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Aldeburgh in 2009


mo 7 Dec

House sales around near the coastHouse sales dead in Framlingham but seem to have perked up a little in Saxmundham and Aldeburgh, and did someone really make over £100 grand in couple of months in Earl Soham?

we 25 Nov

More than 15 outboard motors stolen in Aldeburgh.

mo 23 Nov

The driver involved in a fatal accident on the Aldeburgh Road near Friston has been released on bail.

we 28 Oct

The Knodishall Butcher's Arms is for sale and why is some of the same stuff is more expensive in the Aldeburgh Solar than the Framlingham one?  Is it because they're posher in Aldeburgh?  Well that'll teach 'em :)

sa 24 Oct

Aldeburgh's been having some of its overhead electricity cables replaced, they're staying overhead but the four cable runs are replaced with a single one.

mo 19 Oct

DP's in Aldeburgh was an eccentric bar named for the late owner David Lloyd and retained much of it's detail from when it was a chemist, nice to see with its recent makeover some Timothy White'sness has been retained.

su 11 Oct

Thursday we discovered that the house on the front in Aldeburgh painted red and with a plaque saying Benjamin Britten lived here isn't The Red House.  In the library at THE Red House (it's down an unmade road off the Leiston Road) Saxmundham Rotary club launched Singout 2010, an initiative to involve young people in composition and choral music making.  Patrons include sopranos Lesley Garrett and Laura Wright and Singout 2010 will culminate with a concert in November 2010 at Snape.

th 8 Oct

Smiles at Walk on the Wildside 2009

It certainly was VERY PINK in Thorpeness and Aldeburgh this morning.

fr 12 Jun

The Aldeburgh Festival starts today and don't forget there's a discount for nearthecoasters.

th 21 May

The Aldeburgh Documentary Film Festival will be later this year; provisional dates are 13-15 November or 20-22 November.

fr 6 Mar

Some house sales in Framlingham and positively buoyant in Aldeburgh. House sales around near the coast

th 26 Feb

The woman cyclist killed in Aldeburgh last night was pushing her bike on the pavement.

mo 16 Feb

Another club break in but this time in Aldeburgh.

mo 9 Feb

We went to Aldeburgh yesterday to stretch our legs and as we got out of the car a Spitfire was stunting above the beach.  By the time we'd got a long lens on it had beggared off ... so we had to make do with this microlite instead.

we 14 Jan

Aldeburgh Sunday

Our word!  That wind was cold in Aldeburgh Sunday.

fr 9 Jan

It was certainly foggy today and it got worse as we approached Aldeburgh.  Ah, it's because Aldeburgh's on the coast and yes indeed when we got to Aldeburgh all the fog disappeared and the sun came out, still couldn't park though ... even out of season.

Ensemble Diderot at the Jubilee Hall, Aldeburgh

The Jubilee Hall was packed and maybe a dozen optimists queuing in hope of returns for the first Friday lunchtime concert of the year.  The Ensemble Diderot are a period instrument playing quartet who well entertained finishing with Vivaldi's Follia containing some frenetic activity for the cello and player Tomaz Pokrzywinski never dropped a lick!  The season continues until Friday 13th March.

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