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mo 19 Oct

PC TipsEmbarrassingly our Twitter account has been locked.  When we opened the account we were still at junior school and the software ... more here

sa 25 Jul

PC TipsWindows 10 Update AssistantEvery two or three months we manually check the Windows update status via Settings.  This time we found feature 2004 update hanging since May.  When we manually started the upgrade it got stuck around 90%.  Running Update Assistant just got a ... more here

we 24 Jun

Online auctioneers eBayPC TipsIf you go through the online process to return an eBay item, get to the end and then want to go back to the beginning to change the reason for return DON'T click Cancel.  If you cancel a return you can't start another one for the same item.

tu 9 Jun

PC TipsWe've always found it irritating that when you delete (or move) a link in the Chrome browser bookmarks pulldown it closes the pullldown.  To do more than one change open the Bookmark manager with Ctrl + Shift + O (that's Oh not zero).  In what seems like some slightly mad recursion you can save the Bookmark manager as a bookmark ...

mo 6 Apr

PC TipsWhen Windows 10 fired up this morning it offered to make our life betterLink your phone and PC by selling us Office 365 for eighty quid a year and linking our mobile to the pc.  We thought it could make our life better by leaving us alone but despite this perhaps foolishly gave it our mobile number for linking.  After texts/passwords/verifications we now have Microsoft's Edge browser on our iPhone ... we'll let you know if our life gets any better.

tu 24 Mar

PC TipsSunday we had our first virtual dinner London-Dorset-Framlingham-Zurich via application Zoom and an iPad.  Quite touching to see and hear Lady KRJ's two little boys chattering and eating spaghetti.  Helps if you can get your device a little away, it puts you in context:)

th 30 Jan

PC TipsThe BBC red button text service didn't switch off today.  After a petition from the National Federation of the Blind the decision will be reviewed in the spring ... though the red button itself doesn't seem to know this yet.

su 19 Jan

PC Tipsrecycled tipUseful keyboard shortcut is Windows + E which pops up file explorer with Frequent folders and Recent files ... go on, try it.

mo 30 Dec

PC TipsThat there Ed Sheraton in 2006 and Earl SohamWe find in the morning the BBC red button text service a succinct way of checking that the world is still going to hell in a handcart.  Regrettably the text service is closing 30 January.  We've tried the Beeb's news app but it's a bit tabloid for our taste ... Nine things you didn't know about that there Ed Sheraton. ♫

sa 14 Dec

PC TipsLaptop Windows 10 upgradeWe upgraded an aging laptop to Windows 10 from aging media.  It was a bit of a struggle but in the end leaving it alone to sort itself out sorted it out.  It then kept failing during update.  The Internet thought the problem was an elderly version of Win10 and it should be  ... more here

fr 1 Nov

PC Tipswhat3words three metre squaresWe have friends who were living down an unmade road between Dennington and Stradbroke.  Their dish washer overheated and filled the house with thick smoke.  They heard the fire engine siren approach the end of the road ... and then go away.  The what3words app would have helped.  It divides the world into a grid of three metre squares and assigns each a unique three word address.  We hadn't worked out even a modest house will have more than one address.

tu 1 Oct

PC TipsThe last pager service provider in Japan has closed for the 1,000+ remaining users.  We had one, it beeped when the battery was running low, mostly in the middle of the night when the temperature is lowest.

tu 24 Sep

PC TipsTesco Groov-E Cassette/RadioOh poo, flickr have started putting adverts in when flicking through a free account photostream and in the Martlesham Tesco a couple of weeks back there was a £20 personal cassette/radio with built in speaker and mike ... cassettes eh?

th 19 Sep

PC TipsBBC red buttonThe BBC is considering phasing out info on the red button .  That's a very great pity because for a tv not connected to the Internet it's news, sport, and information on demand and in a concise format.  Should it happen we will regret the passing of a service that started 45 years ago as Ceefax.

su 4 Aug

PC TipsRecently we've had two admittedly elderly desktops struggle with Window 10 updates significantly slowing the machines.  In both cases Windows 10 Assistant fixed the problem.  On one machine it pointed out that 8Gig free space was needed on the hard disc and there was only three, a little tidying steamed the broccoli.

tu 21 May

PC TipsAfter Twitter's recent makeover you can no longer save a tweet's largenearthecoast on Twitter pic by right clicking on the small pic you have to click through to the large pic and save that.  The large pic is now default saved with a jpg extension rather than the previous and unhelpful jpg-large.

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