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fr 13 my 16Friday the 13th

In the early hours of this morning a pedestrian was seriously injured in Bungay by a fail to stop driver.

03:45pm: Police now think the fail to stop vehicle was a Nissan Qashqai.

mo 9 my 16

♫ Sunday is Ipswich Jazz Club's annual blues night with top of the bill Dennis Greaves and Mark Feltham founder members of Nine Below Zero.  Here's all of Nine Below playing at Epic Studios Norwich where Saturday Norfolk Roller Derby had certainly made the effort for The Debutantes' Brawl.

su 17 ap 16

Brilliant Ronaldo tutti frutti ice cream at the roller derby in Norwich yesterday.

tu 12 ap 16

Womens' and mens' roller derby Saturday at UEA ... expect many of the Norfolk Roller Derby faces in this music vid to be there.

su 10 ap 16

Bury Saints v Sussex ThunderDespite a pleasant morning here in near the coast we suspect that this year's Paris-Roubaix could be a muddy one.  Either way we won't be chasing it around the Internet because we'll be near Thetford snapping the Bury Saints v Sussex Thunder rematch that was such an outstanding semi-final last year ... it's free admission.

we 23 mr 16

In the Epic Studios Norwich this Saturday Norfolk Roller Derby (née Brawds) present a co-ed intra-league Sur5al format roller derby, we'll be there.

tu 1 mr 16St David's Day

Spices in gherkin jarsLife Skills 9:  Supermarkets that have a world food section (the Norwich Hartford Bridge Tesco has Nigerian 6% Guinness!) may have those large cellophane bags of ground spices at a pro rata one fifth the price of Schwartz refills.  We decant them into large one time gherkin jars and even then the jars aren't big enough.  Couldn't see any large bags in the Martlesham Tesco today but not surprisingly the Hackney Tesco does stock them.

fr 12 fe 16

Norfolk Brawds B v Suffolk Roller DerbyWe like a guiding principle that's been pared down to a few words (Don't get involved Michael The Godfather) so much enjoyed Philthy Delphia's shouted Git It And Quit It to a lead jammer last Saturday.  She was advising from the outfield the Norfolk Brawds B team in a scrimmage with Suffolk Roller Derby.  The bout went both ways ending in a Brawds win.  Rewardingly the scoreboard had the perception to keep moving about so everyone could see it.  Thankfully no major injuries ... good stuff!

sa 16 ja 16

David Bowie's 1971 album Hunky DorySometime in the 1960s Bowie was our solo support act and even then he was visibly creative.  Despite this slight association we were soon bored by news people suddenly having an opinion about him.  We seem to be alone in boredom so you'll probably be interested that Pump and Grind Ipswich will be playing non-stop Bowie this weekend and DK's Saturday Sessions Norwich is a Bowie tribute.

mo 21 de 15

#bloodychristmas ... eh?Last Saturday in Norwich the Norfolk Brawds Christmas party bouts co-ed and intra-league.

mo 30 no 15St Andrew's day

On a Long Stratton corner opposite the Shell garage the smaller open all hours Co-op is now Funeral Services so on Sunday nights useful the Stradbroke Spar is open for travellers returning to near the coast.

mo 9 no 15

As most of the grass near the coast was sodden Saturday we expected Thetford rugby club to be the same but either the pitch is remarkably well ... more here

tu 3 no 15

Suffolk Roller DerbyThe weekend before last we travelled to Easton college near Norwich expecting to make photos of a Jolly Dodgers scrimmage but what we got was a Norfolk Brawds v Grid City Division and East Anglo Smacksons v Suffolk Roller Derby double bouter.

su 13 se 15Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

We've merged roller derby bout PS I Shove You in Swindon with Facebook album Heartlands 2013 and it's taken only five days for the co-ed debuts in Norwich last weekend to join our Flickr 1,000+ views album (bottom of the page).

we 9 se 15

We knew the NFL had changed the rules about overtime but were very confused when they were needed Sunday near Thetford.  It took nearly an ... more here

sa 5 se 15

Today is the public debut co-ed roller derby teams Mustard City Rollers and Suffolk Roller Derby in Norwich ... expect pictures.

mo 31 au 15

It's not near the coast, it's not even Suffolk but we just love the name, next weekend is the Strumpshaw Steam Weekend.

