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sa 20 Oct

Dolly Rockits 225-063 Killa HurtzLast Sunday we asked a Killa Hurtz coach if there would be a skateout for their bout with hosts the Leicester Dolly Rockits, Don't know she said But everyone hates skateouts ... so just us then.  It seemed a fairly even bout but then we stepped out to see the score and the Rockits were easily pulling away so don't trust us on anything.  A comfortable 225-063 Rockits win despite early on losing a skater with an ankle injury, it's always ankles.

The Dolly Rockits are full WFTDA members and two Rockits told us the league wouldn't be competing in the British Championships next year as they want to concentrate on tournaments.

th 18 Oct

Congratulations to Rebellion Roller Derby who have been accepted by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association as an apprentice league.

su 14 Oct

Jem 143-195 Sindy (mixed rookies bout)When we arrived at Loughborough Leisure Centre this afternoon it was pouring with rain and the car park completely full, we had to circle until a leaver made a space but the Leicester Dolly Rockits were very welcoming.  The mixed league support bout of rookies and second bouters was very impressive; Bambi jumped the apex, there was organised blocker offence on a power jam and a pivot shouting To me! To me! when play had broken down (she's officer material).  Very good stuff indeed.

fr 21 Sep

Belated congrats to Norfolk Brawds who were promoted to Tier 1 at last weekend's roller derby British Championships (started as the End of the World Series then transmogrified into the Heartland Series).

su 16 Sep

Play off finals in today's British roller derby Championships live on BBC online from 1:30pm.  At 4:30pm the Norfolk Brawds play Rebellion Roller Derby.

tu 26 Jun

Norfolk Brawd Grimbolina at the Seaside SirensVery regrettably Southend's Seaside Sirens have pulled up their track tape for the last time.  Back in the days before roller derby got a bit up itself they produced some enjoyably witty skate outs and we snapped what was their and the Norfolk Brawds' first public bout.  Some good has come from it as the Sirens have donated £1,000 of their remaining funds to GB Junior Derby.

th 14 Jun

Swiss national road race champion Nicole Hanselmann In the manner of a roller derby programme that so relentlessly refuses to identify mixed league team skaters' home league the Women's Tour web site fails to identify national champions and the web generally is surprisingly reticent ... and what's more nowhere like the predicted 5,000 in Framlingham yesterday.  But still the riders tended to be friendly if ... more here

th 31 May

roller derby 2016 included Norfolk Brawd Vixen Mortar making a marriage proposal mid-jam and a Chelmsford Killa Hurtz Girl on a corner in Wimslow Arizona

su 20 May

Yesterday at the Ipswich Inspire Kent Men's Roller Derby v East Anglo Smacksons and Suffolk Roller Derby v Dorset Knobs (it's a kind of biscuit).

th 17 May

♫ This Saturday the organ festival in Diss (including The Grange Musical Collection) sounds good fun, pity it clashes with roller derby in Ipswich.

tu 15 May

Norfolk Brawds 193-207 Rebellion Roller DerbyNo skate outs (when the skaters are introduced to the spectators) at Sunday's Norfolk Brawds' hosted British Championship bout in Norwich.  Skate outs are a rewarding photo op and heightens the pleasurable anticipation before play starts and may have helped our bemusement before we found out the Savage Lilies are Wirral RD's B team (get a programme and read it).  Committed roller derby from all four teams and well choreographed offence from a Rebellion Roller Derby packed with new to us faces.

sa 12 May

British Championships roller derby in Norwich TOMORROW.

th 22 Mar

Suffolk Roller Derby 2013 to 2014.

sa 17 Mar
St Patricks's Day

Warm up at Suffolk Roller Derby scrimmageSkaters were a little thin at last night's Suffolk Roller Derby open scrimmage in Inspire Ipswich but it was still rewarding with newbie NSOs (Non Skating Officials) learning in the penalty box and a very youthful seed being cast.  Girlfriend and boyfriend playing on opposing teams was an interesting situation and disappointingly what used to be automatic for SRD training and scrims no after beer.

th15 Mar

GB Junior Roller Derby on TwitterGB junior roller derby has a Twitter account and is fundraising to contest the Junior World Cup in the US.

we 14 Feb

For Valentine's Day a roller derby l♥ve story. Valentine's Day

tu 13 Feb

Roller derby in the British Championships and the Inspire Ipswich on Saturday.

th 8 Feb
International Derby Photographer Day

The Women's Exhibition of 1909 at Princes' Skating Rink, KnightsbridgeIn protest some Suffragettes refused to take part in the 1911 General Census risking fines and imprisonment.  Events to encourage suffragists to boycott the census included 500 women and 70 men roller skating till dawn at the Aldwych Rinkeries (l♥ve that name) ... almost roller derby.

su 21 Jan

Penalty box at Suffolk Roller Derby scrimmageThis year Suffolk Roller Derby are holding monthly open co-ed roller derby scrimmages alternating venues between Inspire Ipswich and CurveMotion Bury St Edmunds.  Friday was the year's first and at Inspire where the foyer's had a coat of paint and the hall floor made very shiny. A little chilly especially around the penalty box and some skaters clearly newbs.  Number 11 got his seventh and ejection penalty for taking his helmet off in the penalty box, we had a faint inkling it was a penalty but then just about everything in derby is:)  You need passed minimum skills, black and white tops and five pounds for the next scrim on the 15th February.

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