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th 23 May

♫Tomorrow evening Kim Richey will be playing Maverick at Easton Farm Park in the Tack Room ... bit of a walk but worth it.  Our thanks to Maverick for renewing their ad, well we do regularly get 14,000+ visitors a month.  You could reach that happy 14,000 with just £9.95 for a two month ad.

we 20 Feb

♫When we visited a Rabble Chorus rehearsal in Easton three years ago we were impressed by Kirsty Logan's arrangements but there wasn't that many of them.  Now there's enough for a flash mob in the Ipswich John Lewis with Barbara Ann Spencer taking lead.  PS: This song and choir on the cd of last year's Maverick Festival.♫

we 21 Nov

Maverick Thanksgiving Ranch PartyDennis Ellsworth at DP's AldeburghAs a taster for Maverick's second annual Thanksgiving Ranch Party (with Americana themed food) at Easton Farm Park this Saturday Maverick are presenting Canadian singer songwriter Dennis Ellsworth in DP's Aldeburgh this Friday for FREE.♫

fr 26 Oct

♫ The Maverick concert at the Halesworth Cut tonight is part of the town's art festival and we're desolate we can't make it but with a following wind we should be snapping their second annual Thanksgiving ranch party next month at Easton farm park.

fr 24 Aug

The Ragged String Band♫ We think we know that the mother of one half of Madison Violet is ill which is why their UK tour has been cancelled.  They were to play Maverick at Easton Farm Park this Monday and though the pre-booked can get a refund the concert is still on with Brooks Williams, new to us The Arlenes, and from the Maverick Festival 2010 The Ragged String Band.

we 4 Apr

barmaid serving Brewers Gold ... mmmmThe monthly Maverick concerts moved temporarily to Easton farm park last Friday with the audience sitting at small tables with red tablecloths and table lights, felt quite sophisticated just being there.  We've said it before they can all sing in country and Society and The Deadly Gentleman gave us no reason to change our minds plus the latter's banjo player Greg Liszt rendered a blistering Lonesome Road Blues as a tribute to Earl Scruggs who had died two days earlier.

fr 24 Feb

♫ Returning at this summer's Maverick festival in Easton are Otis Lee Crenshaw and Otis Gibbs (bet that'll cause some confusion) plus Police Dog Hogan Friday and Saturday whilst somewhat closer in the middle distance Isy Suttie from Peep Show is top of the bill at Jokers in the Ipswich Manor Ballroom Sunday week.

su 22 Jan

The Henry Brothers♫The Maverick concerts used to be at the Easton White Horse but the function room at the back of theLucy Sampson Framlingham Crown is bigger and early last night promoter Paul Spencer was already jubilant at the near heaving turn out for his first show there.  Ukulele goddess Lucy Sampson now supported by bass player Ian Bearcroft delighted, the Henry (they're not really) Brothers at the end of their set sang without mikes and Brooks Williams who might be described as a light tenor played guitar with the deceptive ease and authority that only comes with having done it forever.

mo 28 Nov

♫ In the evening we went to Maverick's ranch party in Easton and got to see Norwich based Vagaband who over the past couple of years have polished up very nicely thank you.  We love drummers who stand up ... especially when they use a box for their kick drum.  Top of the bill Hank Wangford with his band including pedal steeler BJ Cole produced moments of pure country heaven.

sa 15 Oct

Maverick tonight at the Easton White Horse is Kara Grainger and Andrew Duhon, really wish we could be there ... like we've said before they can all sing in country.

mo 12 Sep

♫Judging by all the parked cars in Easton Saturday night Buddy Morlock (recordees of his songs include Garth Brooks, Nanci Griffith and Joan Baez) was being very popular in the White Horse.

sa 02 Jul

Police Dog Hogan♫ More stalls at this year's Maverick festival in Easton, perhaps fewer cowboy hats and Police Dog Hogan stormed the place with more dancers than we've ever seen plus youthful air banjoists.  From Detroit the Orbitsuns' Vinnie Dombroski asked the audience What else you gonna do?  Go bowling?  Not round here Vinnie.

Today there are clawhammer, flatfooting and uke workshops and tonight more Orbitsuns, Otis Lee Crenshaw, Melanie and the excellent (if poorly named) Vagaband close the evening.

mo 5 Jul

Found a bench in a shady spot at the last day of Maverick yesterday and was eating paella, drinking slightly cold fizzy water and watching the cowboy hats passing by ... couldn't see The Ragged String Band but could hear them ... thought Doesn't get much better.

su 4 Jul
American Independence Day

Video shoot for Thomas DolbyPix of yesterday at Maverick on that there FacePack and step dancing at the Worlingworth Swan all this afternoon.

sa 3 Jul

More pix on that there FacePackAs always the Maverick festival in Easton is being joyously magical, pix on that there FacePack, and tonight Rayburn Anthony and Kim Richey ... who needs a world cup?

sa 26 Jun

The Maverick Festival prog is up and let joy be unconfined Rayburn Anthony is doing TWO sets ... one for the Gentleman Plumber there ... Rayburn Anthony? ... alright, please yourself.

mo 10 May

Now a nearthecoast resident Thomas Dolby has been added to this year's Maverick Festival at Easton and after impressing at last year's Maverick Aussie Ange Boxall has a new video proving yet again that in new/alt country they can all sing.

mo 6 Jul

Young Zulu Warriors Gospel Choir

Yesterday at the last day of the Maverick Festival in Easton the Young Zulu Warriors Gospel Choir received a startlingly fulsome welcome as they got on stage by walking through the audience singing and trilling in that great African way.

