

Campsea Ashe Dog and Duck  des' dinners 35

The Campsea Dog and DuckThe D&D was surprisingly busy for a country pub at lunch time.  Substantial liver and onions with a suitable mountain of mash was served to NaTCH just as Spadge arrived who was served ham, egg and chips rapido.  Excellent Adnams, also available Woodforde's Wherry and Mardler, and usually Adnams Oyster.  There was conversation.  (last visit ↓  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 8 Aug

Campsea Ashe  Dog and Duck née Talbot  des' dinners 17

Attendees were John B, Andrew, NaTCH, Malcolm, Lucie, Alan, Mrs Alan, and 11 month old Harry who tried the Adnams but fell back on his trusty bottle of milk.  Despite this everyone else thoroughly enjoyed the Adnams and simple but excellent food that's so reasonably priced we thought the bill had been added up wrong.  Conversation included the pleasant fact that the Earl Soham post office is now licensed.  As John B pointed out "You can now buy beer and pay for it with your pension".  AfAR (well sort of) from Hugh (in Latvia) and Andy (in France).  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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