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mo 10 Oct

House sales around near the coast including Carlton, Friston, Kelsale, Sweffling and two in Benhall.

sa 13 Aug

Today is Benhall Preschool's open day celebrating 40 years ... that'll be their ruby anniversary then.

we 13 Jan

Stackton Tressel town council's Suffolkness committee has issued new guidelines.  To be authentic Suffolk you should have a Co-op loyalty card, drink beer (meaning mild) not lager, know what squit is, know who the manager of ITFC is, know where Benhall and Little Mutterings are and not use 'do' and 'does' the right way round like those la di da townies from that there London does ... owning a tractor does help ...

we 18 Jan

We have only just got round to properly reading this police report about a stolen Land Rover Defender in Benhall Saturday that must have been quite scary.

fr 7 Nov

Detectorists is getting a second series, that'll please Framlingham town council they'll probably commission a commemorative tea towel ... and we were wrong about Andy moving to Benhall ... surprisingly ...

th 6 Nov

Mackenzie Crook writer and star of DetectoristsLast episode of Detectorists 10pm tonight BBC4, we reckon in a bizarre plot twist Andy moves to Benhall and joins a covers band.

mo 25 Aug

Local resident and ukulele goddess Lucy Sampson has joined our 1,000+ views album.

fr 1 Aug

Lucy Sampson ... she's from Benhall♫ For us the star of tomorrow's Suffolk Fun Festival at Easton Farm Park is ukulele goddess Lucy Sampson.  Hosted by Foz from Radio Suffolk the festival continues on Sunday.

th 24 Jul

Blimey, an attempted burglary in Benhall last Friday.

fr 28 Feb

Saxmundham/Benhall chocolate muffinSeen on the Saxmundham/Benhall border we're not sure if this is a complaint from Mr Smith or a LOST AND FOUND.

fr 14 Jun

Someone has found us, a strimmer stolen from a Benhall garden shed but more worryingly a white Ford Ranger pickup containing a shotgun and cartridges was stolen from Victoria Mill Road Framlingham last night.

sa 11 May

Lucy Sampson at Maverick 2011Tomorrow from 11am it's family day at Stradbroke cricket club and in the evening it's open mike in the Framlingham Castle hosted by Benhall ukulele goddess Lucy Sampson.  Lucy along with John Sessions, Madam Galina, Kasaï Masaï, The Dirty Gentleman and local celebrity Neil Innes will be playing the other festival in the Aldeburgh Pumphouse next month.

tu 30 Apr

13,000+ visitors in AprilA whole bunch of fishing gear stolen in the villages (that's at least two burglaries this month), we've had 13,000+ visitors this month which would have been an all time record in February and Blimey!  They have cocktails afterwards at the Wickham Market flower club!!

we 28 Mar

Xavier Bacon and Inky MinxRather like Benhall when you say Houghton Regis most nearthecoasters ask Where's that?, but the satnav found it alright (unlike last time) for Co-Eduskation on Sunday.  A mixed bout in both gender and league but without the spectacular height differences of Grantham.  What did for Team Black (they lost 106-206) was not brutal blokey blocking but the ... more at roller derby

tu 27 Mar

Benhall ukulele goddess Lucy Sampson♫ The open mike night Sunday before last at the Framlingham Castle Inn had over 60 people turn up including village resident ukulele goddess Lucy Sampson.  The next open mike night is the Sunday after next the 8th April.

we 21 Mar

Dr W C Selle about 1885William Christian Sellé's dad may have been German but he knew where Benhall was because in 1813 Christian was born there, later Christian was Musician in Ordinary to Queen Victoria for 40 years.

th 5 Jan

The man knocked off his bicycle near Benhall yesterday has died.

tu 17 May

Dishonesty over an honesty box.

fr 16 Apr

An apparent dislike of football in Benhall.

mo 16 Nov



We didn't know that Benhall was the home of near the coast finger picking.

fr 28 Aug

Bicycle stolen from a Grundisburgh garage, a man using a phone box in Benhall has his bag stolen and criminal damage in Walberswick , it's not safe to walk the streets!  Except as it's Suffolk so there aren't that many streets to walk.

th 23 Apr

Ride on lawnmower stolen in Dennington, a smashed notice board glass in Benhall and a stolen tax disc in Framlingham.

mo 29 Sep

Blue Mazda interfered with in Benhall.

th 28 Feb

Police want to speak to this manPolice want to speak to the man in the efit pic about a break in earlier this month.  That's the second Benhall break in this month so obviously some people know where the village is.

th 7 Feb

A mobile phone, a mp3 player and two game consoles were pinched from a Benhall house ... now remind us again, where's Benhall?

su 30 jn

The sports field by the club

A pleasant sprinkling of bikers at the Benhall Music Day, the gravel voiced steward made us particularly welcome in the club house (which has two bars and a chess club) and Framlingham's own Outlaws were going down well, helped by youthful air guitar in the crowd.

Two of the sprinkling of bikers Youthful air guitar The Outlaws (the clue's in the shirt)

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