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tu 12 May

Dumper truck in Infirmary Lane FramlnghamBack in January we noticed that construction vehicles on the A14 improvements had gained a green flashing lamp along with the amber, port and starboard?  The driver of this dumper in Infirmary Lane Framlingham explained the amber lamp shows the engine is running and via a seat sensor the green that a driver is onboard.

sa 9 May

Framlingham last week (mostly).

we 6 May

Suffolk ConstabularyIf not a crime wave around near the coast at least a ripple.  Last night both Darsham and Framlingham petrol stations were burgled, Friday a quad bike was stolen in the Yoxford area and about the same time two expensive looking bicycles were stolen from a Woodbridge shed.

tu 5 May

Temporary traffic lights in Albert Place Framlingham.

mo 4 May

Today Framlingham Co-op returned to its normal opening hours.

Sat 2 May

Framlingham Co-op ice bucketSuffolk, or at least Co-ops near the coast, have rediscovered the ice bucket challenge.   Yesterday in front of a few socially distanced onlookers a very good handful of Framlingham Co-op staff were cheerfully dunked by their co-workers.  If we'd paid more attention we would know which charity benefitted but we do know Wickham Market Co-op have been challenged to do the same thing.

sa 25 Apr

This week in Framlingham ... mostly queuing eh?

th 23 Apr
St George's Day

Man in the Hat♫ Man in the Hat's virtual hoedown last week was a triumph with a sea of appreciative comments.  He's doing it again tomorrow week ... well why wouldn't you?

su 19 Apr

Framlingham yesterday

sa 18 Apr

Framlingham today

mo 13 Apr

Work stopped on the Castle Keep development in Fairfield Road Framlingham.

su 12 Apr

Easter SundayHopefully you've found lots of Easter eggs?  The egg hunt in Stately Terrace Framlingham was pretty straight forward.

su 5 Apr

Framlingham at this difficult time.

fr 3 Apr

Walking and clapping on the Market Hill Framlingham 8pm last night we could hear saucepans being banged, a siren and clapping but it could easily do with more clappers next Thursday.

th 26 Mar

Despite an extra pharmacist the Framlingham chemists are two days behind with prescriptions and the Co-op is open but the Market Hill entrance is shut.

we 25 Mar

Framlingham today ...

tu 24 Mar

PC TipsSunday we had our first virtual dinner London-Dorset-Framlingham-Zurich via application Zoom and an iPad.  Quite touching to see and hear Lady KRJ's two little boys chattering and eating spaghetti.  Helps if you can get your device a little away, it puts you in context:)

su 22 Mar

 JOB  Care assistant wanted at Mills Meadow Framlingham, perhaps even more so in the present circumstances.

we 18 Mar

Campsea Ashe Spring Fayre cancelledAldeburgh Cinema has closed for the duration so we won't get to see Emma this afternoon but the Woodbridge Riverside seems to be partially functioning.  The Red Rooster festival near Thetford has been postponed to September and Life Arts have postponed April's Woodbridge festival to next year.  All Snape Maltings music events cancelled until the end of April (we were lucky), the Phoenix Singers concert in Framlingham next month cancelled as is the Campsea Ashe Spring Fayre this Saturday and still only three virus cases in Suffolk.

mo 16 Mar

Plenty of paracetamol and cat litter in the Framlingham Coop yesterday but judging by the shelf mouthwash is the new panic buy.

sa 14 Mar

To link to one of our internal header pages the syntax is always all lower case with no dashes or underscores so Framlingham is www.nearthecoast.com/framlingham

fr 13 Mar

 JOB  The Framlingham Crown are recruiting a full time supervisor/team leader.

tu 3 Mar

Film @ Fram - The FarewellTomorrow's Film @ Fram (these days it's in the Framlingham Unitarian and £6 for non-members) is the multilingual The Farewell.

tu 25 Feb

Stationers Barnes Rosher closing 29 Feb 2020Tragedy!  After 40 years the wonderful stationers Barnes Rosher slightly hidden in a corner of Framlingham's Market Hill is closing this Saturday the 29th ... so regrettably something else we'll be buying online.  Why is everything happening on the 29th this February?  What if it wasn't a leap year?

tu 18 Feb

Shelves of toys in Bridges and GarrardWhen what is now Carley Hill Hair and Framlingham Travel was Carley & Webb it had a small but enjoyable toy department.  Shortly after C&W changed hands maybe 15 years ago we saw a supermarket trolley of toys being pushed away from from the shop.  What goes round comes round and Bridges and Garrard are filling the retail gap.

su 2 Feb

♫ New to us a youthful busker on Framlingham market yesterday.

sa 1 Feb

Framlingham's (and other places) friendly fishmonger Darren Smith now has his own Facebook page.

tu 28 Jan

Kate's Reading Club for ChildrenKate's Reading Club for Children runs 10:00am-12:00pm Saturdays in the Framlingham library, read your own, the school's or the library's books.

su 26 Jan
Australia Day

The Framlingham Woodcraft Folk Facebook pageWoodcraft Folk develops children's self confidence and awareness of the world, encouraging equality, friendship and co-operation.  The Framlingham group meet during term time 6:00-7:30pm Mondays in the Unitarian.

tu 21 Jan

We thought it was going to be end of the month but John Grose in Station Road Framlingham have pretty much moved out.

fr 17 Jan

Trailer Trash are back (always a good sign) at the Framlingham Castle tomorrow.

su 12 Jan

Last Monday of the month Stowmarket auctioneers Bishop & Miller will be valuing antiques 10:00am-01:00pm at the Framlingham Crown.

th 9 Jan

Christmas' advent windows in Double Street Framlingham raised £933.25 for the Ipswich Hospital Children's Appeal and Save the Children.  That's nearly 50% more than 2018's £640.

tu 7 Jan

No Coffee Pod on Framlingham market today, Antony has hurt his back.

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