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Aldeburgh in 2010


su 24 Oct

BlackthornWelcome to new advertiser Suffolk Exhibitions who have a show in Aldeburgh next month, thank you to the Greener Garden Guy who has renewed his Leiston slot and it's cost Damini Custard just £1.21 to support Russian girlie symphonic metal band Blackthorn (we like the synchronised hair twirling).

mo 16 Aug

A red Hyundai in Aldeburgh had it's rear window smashed yesterday.

mo 5 Jul

Collision in AldeburghCrikey!  Surprisingly nobody seriously hurt in this Aldeburgh one yesterday but the police have asked for witnesses.

we 2 Jun

Today Matthew we will be mostly localising the weather ... as always not as straight forward as it looks ... sorted, Woodbridge done ... Aldeburgh, Felixstowe, Halesworth ... that'll do for now.

fr 14 May

Skimmers found this morning on cashpoints in Framlingham, Leiston and Aldeburgh ... so that's why a police car outside Barclays this am ... or not.

th 29 Apr

The hustings last night in the Aldeburgh parish church organised and chaired by the Reverend Nigel Hartley in an ultimately neutral manner were not surprisingly very well

Green party Rachel Fulcher at the Aldeburgh hustings

mannered.  Perhaps a little surprising the church was easily 7/8s full to see all five Coastal Suffolk candidates (and what a wonderful opportunity to see them in one hit) make a short pitch (the Rev had an apologetically polite time's up beeper) and then answer questions.  We left after an hour but are assured all remained even tempered ... more pix

Remains of Aldeburgh boatyard fireThat must have been quite a fire at the Aldeburgh boatyard yesterday morning, there's nothing left of the main boat shed.  A bystander who was there told us that being a boat yard there were many gas bottles on the site.  More pix on Facebook

mo 5 Apr

Wheelbarrow race at the Inter-village Bloodsports   Moto-X at Blaxhall   Cafe society on Crag Path, Aldeburgh

mo 08 Mar

House sales a bit quiet in Saxmundham and Aldeburgh.

we 13 Jan

'Bitching and bickering' in Aldeburgh apparently, well that's democracy.

sa 2 Jan

The inherent self righteousness of councils punctured when Suffolk Coastal sell the electoral roles for Aldeburgh and Framlingham for £26!

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