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tu 19 May

The Gala Princesses 2014The cancellation of next Monday's Gala Parade in Framlingham is only the second cancellation since 1948.  The parade was cancelled in 2007 because of torrential rain.  To prompt a little nostalgia the parade now has its own album on our Facebook page.

mo 6 May

British Rail Half Day Excursion to FramlinghamWe have the handbill for the 1952 British Rail special run for the Framlingham Gala (poignant as regular passenger services to Fram ended in the October of that year) but we've mislaid the 1950s Gala prog offering a bicycle as the raffle's first prize and a running race class for unmarried ladies only.

tu 29 May

How kind that the sun shone yesterday onFramlingham Gala Princesses Framlingham Sports Club's 70th Gala, it has suffered from the weather in past years.  With no entry charge this year the Castle Meadow was heaving and in the traditional English day out manner there were inevitably queues ... though the second time we passed the the portable toilets the queue had dwindled to one.  Some surprisingly musically able young people on the stage in the corner whom we totally failed to find out names and the music went on enjoyably whilst later we ate supper out in the garden.

tu 30 May

2017 Framlingham Gala ParadeThe fire engine left for a call out just as yesterday's Framlingham Gala parade started out (it usually leads) and irritatingly the alarm was a false one generated by an automated system.  This did not stop two independent Cats and a Charley and the Chocolate Factory having a lovely time, excellent dressing up.

mo 30 May

2016 Framlingham Gayla princessesSmurfs at Framlinghham GaylaToday was depressingly overcast for the Framlingham Gayla but thankfully the rain held off ... just, and as always the parade had charming elements.  We find it surprising and reassuring how willingly people throw themselves into these events.

we 27 May

Hog Hill 2015Bit of a busy bank holiday weekend.  At Hainault the first Hog Hill of the year was full of longboarding, some buckboards, slalom and an impressive slide though this jammer must have hurt himself when he came down even faster the next time to repeat this stunt.  A BMX track has been built in the track centre and was being used by tinys being coached by a not tiny.Framlingham Gala Princesses 2015

Monday's Framlingham Gayla had it seemed to us more spectators than usual and coped with surprisingly busy roads for a Sunday morning.  The parade included from Dennington school a Jack and the Beanstalk float dispensing sweeties.

tu 27 May

2014 Framlingham gala princessesThankfully it was sunny yesterday for the Framlingham gala parade and as always the gala princesses looked lovely with beautiful flower arrangements whilst Sunday near Norwich roller derby princesses from Leicester collided with those from the Norfolk Brawds ...  the gala princesses are on the left.

th 19 Nov

Special Graham Durrant holding the tutorOur pic of Special Constable Graham Durrant on duty at a Framlingham Gala so appealed to a picture editor as an example of a British volunteer that it was used in an English language tutor for German speakers published earlier this year.  Nowadays Special Sergeant Durrant is stationed at Eye and Debenham.

mo 25 May

Thank god for that!  Third time lucky for Framlingham Gala who've been more or less rained off at the last two attempts but now a lovely afternoon.  As always the Suffolk School of Samba were brilliant and there's seems to be even more of them than last time, the princesses looked charmingly lovely in matching toffee coloured satin and we couldn't help wonder where the Women's Institute got their handcuffs?

th 15 May

Half-Day Excursion to FramlinghamThe 61st Framlingham Gayla is the Monday after next but the last regular passenger train to Framlingham was Saturday 25 October 1952 and if the trains were still running a return from Ipswich would probably be more than 16p.

mo 28 May

Kids having fun in the rainFirst time in sixty yearsTorrential rain cancelled the parade for the first time in sixty years but kids are a bit like dogs out for a walk, rain isn't going to stop them enjoying themselves and Clare's mum we did try, but just couldn't find the princesses.

we 8 Jun

Diss ExpressWe were rather pleased with our Framlingham Gala pics but were still a little surprised when the Diss Express asked if they could use some of them ... the sordid matter of coin was not mentioned of course.

we 1 Jun

Matt from CBBCAs far as we know this is as close as Matt from CBBC got to The Crown but still nice to see him, even though the Suffolk Samba School were the runaway Framlingham Gala crowd pleasers.

mo 30 May

mo 31 May

Framlingham 2004 Gala  Framlingham 2004 Gala

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