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tu 11 Sep

PC TipsOften an extra line at the bottom of the screen would be useful.  We sort of created one by setting the taskbar to auto hide (right click on theWindows 10 taskbar settings taskbar/Taskbar settings/Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode).  We didn't stick with it long, the task bar doesn't respond immediately and you then have to move the mouse to the wanted icon ... but it may suit you.

we 22 Nov
St Cecilia's Day patron saint of musicians

PC TipsIt seems that Microscoft have been pratting about with the photo viewer in the latest Win10 upgrade.  The slideshow icon has disappeared but user key f5 will do it; and there's now a different response to the magnifying glass zoom so useful to know that Ctrl + mouse wheel will zoom a pic.

th 24 Aug

PC TipsIt worried us for quite a while that the Windows 10 accent system colour kept changing all by itself on a desktop.  It was happening because we'd set the background to slide show and when the graphic changed so did the accent colour.  Fix it by Windows Key/Settings/Personalisation/Colours and uncheck the Automatically pick an accent colour ... box.

sa 21 Jan
recycled tip

selecting a file groupPC TipsHere's one from 2011; when defining a group click on a file, then click on another whilst holding down the Shift key and all the files in between will be added to the group.

tu 25 Oct

nearthecoast PC TipsThe thing about Windows is it's made mostly by Americans and they don't realise that in their foreign people do strange things like sometimes turn their computer off.  The Windows anniversaryWindows key + X menu update has made it even more difficult to turn the bloody thing off.  You can still do it from the keyboard but you need to know the shortcut Windows key + X/U/U.  We've also added on a desktop the shortcut described at CNet (Option 2: halfway down).

we 5 Oct

nearthecoast PC TipsThe Windows 10 Anniversary Update took forever here, forcedCortana fix for How-To Geek multiple reboots with the last reboot leaving a desktop hanging and we had to force our own reboot.  If like us you've previously turned Cortana off annoyingly the update turns it back on and removes the on/off toggle.  How-To Geek have a download (halfway down the page) that's a one click fix.

tu 12 Jul

Windows 10 Toggle KeysWorth repeating: turn on Toggle Keys PC Tipsand you'll hear a confirming higher pitched tone when you turn on Caps; Num or Scroll Lock, turn them off and you'll hear a lower pitched tone.  To set Toggel Keys in Windows 10 go Windows key/Settings/Ease of Access/Keyboard/Toggle Keys-On.

mo 27 Jun

PC TipsTask View is accessed from the 'squares' icon by the WindowsTask View far right button and displays all open windows reduced size.  The keyboard short cut to Task View is Windows + Tab, click on a reduced window to select it or Windows + Tab again to toggle back to normal view.

fr 10 Jun

PC TipsYou start up your pc/laptop (or perhaps it restarts itself) and you get something like Operating System not found, perhaps you've left a memory stick in a USB port and the pc is trying to boot from that?  Just remove it and maybe change the device order in which the pc's BIOS looks for the operating system, quite how you do this will depend on your particular pc, Google it.

sa 28 May

PC TipsWindows 10's picture viewer Photo Gallery defaults to slide shows in that annoying Pan and zoom Ken Burns way.  If you hover your mouse top left a Change theme pull down appears so you can change to slightly less irritating transitions but there doesn't seem to be a way to change the default, that's stuck at Pan and zoom.

tu 8 Mar
International Women's Day

PC TipsWindows right click menuIn Windows 10 lots of the old favourites like Control Panel aren't immediately apparent, point the mouse at the Windows button bottom left (unless you've moved the task bar) and click the right mouse button (if you're right handed) to get this useful menu.

su 10 Jan

PC TipsWhen we upgraded to Windows 10 in that American way itENG on the taskbar added a US keyboard causing ENG to appear bottom right on the task bar.  (ENG lets you switch between keyboards.)  No biggy but a bit annoying and another bit of the screen occupied for no reward.  Removing the US keyboard is a little bit of a faff, we went Windows/C/Control Panel/Language, selected English (United States) and then clicked Remove above ... ENG gone.

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