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we 16 no 16

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Problems with a data centre many levels above us took nearthecoast down this morning for maybe four hours.  Email sent to us between roughly 8:00-11:50am may have been lost.  As those signs say Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

su 13 no 16

One SuffolkOur link checker is starting to pick up the now defunct local web sites that chose not to pay One Suffolk and the village site that bizarrely now thinks it's 2015.

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A to Z of Villages and Towns near the coastOur A to Z of ntc helps you find your town or village but unlike a satnav it also kills 99% of all known germs and doesn't have a patronising voice.

mo 7 no 16

ASTONISHER No.38:  The Irish saint Kevin (Anglicised from the Irish Cóemgen) of Glendalough (498-681) is the patron saint of Dublin and blackbirds ... seems an unlikely combination.

nearthecoast 2012-2013Facebook photo album near the coast has birthed the new album near the coast 2012-2013.

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If yours is a local event for local people then you won't need How to promote your event on nearthcoast.

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We've collected past astonishers to their own page.

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Rural Myth 69:  You can always tell when someone is a bit odd, they don't live in Suffolk.

sa 29 oc 16

Worried too many people might turn up at your coffee morning?  Garden fete?  Swingers' party?  Don't do promotion on nearthecoast then.

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Dr Nearthecoast is in and listening at or text 07970 865730

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Another photo licensed on Alamy ... always cheers the day  nearthecoast at Alamy

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TSB tv advertLife Skills 12: When opening a bank account online, say hypothetically a TSB cash ISA, check how you can get your money out again, you may be told you have to visit a branch and the nearest TSBs to near the coast are Stowmarket and Ipswich ... we do like the tv ad with the little dog though.

we 12 oc 16

Bye Bye Betty - photo by Framk PowolnyHopefully you've noticed we've had a slight makeover?  Very regrettably we've had to let Betty go, increasingly she seemed ... well a bit random.

we 12 oc 16

SRN NearthecoastSRN Nearthecoast is in, fiddling with her tick list, pen and prescribing guidelines but still listening (apparently) at or text 07970 865730

th 6 oc 16

All things will pass ...Throwback Thursday:  Four years ago today the pop-up Smile cafe opened in Saxmundham, it still pops up at the Fromus Centre 10:00am-2:00pm on Thursdays.

tu 4 oc 16

A to Z of ntcDon't know your way round nearthecoast?  You need the A to Z of ntc, it's FREE and you don't have to pay and display or walk through the gift shop to get out.

mo 26 se 16

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A witch ducking this year?  Planning a witch ducking this year?  Promote your event on here.

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nearthecoast at Alamy We now have (or soon will have today) 3,000+ stock photos on Alamy.

tu 20 se 16

The year moves on, it'll be the autumnal equinox Thursday. Autumnal Equinox

mo 19 se 16

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nearthecoast on FacebookNine years ago today we inherited the bulletin board from another place (they didn't like people saying things ... you know ... saying things).  Though most of the board's function has understandably gone to the evil Facebook the board still serves a useful if diminished use.

tu 13 se 16

Yes we've had some issues but it's nice to be back, still getting sorted.

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