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nearthecoast PC TipsThe Windows 10 Anniversary Update took forever here, forcedCortana fix for How-To Geek multiple reboots with the last reboot leaving a desktop hanging and we had to force our own reboot.  If like us you've previously turned Cortana off annoyingly the update turns it back on and removes the on/off toggle.  How-To Geek have a download (halfway down the page) that's a one click fix.

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Windows 10 Toggle KeysWorth repeating: turn on Toggle Keys PC Tipsand you'll hear a confirming higher pitched tone when you turn on Caps; Num or Scroll Lock, turn them off and you'll hear a lower pitched tone.  To set Toggel Keys in Windows 10 go Windows key/Settings/Ease of Access/Keyboard/Toggle Keys-On.

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PC TipsWindows 10 brings the gestures you know on other devices to your touchpad.  Particularly useful if your touchpad doesn't have scroll bars is the two fingered swipe.

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PC TipsWindows key + X menuA useful new keyboard shortcut in Windows 10 is Windows key + X which pops up a substantial menu of system stuff and has underlined keyboard shortcuts.  You can do the same thing by right clicking what's now the Windows 10 logo bottom left and was the Start button, the same menu appears and though keyboard shortcuts are not underlined they still function.

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PC TipsUpdating a struggling Vista laptop we should have followed our own advice and when some updates failed instead of trying to force it first do a reboot, which on this occasion sorted it out.

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PC TipsWhen we upgraded to Windows 10 in that American way itENG on the taskbar added a US keyboard causing ENG to appear bottom right on the task bar.  (ENG lets you switch between keyboards.)  No biggy but a bit annoying and another bit of the screen occupied for no reward.  Removing the US keyboard is a little bit of a faff, we went Windows/C/Control Panel/Language, selected English (United States) and then clicked Remove above ... ENG gone.

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PC TipsAmericans eh?  In Windows 10 it still takes three clicks to turn your pc offMicrosoft DVD player because our colonial cousins never do, it first assumes you have a US keyboard and there's no DVD player software because we're all going to have Netflix subscriptions ... except when we put Ghost World in and after a bit of clicking it did play in the Microscoft DVD player.  Microscoft have really muddied the water over this but we upgraded to 10 from Win 7 and presumably got a free DVD player download.  If this doesn't work for you try the free, open source and French VLC media player.

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PC TipsWindows 10 folder optionsThis might be a bug in Windows 10 and happened to us after we had to reinstall a scanner driver, when listing picture file in File Explorer there aren't any thumbnails.  The fix is straight forward; in File Explorer click the View tab, click Options, click the View tab and make sure the first check box Always show icons, never thumbnails is unchecked.

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PC TipsPhoto Viewer set to Photo GalleryAfter updating to Windows 10 and not taking advantage of the installer's offer to change the file associations (they set which app opens when you double click on a file) you'll find pictures now open in Microscoft's viewer/editor Photos.  If you want the old viewer back go Settings/System/Default apps and set Photo viewer to Photo Gallery.

su 16 au 15

03:11pm: We've done two backups, one to a USB drive and one to the NAS, taken a deep calming breath and about to start a Windows 10 upgrade on the main desktop here ...

05:30pm: Windows 10 installed, fairly painless though a number of forced power offs have been needed.  Nothing that different from Windows 7 but still having to find our way round ...

fr 31 jl 15

Ah, there isn't a free Windows 10 upgrade for Vista ...

th 30 jl 15

Windows 10Windows 10 installed at second attempt.  It looks very flat and simple as is the fashion these days perhaps because it works better on a smartphone, a new browser named Edge no doubt without the definite article to prevention confusion with people called David, a thing called WiFi-Sense to manage and protect your wireless connections, and an impressive weather app which includes historical data.

We're going to try updating a Vista laptop that actually is Vista next.

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