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fr 7 Sep

Red Mecca at Stradisphere this year♫ Stuff to do around near the coast this weekend includes tonight a music quiz at the Framlingham Crown, the free Laxitude all weekend with Lyrical Jukebox and naughty Harleston boys Red Mecca playing tonight plus Maritime Woodbridge tomorrow and Sunday.

we 14 Feb
Valentine's Day

Dining & Fuction SuiteThough the Framlingham Barclays' Framlington might be described as viral our 2007 Fuction pic of the adjacent Crown Hotel was only ever mildly infectious.  The sign was for the opening of the converted stables at the rear of the Crown as Reubens.  Round about this time we saw the teenage Ed Sheeran cycle past the historic hotel but not any Ipswich Town footballers.

fr 9 Feb

The Framlingham Crown has a ladies night with cocktails tonight, the last ladies night we recall was ten years ago and a bit of an event ...

fr 8 Sep

Here's someone using his given name of Kevin you might remember from the Framlingham Crown.

we 29 Mar

Tonight at the Framlingham Crown Cocktails and Cake raising funds for Laxfield Pre-School: free glass of fizz, gift bag, beauty treatments, stalls, fashion and a tarot reader.

mo 26 Sep

Leisure Tank - pic contributedWe first saw KC McKanzie as a solo at a Maverick concert in the Framlingham Crown, she intrigued and impressed us.  She is now one half of Leisure Tank and they are playing the Stowmarket John Peel Centre Thursday. ♫

tu 1 Jul

Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook7:30am Saturday morning actors Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones are outside the Framlingham Crown with their bags.  Simon the cheese and pie man has unloaded his van and is driving it off the hill but stops outside the Crown because a No Entry sign is in the way.  Mackenzie Crook moves the sign and puts it back after Simon ... the thesps have been location filming Detectorists a new BBC4 sitcom due to air in October.

tu 18 Jun

Opening day in reubensnearthecoast.com was six on Saturday, our first report was reubens opening at the back of the Framlingham Crown.  We forgot all about it being our birthday.  Can we forgive ourselves?  Well at least we avoided the urge to have dodgy clip art of balloons, cakes and sprinkles.

su 13 May

Kathrin Shorr of Sweet Talk Radio♫ We wouldn't expect to hear If I Only Had A Brain or Thin Lizzy's The Boys Are Back In Town at a Maverick concert but last night in the Framlingham Crown Sweet Talk Radio turned them into gently lyrical slow ballads.  Like we've said before they can all sing in country and Sweet Talk's roadie Alex Berger sang and played someone else's guitar beautifully in a two song spotette.

tu 29 Nov

Maverick at the Framlingham Crown ♫Maverick is coming to the Framlingham Crown Hotel in January with a triple bill of from Statesboro Georgia Brook Williams, from Norwich specialising in songs of death and disaster The Henry Brothers (no, they're not really brothers) and from Benhall the outstanding Lucy Sampson.

tu 27 Apr

Man in the Hat and Australian admirers♫ The Outlaws at Sizewell Friday week SOLD OUT and Man in the Hat will be back at the Framlingham Crown this Friday ... wonder if those Aussie girls will be there again?

th 11 Mar

Three legged woman outside The CrownSuffolk's now on Google Streetview (click and drag the little man at the top of the zoom control top left) and already it's a slightly historical document ... Gosia quite rightly points out there's a three legged woman outside the Framlingham Crown.

fr 4 Dec

Sudbourne Park Printmakers Winter Show♫ Six piece band Anything But Ordinary in Saxmundham tomorrow night, the Sudbourne Park Printmakers Winter Show all weekend and Sunday a Christmas Bazaar at Stratford St Andrew and guitarist John Ward at the Framlingham Crown.

we 4 Nov

Saturday week's quiz at the Framlingham Crown cancelled but it's the Badingham quiz tonight.

th 1 Oct

The Goldmaster Allstars♫ Can seriously recommend the Goldmaster Allstars back near the coast tomorrow night in Ipswich, alternatively there's a Suffolk Night at the Framlingham Crown with a ploughman's thrown in but it might be sold out?

sa 20 Jun

Man in the Hat's new friends♫ Maybe it's us but Man in the Hat's voice seems to have moved from baritone to tenor since we first heard it at Hachfest four? years ago ... either way it's essentially enjoyable tunefullness was making him new friends at the Framlingham Crown last night.

fr 17 Apr

Long time bar manager at the Framlingham Station and more recently manager of the Crown Hotel Gareth Clelland will be joining ex-Station chef Phil next week at the Wright Brother's Oyster Bar in a large town near Chelmsford.  We ate there last year at a birthday party and encouragingly porter beer is served.

mo 5 Jan

Gareth ClellandAfter four years doing work of national importance dispensing liquid therapy at the Framlingham Station yesterday was bar manager Gareth Clelland's last day, but he's only moving up the hill to become manager of the Crown Hotel.

mo 5 Jan

Good news for ntc musos, strong rumours that the Ipswich Railway will re-open with the last landlords of the Ipswich Milestone (another muso pub) behind the bar and the Milestone is expected to re-open today with Roy Hunt previously of the Framlingham Crown and presently the Ipswich Station in charge.

we 12 Nov

Steak Framlingham @ 21/6dWe've heard from two different and usually reliable sources that Framlingham's Crown Hotel has new tenants.  What goes round comes round but we're going to miss Roy ... he certainly made things happen; the bungee jump, music on the hill and at least three street fayres.

fr 18 Jul

Last night was comedy night at The Crown Hotel, Framlingham.  Being from a large town near Chelmsford the acts went to The Crown Hotel ... Woodbridge.

su 8 Jun

Russian GAZ army truck

Lot's of exotic East European machinery at the back of The Framlingham Crown this morning including a Russian GAZ army truck which was also used by the East German army, so in context for this lady to be wearing East German uniform.  The convoy set off for Sizewell where Wartburgs and sexy V8 Tatras flaunted themselves in the much welcome sun.  The lady had been joined by an East German flag and her boyfriend now inArmed police now patrol around Sizewell power station uniform.  They told us they had a rubber Kalashnikov but had thought it best not to bring it, which was just as well as there are now armed police patrols around  the power station.  This nice bunch of people then went on to the Bentwaters Open Day and we're glad they got one good day out of the weekend (14mm of rain yesterday).

tu 26 Feb

The Framlingham Crown still doesn't have any gas but reubens' kitchen at the back is all electric, so a virtually full house (just three seats left unfilled) for the Arts Framlingham lunch got a good looking meal.  The guest speaker Tom Corby was Court Correspondent from 1985 till 1992 (Court Correspondent is an appointment created by Queen Victoria).  We're sworn to secrecy about his talk so you'll just have to ask someone who was there.

sa 27 Oct

The male strippers did reveal allThe ladies at Ladies Night in reubens yesterday were determined to enjoy themselves and enjoy themselves they certainly did.  The bar was given a good seeing to; Miss Klio had VERY big hair, VERY high heels, a good singing voice, on occasion made VERY sexually explicit comment and got everybody up for the Abba singalong; when Sexecute revealed all (we missed Diesel's act) there were some blushes but perhaps that's part of what makes the occasion.  The performers added to the evening by mingling off stage giving the ladies a little opportunity to brush up against showbiz.  Can't help but suspect something like this will happen again.

So I say thank you for the music ...

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