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tu 13 Feb

Roller derby in the British Championships and the Inspire Ipswich on Saturday.

th 8 Feb
International Derby Photographer Day

The Women's Exhibition of 1909 at Princes' Skating Rink, KnightsbridgeIn protest some Suffragettes refused to take part in the 1911 General Census risking fines and imprisonment.  Events to encourage suffragists to boycott the census included 500 women and 70 men roller skating till dawn at the Aldwych Rinkeries (l♥ve that name) ... almost roller derby.

su 21 Jan

Penalty box at Suffolk Roller Derby scrimmageThis year Suffolk Roller Derby are holding monthly open co-ed roller derby scrimmages alternating venues between Inspire Ipswich and CurveMotion Bury St Edmunds.  Friday was the year's first and at Inspire where the foyer's had a coat of paint and the hall floor made very shiny. A little chilly especially around the penalty box and some skaters clearly newbs.  Number 11 got his seventh and ejection penalty for taking his helmet off in the penalty box, we had a faint inkling it was a penalty but then just about everything in derby is:)  You need passed minimum skills, black and white tops and five pounds for the next scrim on the 15th February.

th 18 Jan

Magic Beanz a MK Concrete Cow in 2012 Usual slightly off journalism associated with derby but Sunday 4th February the Beeb is streaming this year's roller derby world cup from Manchester.  Spotted in a vid on the Beeb page ex Concrete Cow and Grid City skater Magic Beanz now a London Roller Girl ... every girl's dream to wear the pink:)

sa 6 Jan

If you can walk you can learn to skateArtist Raphael KirchnerInevitably jokes about falling over feature in Victorian and Edwardian postcards about roller skating along with fancy dress and roller rink staff promoting the surprisingly ubiquitous rinks but women on skates were also portrayed as attractively elegant ... especially on French cards.

fr 5 Jan

Roller derby has more rules than the town council (it is possible) and so needs something like this.

fr 22 Dec

Norfolk Roller Derby's dancing refsAt Norfolk Roller Derby's Christmas double bouter Sunday we put our camera bag by roller derby medic Pastor IcePax who agreed that a lot of the fun had dripped out of derby.  NRD then immediately put us both in the wrong, every 50 points scored there was a novelty jam, our favourites were the dancing jams which included officials.  Derby name of the day Nicola Shirt-Slinger, one there for near the coast celebrity Ed Sheeran.

su 10 Dec

Black Shucks 146-172 Rebellion UprisingNo clear differences between the Black Shucks and Rebellion Uprising yesterday in Norwich except the Rebs were perhaps a little more organised; they were usually in the lead and won 172-146.  Pleasant conversation with spectating senior Rebs, we were intrigued to see several Borderland Brawlers have joined the Rebs and learnt that Inky Minx now with LRG has had one A team game but then got injured.  Derby name of the day Fright Nurse ... we've met a few of them.

th 30 Nov
St Andrew's Day

Big Al penalty timing in NorwichBig Al officiated in Norwich at his first roller derby this month with virtually no previous knowledge and as a penalty timer.  He said it was much better than just spectating and you get paid in cake.  He must have done alright because Norfolk Roller Derby have asked him back for next month but he can't make it.  If you would like to try out as an NSO (Non-Skating Official) email us, lift from near the coast possible ... one for the cv!

tu 28 Nov

... all female world of roller derby

th 23 Nov

Cosmic Crab 207-177 Teenage Saucer Two weekend's ago Norfolk Roller Derby's B-Movie Bash double header had three mixed league teams including skaters from the Surrey and Eastbourne leagues.  We noticed that 3? 4? skaters (all men we think) weren't using roller derby skates perhaps indicating encouragingly that skaters from other rolling sports are joining derby.  Pleased that NSOs and refs enjoyed a group hug, untypically disappointed by the Epic's coffee and derby name of the day Brother Lee Shove.

su 29 Oct

East Anglo Smacksons v Granite City BrawlersPleasant to revisit the rural situation of Easton College near Norwich for an East Anglo Smacksons v Granite City Brawlers closed door roller derby.  Playing 10 against 14 and an epic journey from Aberdeen the Brawlers had speedy and slippery jammers who also cut impressively (a move we haven't seen much of recently) giving them a comfortable win despite intelligent and frequent offence from both parties.  Derby name of the day from the grey bearded Nifty Shades of Grey.

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