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Aldeburgh in 2008-06


we 14 May

Top Crafts in Aldeburgh the weekend before last turned up a Lewis machine gun and raised well over £8,000 for the MS Society.

sa 3 May

The Jubilee Hall in Aldeburgh was crammed today with all sorts of crafty things for Top Crafts 2008 and television personality John Bly was taking an active interest in a lady working with glass.  The show continues all weekend including Monday and it's free to get in ...

The red dots mean the painting's sold.... meanwhile up the road in the Aldeburgh Cinema Gallery John Bawtree told us that the first visitor at his Zanzibar exhibition was the widow of Zanzibar's last British resident.  From 1913 to 1963 Zanzibar was a British protectorate and had a resident rather than a governor.  Cinema manager Sue Harrison arrived and there had been returns for Daughter of the Regiment; the cinema expects to repeat the live New York Metropolitan Opera House link ups this autumn.  The Zanzibar exhibition continues until Thursday 8th May and it's free too.

sa 26 Apr

Even at £20 a pop opera tonight in Aldeburgh is sold out but you can still queue in hope of returns, the box office opens at 6:30pm.

th 24 Apr

Because we're a bit pretentious a little telly treat last Christmas was The Daughter of the Regiment with the divine Natalie Dessay (watch for her back facing curtsey at the end:).  And our point is?  It's La Fille du Regiment as the last of this season's live link ups with the New York Met this Saturday at the Aldeburgh Cinema.

tu 25 Mar

John Western watercolourA John Western watercolour living in Knodishall and depicting sail boats at Slaughden Quay, Aldeburgh is for sale on ebaY with a starting price of £800.

tu 18 Mar

What was the little offie in AldeburghYou know how racks of those terribly fashionable Crocs always stop at size 8?  Well not in Alde River they don't, they go up to size 13; find the shop, not surprisingly, in Aldeburgh High Street 01728 452476.

The odd little off license in Aldeburgh with the equally odd but charming Adnams metalwork has been shut certainly since last spring?  It's now a Darcy B dress shop (there are other Darcy Bs in Framlingham and Woodbridge) and the metalwork has gone, they could have painted it to match the wall and retained the little oddity.

tu 11 Mar

South Parade, Aldeburgh circa 1937

Despite the recent weather Aldeburgh still appears to be there but don't know what happened to the bathing huts ...

South Parade, Aldeburgh  2008

fr 29 Feb



... and from the people who brought you the Saxmundham-Aldeburgh branch line another 24 carat piece, the 1958 Aldeburgh Carnival with a brief glimpse of Wickham Market Junction (yeah, yeah we know it's at Campsea).

we 27 Feb

The Sudbourne Park Printmakers are having their Easter show at the Peter Peers gallery in Aldeburgh.

fr 1 Feb

Perhaps because we rather liked The Chronicles of Narnia film (always loved the novels) the desire has been rising to see The Golden Compass but Lady KRJ says it's rubbish ... and she liked Lord of the Rings!  Either way Golden C's on at Aldeburgh cinema for a week starting tonight.

tu 22 Jan

Here's a bit of solid gold, a 1950s train journey on the Saxmundham-Aldeburgh branch calling at Thorpe Halt ... accompanied by Flanders and Swan ... and we've just worked out that the boy standing seemingly dangerously on the track is holding up the single track token for the driver.

fr 18 Jan
Winnie the Pooh Day - AA Milne's birthday

The Heath Quartet taking their third bowOne of the nice things about coastal Suffolk is when the new year begins with the weather is at it's most miserable and you're still paying for Christmas so do the Friday lunchtime concerts at the Jubilee Hall, Aldeburgh.  As we arrived somewhat early today the single remaining seat was being sold so in the second week of the 2008 season the Heath Quartet played to an absolutely full house.  Violinist Oliver Heath ironically introduced Frank Bridge's Three Idylls for String Quartet as "an English piece for English weather" and we were off with the quartet revealing a lyrical, engaging and confident style that can be heard at the Halesworth Cut at the end of October.  Even though it's out of season you still can't park in Aldeburgh because one side of the High Street has been dug up.

th 13 de

As you probably know it's the law in France that Gérard Depardieu has to be in all films.  He certainly knew how to hold a big gun in 36 (Quai Des Orfevres) and despite another dodgy bi-lingual title we rather fancy The Singer (Quand J'Etais Chanteur)It starts tomorrow for a week at the Aldeburgh Cinema (there'll be sub-titles).

th 6 Dec

The demolished garageThe garage in Aldeburgh on the High Street has been knocked down, no doubt so designer flats can be built.  Is our memory at fault but didn't the garage still serve petrol at the roadside with very long hoses?

sa 1 Dec

Max Hastings in the foyer of the Aldeburgh CinemaAs a war correspondent Sir Max Hastings is the real thing, first man into Port Stanley in the recent Falklands unpleasantness ... well actually it was a quarter of a century ago.  It was slightly disconcerting to hear Radio 4 coming out of the middle aged lady introducing him at the Aldeburgh Documentary Festival but then the middle aged lady was Libby Purves who presents Midweek.

fr 30 Nov

The Aldeburgh Documentary Festival starts tonight with John Sweeney talking to Francis Wheen.  It continues until Sunday.

th 8 Nov

The Severe Flood WarningEnvironment Agency has issued a Severe Flood Warning for the coast Lowestoft to Shingle Street including Aldeburgh.  The tv news is saying the risk is high tide tomorrow morning.

su 14 oc

Just had a swim A display of Minis near the Moot HouseLovely weather for boulevardiers in Aldeburgh this afternoon.  This handsome fellow had clearly been enjoying a swim, a display of Minis, and on the new piste cunningly placed right outside the White Lion petanque was being played.  The match was a

Passer by looking Another passer by lookingfriendly between the newly formed Aldeburgh Club and the Meadlands club from Stowmarket.  The action was certainly attracting interest from passers by and it would seem part of petanque's point is sociability.

su 8 jl

A straw cloche hat on Crag Path in AldeburghAldeburgh may be up itself but on a sunny summer's afternoon Crag Path can be a sort of café society ...  

sa 25 Nov

Francis Wheen and Ian Hislop were in the audienceGriff Rhys Jones was just like you'd expect at Aldeburgh's Documentary Weekend.  I opened an arts centre in Colchester this afternoon, apparently it's the second arts centre I've opened in Colchester ... I can't remember the first.

fr 9 Jun

Superman in Aldeburgh  ... and another Superman in Aldeburgh

We spotted Superman in Aldeburgh High Street yesterday ... twice, and a House To Let in Laxfield.

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