Maverick this year was again a wonderful, incredibly easy going affair that MUSTLooking forward to next year's Maverick happen again and let's hope that next year Suffolk Coastal doesn't require the half dozen security (and a dog!), they are totally inappropriate, the only faux pas we saw was Brigitte DeMeyer asking the little girl in the front row whether she was four when in fact she's five.  The little girl was so annoyed she refused to clap ... or it might have been embarrassment.

su 5 Jul

Brady Blade at Maverick   Brady Blade

Al Perkins at MaverickAt Maverick yesterday Al Perkins got a knocked down by a double decker driving sound from his Telecaster, the Haley Sisters did a Kate Rusby (beautiful voices/northern accents) in a roasting hot Tack Room, Brigitte DeMeyer was just brilliant B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T and everybody's favourite drummer Brady Blade could make good vibeing an Olympic event.  This is a gospel song but you can dance to it - Al Perkins

sa 4 jl 09
American Independence Day

Cowboy hats de rigeur

Drew NelsonAt the first night of Maverick we got to see cowboy hats, American Drew Nelson enjoyably doing an American moody minor key thing whilst not wearing shoes, Tasmanian Ange Boxall looking like a slimmer Xena in that headband and with a tasty band, and Two Fingers of Firewater who have gotLike we said, de rigeur more confident, a bit rockier and bit showbizier (nothing wrong with that, two people playing one guitar and the brief appearance of a trombone) since last year.  Decent beers, musical instrument stall and an easy atmosphere mean we can't wait for tomorrow when hopefully we can get a signal from Orange to update Twitter.

Two Fingers of Firewater

th 2 Jul

Our cats looking forward to MaverickThe 2009 Maverick Festival starts tomorrow and our cats are looking forward to the Hayley Sisters because they sounded dead good on the wireless last year and to Alana Levandoski because they've been practising her last name.

th 21 May

We're looking forward to Charlie Dore and Hank Wangford at this year's Maverick in Easton.

mo 30 Mar

The Magnolia SistersAdmittedly more than a bit of a ways off but Cajun quartet The Magnolia Sisters are playing Norwich Arts Centre 15 July.  This year Maverick in Easton is the first weekend in July so maybe they'll still be round for that?

th 13 Nov

As we very much hoped Paul Spencer is planning another Maverick Festival for Easton next year.  Can't wait!

su 31 Aug

Devon SprouleJudging by all the people who wanted to be photographed with Devon Sproule after her set she was undoubtedly the hit of Maverick.  Built in the same slight manner as Miss OlgaMark Olson she has a rewardingly mobile face and everything is just so straight forward, loved it.  Concerns some of Easton may have had about the festival surely have been proved unfounded, the only disorder we saw were little boys kidnapping empty plastic glasses to get the deposit back!  The festival HAS to happen again next year.

Promoter Paul Spencer introducing Sam Baker

sa 30 Aug

The Redlands Palomino Co.This afternoon we saw Ed Sheeran in the audience for BJ Cole's steel guitar workshop, as we expected the Redlands Palomino Co. impressed, more cowboy hats, more steel guitars and now beards ... but what were Ocean West doing hidden away on the back of an old army truck?  All the band can sing but Sarah Lucy Dole has a voice right on the money.  It's going to be crowded (and hot) in the shed tonight for the top acts.

More cowboy hats Special Ed and the Shortbus

Cowboy hats and steel guitars last night at the Maverick Festival and Devon Sproule tonight ... can't wait!

fr 29 Aug

Looking strangely familiar the main stage is up at Easton Farm Park for thisThe Maverick main stage weekend's nearly sold out Maverick Festival.  Showtime starts at seven this evening and ends with a mid-morning Gospel brunch on the Sunday.  Stephen Foster will be broadcasting live from the Fest on Radio Suffolk tomorrow morning, Radio Cambridge is expected as is the Serbian correspondent of the World Service (alt country is v big in Serbia apparently) and BJ Cole will be giving a pedal steel guitar workshop.  It's just gotta be a good 'un!

tu 29 Jul

You can schlep to Halesworth to see Geno Washington and the Maverick Festival is back on at Easton Farm Park but slimmed down to a thousand alt country enthusiasts.

we 16 Jul

August's planned Maverick Festival has been refused a license at Easton Farm Park by Suffolk Coastal District Council.

th 17 Apr

Apparently Paul Spencer the promoter of the Maverick Festival at Easton Farm Park is talking about an audience of 5,000 for the three days.

sa 8 Mar

We've found a provisional bill for August's altcountry-americana-newtradition festival at Easton Farm Park.  Three stages, topping Sam Baker doing his only UK date, Special Ed & The Shortbus seem to be a bluegrass cross between Madness and Orkestra del Sol, and there's a good sprinkling of pedal steel guitars including the Redlands Palomino Company who despite coming from a large town near Chelmsford sound like the real thing.

we 27 Feb

Strong rumours about a bluegrass festival to be held on Easton Farm Park at the end of August, the weekend after the bank holiday ...

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