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mo 20 Jul

Suffolk Punches at the 2007 Framlingham Horse ShowThe Suffolk Punch was (may be is) one third of the Suffolk Trinity (with red poll cattle and black faced sheep) but as a breed it's severely under threat with just 72 mares in the UK.  A positive sign for this gorgeously coloured and historically important breed is using a new sex sorted sperm method a filly colt has been born in Whitchurch Shropshire.

tu 7 Apr

Pip Pyle's BashYesterday 243 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk and here's the fifteenth reason to be cheerful ... in similar style we recall the late Pip Pyle's Cambridge hipster circle in the 1960s all speaking really quietly. ♫

fr 27 Mar

The Giro d'Italia starting with three stages in Hungary could be postponed.

su 15 Mar

Iceni Spears suspend training Paris-Nice ended a day early yesterday, the UK Women's Tour (which has a stage finish in Felixstowe) postponed from its JuneIpswich Cardinals suspend training start, both the Ipswich Cardinals and in Norwich the Iceni Spears have suspended training.  Friday we were supposed to see Eric Church in that there London but yes, it was postponed.  The world's going to be a bit duller for a while ...

su 8  Mar

One of cycling's five monuments Milan-San Remo has been cancelled because of the coronavirus.

mo 10 Feb

Kent Falcons 00-17 Essex BladesYesterday's Kent Falcons 00-17 Essex Blades was really worked over by Storm Ciara (our trousers and underpants were still soaked through when we got back ... more here

mo 3 Feb

Yesterday in Cambridge visitors the Cambs Pythons failed a field goal and the ARU Rhinos ran in a td but it was called back, probably for holding ... it's ... more here

sa 18 Jan
Winnie the Pooh Day - AA Milne's birthday

A14 junction at CambridgeTravelling west on the A14 at Cambridge you now get in the outside (not inside) lane to stay on the A14.  Then after the never ending road works the other side of Cambridge and before Huntingdon suddenly you're on three lanes which deliver you to the A1 a bit south of where it used to.  The satnav got so confused we feared it would get a sore throat from multiple Please drive to highlighted route.

tu 14 Jan

From Walberswick and now MP for St Albans Daisy Cooper has made her maiden speech ... lots and lots of pubs.

fr 10 Jan

We've been to Dundee twice, a bit like Derby Day in Norwich.

fr 3 Jan

If Count Dracula's ship the Demeter had got lost in all that fog and landed at Orford instead of Whitby then after his first meal in Suffolk the Count would know a lot more about tractors.

mo 9 Dec

Early start in Colney Lane Norwich yesterday for visitors Swansea Titans.  A perishing side wind so unsurprisingly no place kicking from either team, lots of daft penalties and both teams recovered onside kicks.  Swansea's quarterback #7 was ... more here

fr 6 Dec

Fanny Craddock was a hoarse voiced tv chef cooking overblown and pretentious food.Fanny Cooks for Christmas  It would unsettle us the way she mauled the food about.  Johnnie was one of her four (two bigamous) husbands and whilst wearing a cravat and monocle he would advise on the wine.  When lunching at Buck's Wine Bar Brantham near Manningtree (barman Simon was a chum of ours), Fanny to read the menu just grabbed Johnnie's monocle ribbon and yanked.  Fanny Cooks for Christmas is on iPlayer.

th 11 Jul

Roughcast's A Midsummer's Night DreamRoughcast Theatre are touring Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer's Night Dream around near the coast finishing with a dash over the channel for two shows in the Dordogne ... perhaps because it might be their last chance:)  Tomorrow there's a free performance at the Laxfield Low House.

mo 24 Jun

Annoyingly the diversion for the closed Westerfield level crossing is NOT signed but we still made it to Ipswich Cardinals v Maidstone Pumas yesterday.  Surprisingly there were no refs and general manager Ralph said other games were also ... more here

sa 22 Jun

Very pleased to see Denver keeping the roller derby skate out alive and entertaining.

we 3 Apr

The Mystery of the Raddlesham MumpsWhen we were at Essex Uni for an american football final Sunday we noticed that The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps was playing in the campus theatre.  It's at the Aldeburgh Jubilee Hall the Saturday after next.  A fearsome but funny gothic tale of dynasty, death, revenge and hope. Lovely moral. - Michael Rosen

su 3 Mar

Today drove on the A47 from Peterborough to Norwich, they does like a roundabout round there they does.

we 6 Feb

Merle Haggard in 2009 - pic contributedASTONISHER No.45:  When Johnny Cash gave an unlikely concert at San Quentin state prison fellow country singer Merle I'm an Okie from Muskogee Haggard was in the audience serving two and a half years for burglary and an attempted jail break.  Equally unlikely (though perhaps not in the USA) Haggard was pardoned in 1972 by then governor of California Ronald Reagan.

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