mo 27 jl 15

Norfolk Brawds open co-ed scrimmageDespite a good handful of skaters bailing out of yesterday's Norfolk Brawds/East Anglo Smacksons open roller derby scrimmage in the end there were more than enough and what must have been most satisfying for everyone involved the Ipswich Cardinals had their first win of the season.

fr 24 jl 15

Open co-ed roller derby scrimmage this Sunday near glamorous Norwich ... we'll be there snapping.

sa 16 my 15

1:50pm  We're on Future Radio in Norwich and just a bit.

sa 11 ap 15

Norfolk Brawds birthday cakeWe wore our fanboy hat for The Norfolk Brawds fifth anniversary last weekend.  The celebrations included a Sur5al format tournament with guest skaters from LRG, the Billies and other leagues, a choo choo train and an absolutely brilliant cake.

mo 16 mr 15

Overheard in the Long Stratton co-op:

little girl: I don't like lemons

mum: Not lemon... melon

little girl: I don't like green

mum: They're only green on the outside

mo 16 mr 15

Sad Norfolk Brawds at Easton College yesterday.

sa 21 fe 15

The Norfolk Brawds open co-ed scrimmage last week had places for six (possibly eight) more skaters, expect another open scrimmage next month.  In Ipswich and the adjacent county ... more here

su 15 fe 15

Today we snapped in Stradbroke and Otley near Norwich but that can wait while we try and wrap up pleasing Mr Google.

mo 26 ja 15Australia Day

Life Skills 5:  If you find yourself in Long Stratton on a Sunday after 4pm the big Co-op is shut but the little one on the corner opposite the Shell/Lotus garage is open.  This knowledge is particularly valuable if you're travelling back to near the coast and haven't realised the new Spar in Stradbroke will be open.

mo 26 ja 15

We saw our first pegassist at the Norfolk Brawds' co-ed scrimmage yesterday.

we 21 ja 15

Sunday the Norfolk Brawds are hosting an open co-ed scrimmage at Easton College near Norwich.

mo 12 ja 15

Suffolk ConstabularyExpect delays north of Lowestoft from 9:30am tomorrow when another abnormal load moves from Heath Road Lowestoft to the Bacton Gas Terminal Norfolk via the A146, A1117, A12, A149 and B1159.

we 24 de 14

The Norfolk Brawds held their first intra-league Saturday in a tv studio.

mo 29 se 14

#bloodychristmas ... eh?It's just not the Woodbridge Wyvale and Deben Inns that think it's Christmas already, when we were in Norwich Saturday we saw a banner advertising Festive Lunches.  Even more uncomfortable today is last day posting surface mail to Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and New Zealand for Christmas!

su 28 se 14

Mutiny on the BoutyRoller derby has more rules than the EU making a ref's difficult job essentially impossible during the frequent bursts of frantic activity.  Inevitably there will be calls that bemuse the benches and crowd, when events allow it would help if refs could signal long enough so third parties as well as the offending skater are informed.  Know we ... more here

we 24 se 14Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

Bike stunting in NorwichBike stunting in NorwichIn Norwich we asked the stunting cyclist on the right if he could do a back flip.  He said yes, he'd learnt by practising into a swimming pool but now one of the Norwich skate parks has a foam pit.  Google make us think it may be the Charge Unit indoor skate park.

th 18 se 14

Marcus BrigstockeWe've noted before the Haverhill Arts Centre has become a try out zone for Himoff Thetellies so weren't stunned but a little surprised that nice Stephen Mr Cleverclogs Fry is playing there next month.  Then we read more carefully, it's a broadcast of him on stage in a large town ... a broadcast? <in Lady Bracknell voice>.

Marcus Brigstocke's Diss Corn Hall gig at the end of next month is halfway though a proper tour ... maybe it's because it's Norfolk.

fr 12 se 14

Love your co-opIn the car park at the back of the Long Stratton Co-op pharmacy (perhaps they mean chemists) we saw a white five hundredweight Co-op pharmacy van with sign written on the side prescriptions collected and delivered ... now there's a thought.

fr 22 au 14

Lacons dray in FramlinghamAny pub or ex-pub near the coast with eagles (the Pettistree Three Tuns) is likely to have been a Lacons pub.  The Great Yarmouth brewery served 1760 until 1968 when Whitbread who had bought it three years earlier closed it in the American manner.  To our surprise at least the brewery resuscitated last year ... what goes round comes round.

su 13 jl 14

Yesterday we felt the derby l♥ve Feel the derby love! in Norwich.

