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Framlingham in 2010


tu 2 Nov

Bishop's Stortford Cycle ClubNot sure what the Bishop's Stortford (it's in Hertfordshire ... just) Cycle Club (with a couple of Colchester Rovers) were doing in Framlingham Sunday but they brought a welcome dash of colour to a not very cheerful morning.

su 31 Oct

more pix on PhotoBoxIt's seems to be the law that it rains for the Framlingham inter-club cross country but only a bit today, and a day brightened by some trick or treaters.  The tinies twice round the field steeplechase included two jumps and two post finish girly tantrums:)  Three out in to the countryside laps for the seniors and the leaders lapping what looked like middle-markers still on lap two.  Interestingly the Ipswich Triathlon Club actively involved and one casquette wearing tri-athlete seemed to us in the top ten or so.

Matt's white mountain bike was pinched from outside the co-op last night ... found down by Leo's, sometimes there's a happy ending:)

th 30 Sep

Yes, it's definitely autumn.  8pm last night, it's definitely autumn.

su 12 Sep

Daisy Cooper in the Prince of IndiaDaisy Cooper was the Lib-Dem candidate for Suffolk Coastal in last April's general election.  While she was waiting for her take away in Framlingham last night we found out she definitely wants to stand next time, doesn't think the coalition might break, is busy helping the Suffolk Lib-Dems organise for next year's council elections and likes the sound of roller derby (she mentioned it first).

tu 27 Jul

When we moved to Stately Terrace in 1998 we knew very little about Framlingham.  The easy going American charm of our neighbour Gene Waters, and the surprising friendliness of his and his wife Sally's female ginger cat George, helped us to feel comfortable in a new place.  Sadly Gene passed away Friday, the funeral is 1:15pm this Monday at St Michael's.

fr 21 May

atm plate style skimmer- pic contributedThere were three cash point skimmers found near the coast last week and one on the Framlingham Barclays in 2008.  Though the police have pointed out they do vary in appearance they seem to come in two flavours; throat and plate and both have a pinhole camera mounted above the keypad to capture the pin ... nasty.

we 19 May

Framlingham Australia may be a lot smaller than Framlingham Suffolk but 18 year old Tanaya Harradine-Atkinson has been selected for a national netball team.

fr 14 May

Framlingham to Brighton9am this morning James Gorniak, Matt Yeatts and Stuart Lambert left Framlingham's Market Hill and lots of family and well wishers to cycle the 170 miles to Brighton for charity, more pix on Facebook.

Skimmers found this morning on cashpoints in Framlingham, Leiston and Aldeburgh ... so that's why a police car outside Barclays this am ... or not.

th 6 May

Nobody puts baby on the corner  Saxtead Road near Framlingham  Near Debenham

Poo that's confusing!  Part of the Central Suffolk parliamentary constituency includes part of the Suffolk Coastal district council constituency but the Central Suffolk election is administered by the Mid-Suffolk district council.  Thanks to Vicky Smy at Mid Suffolk for prompt media accreditation at the last minute.

11:30pm  Tweets from the counts, watch the Twitter feed on the left.

th 15 Apr

Actor Neil Pearson (Dave in Drop The Dead Donkey) was in the Framlingham Bookshop Tuesday.  He was educated at Woolverstone Hall, Ipswich.

su 28 Mar
Easter Sunday

Special constable Tony MacleanFramlingham special constable Tony Maclean will be doing a mini Eddie Izzard next month when in support of the Alzheimer's Society he runs a marathon in a large town near Chelmsford, cycles to Edinburgh and then runs another marathon, he's not far off £500 already.

th 11 Mar

Three legged woman outside The CrownSuffolk's now on Google Streetview (click and drag the little man at the top of the zoom control top left) and already it's a slightly historical document ... Gosia quite rightly points out there's a three legged woman outside the Framlingham Crown.

su 28 Feb

Hen party at Darren'sThese ladies at Darren's fish stall in Framlingham yesterday were a hen party quiz/treasure trail and Darren had just given them a card (we'd already seen a card taped to the street name in Queen's Head Alley).

su 21 Feb

Walk of Thoughts?  We know what our Walk of Thoughts at Framlingham Castle thoughts were at Framlingham castle this morning in weather so filthy even the brave St John's boys and girl were cowering in their ambulance ... but despite this a very decent turn out in support of the St Elizabeth Hospice and as always bad weather didn't stop the dogs enjoying themselves.

fr 12 Feb

Around midnight in Framlingham Vanessa saw a fox trotting up College Rd with a duck in its mouth.  Would it be a canard to say the town council has employed the fox to cull the ducks?

tu 26 Jan

A 26 year old Framlingham man was arrested Sunday after a car crash in Bedfield.  His 18 year old female passenger has been transferred to Addenbrookes with life threatening injuries.

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