su 6 jl 14

Twister in NorwichAs we know East Anglia tends to be more laid back than say a large town near Chelmsford though these days even the Wickham Market co-op car park can get a bit frantic.  At April's Eastern Sur5val roller derby in Norwich the teams found time to play Twister.

sa 14 jn 14

Very East Anglian 6pm tonight live speedway from Sweden on ... wait for it ... Freeview Quest!  (Perhaps they're buying it from Eurosport?)

tu 27 my 14

2014 Framlingham gala princessesThankfully it was sunny yesterday for the Framlingham gala parade and as always the galaRD Leicester v Norfolk Brawds princesses looked lovely with beautiful flower arrangements whilst Sunday near Norwich roller derby princesses from Leicester collided with those from the Norfolk Brawds ...  the gala princesses are on the left.

mo 21 ap 14

Sur5val pile-up in NorwichThe Saturday before last the Sur5val roller derby format came to UEA Norwich.  A little difficult to follow as the scoreboard had software problems and to prevent colour clashes the teams didn't wear their league jerseys but still highly enjoyable derby.  Impressively Suffolk Roller Derby came fourth in their first public bout and hosts the Norfolk Brawds celebrated winning by falling to the floor prompting a mass pile up/bundle.

su 6 ap 14

In Norwich Colletteral Damage is the female roller derby coach of the all male East Anglo Smacksons.

sa 4 ja 14

... Christmas eh?The Saturday before Christmas in Norwich the Norfolk Brawds hosted a three way (four way if you count the Brawds skating ... more at roller derby

mo 23 de 13

There may appear to be nowhere to stop for that chip shop on the A140 in Long Stratton but drive down the side of it and there's customer parking at the back.

su 22 de 13

A tiny tastette of the Norfolk Brawds' mixed scrimmage in Norwich yesterday.

mo 18 no 13

Norfolk Brawds training scrimmageWe visited the Norwich Open Academy Thursday for a Norfolk Brawds' weekly training scrimmage.  Interestingly after each jam the skaters paused to discuss what had happened just like they don't in football.  We'd noted in the ... more at roller derby

mo 19 au 13

The Romsey Town Rollerbillies mascotThe Billies' mascot was undoubtedly the star of Heartland East round 5 in Norwich (Romsey Town Rollerbillies 243-127 Mean Valley Roller Derby) but what gave us a nice warm feeling was the Norfolk ... more at roller derby

mo 24 jn 13

Yours Truly made the effort at the Norfolk Brawds yesterday. Norfolk Brawds closed door

su 28 ap 13

The Romsey Rollerbillies aren't big ladies but on average their skaters looked a little larger than the Norfolk Brawds' and when combined with ... more on roller derby

we 5 de 12

The Keeper's DaughterThe Keeper's Daughter starting tonight in Kelsale are out on the road around near the coast with this year's Christmas show Twas The Night Before Christmas until the 29th.  We saw the dress rehearsal Monday in Needham Norfolk and it looks another stunner with a central magnificently awful pun ... people like magnificently awful puns, that's why they buy red tops.

sa 17 no 12

Father Dougal - pic contributedLast weekend we found ourselves in a Norfolk sports hall by a baby on his daddy's knee.  The baby was charmingly alternating looking amused, bemused and astonished ... a bit like the unlikely love child of Stan Laurel and Father Dougal.  What would an alien make of this little unlikelyness?  Kittens and puppies look similar to their parents but babies ... who would believe this little thing would become a great clomping adult?  Perhaps the alien would conclude the big ones took so much care of the little one because the little one knows how to work the Sky box.

mo 12 no 12

Armistice DayIt was a frosty start to Remembrance Day yesterday but the sun shone for the parade in Framlingham and at the closed door roller derby in Norfolk we couldn't choose between Chick Dastardly and Tarty McFly as our favourite new to us derby name of the day, honourable mention to referee Booster Quadburn.

mo 5 no 12
Guy Fawkes 1570-1606

A future Norfolk Brawd?Not enough refs for the Norfolk Brawds mixed league scrimmage yesterday at Easton College so it morphed into coaching by Dolly Rockit Nitro Noush.  What with filthy weather, injuries, missing baby sitters and at least one imminent baby the turn out was understandably thin but did we see the first stirrings of a junior Norfolk Brawds?

th 18 oc 12

Feral Mouth at the 2011 Maverick FestivalNorwich based and Maverick festivalteers bluegrass band Feral Mouth are playing the Kai Bar on Ipswich's waterfront tonight, four support acts and just a fiver to get in.

tu 9 oc 12

Surrey Roller Girl Twist'd CrumpetSunday we photographed roller derby in Easton Norfolk and tomorrow night we will be snapping what looks like a shabby chic fashion show in Dennington village hall.

su 23 se 12

Monochrome in Diss last nightLast night in Diss a black and white themed charity dance prompted imaginative dressing and complemented Framlingham's favourites The Outlaws who rocked of course (even if it is Norfolk, if only just).  Over £650 was raised for the St Nicholas Hospice Bury St Edmunds and as we left we passed a dancer walking home with her high heels in her hands, thought that only happened in films ... maybe we should get out more.

th 12 jl 12

For us the high spot of last month's jubilee was seeing Colletteral Damage jump the apex at Easton College Norfolk.

we 6 jn 12

Hertfordshire Hell's Belles and the Norfolk Brawds

What we did in Norfolk, Saxmundham and Framlingham for the jubilee ... ah well, back to work.

Saxmundham Market HallThe Framlingham StationBarney being patientFramlingham's finest The Outlaws

we 23 my 12

The Black Swan chefThe Homersfield (it's near Diss) Black Swan yesterday was packed with chairmen, facilitators, co-ordinators, mayoral chains, at least one cleric and a slap up cream team to launch Seven Towns In Sound which includes Eye and Halesworth.  The downloadable audio walking guides have been produced by Nick Jenkins of Soundboard Productions who did a similar thing for Framlingham (and an impromptu skatepark opening) a couple of years back.

mo 5 mr 12

At least house sales nearthecoast have perked up in Woodbridge, on the board Summertime Girl is looking for non-ballet dance classes for a five year old, and puppy lovers will definitely be interested in the pix of the Outlaws' gig Saturday in Thurston ... Thurston?  That's in Norfolk isn't it?  Well it should be!

fr 2 de 11

A Christmas CarolWelcome back to the Framlingham Castle Inn (your support is much appreciated A&H).  You can see The Keeper's Daughters' production of A Christmas Carol at the Castle Inn this Sunday night or all over East Anglia this month.

tu 29 no 11

Maverick at the Framlingham Crown♫ Maverick is coming to the Framlingham Crown Hotel in January with a triple bill of from Statesboro Georgia Brook Williams, from Norwich specialising in songs of death and disaster The Henry Brothers (no, they're not really brothers) and from Benhall the outstanding Lucy Sampson.

mo 28 no 11

♫ In the evening we went to Maverick's ranch party in Easton and got to see Norwich based Vagaband who over the past couple of years have polished up very nicely thank you.  We love drummers who stand up ... especially when they use a box for their kick drum.  Top of the bill Hank Wangford with his band including pedal steeler BJ Cole produced moments of pure country heaven.

su 6 no 11

Yesterday one Norfolk Brawds' car wouldn't start, another Brawd left her Brawds captain Jessica Whackitcontact lenses behind, in Houghton Regis the satnav decided to send the 50 seater down a tiny lane that had a locked gate across it, just 30 minutes for the after party and a 170-33 beating from hosts Rebellion Rollergirls in a closed door bout that had five Brawds injured including one hospital visit ... but there was the warm enveloping chattering companionship of the 50 seater plus the group laugh passing Stevenage's CHEAP ADULT DVD SHOP and well ... it's roller derby!

th 18 au 11

Central Suffolk cavy fancier ~ pic contributedCentral Suffolk cavy fancier ~ pic contributedBelgian Hare ~ pic contributedThe Central Suffolk Rabbit and Cavy Fanciers were at the Wayland (that's Norfolk) agricultural show at the beginning of the month and have a small pets section next month at Elder House Chattisham (that's just the other side of Ipswich).

tu 17 my 11

What struck us about last night's Norfolk Brawds roller derby training in Norwich was commitment and inclusion.  Commitment with a weekly three hour training session

The Norfolk Brawds

even though their next bout is not until August and inclusion with some newbie Cabin Girls who can just about skate and the league refs actively involved.  As with all roller derby bags of attitude ... and a bit sexy.  Pix on that there Facepack.

we 6 ap 11

A camera found in Orford possibly belonging to a teacher with connections to Singapore and Norfolk.

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