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Photo by CF DowsingIn 1935 AG Potter Framlingham received an invoice for threshing, in 1910 the Aldeburgh golf clubhouse caught fire, we don't know where licenced grocer John Allen had his shop and our favourite is this little girl in her sturdy boots.

we 30 no 16

Framlingham College founded 1864 JOBS  School Bank (whatever that means) Nurses wanted at Framlingham College, competitive rates plus meals whilst on duty ... last time we were there the food was very good.

tu 29 no 16

Bloody Christmas ... eh?How very Christmasy, Sunday 18th December at the Snape Maltings a showing of The Snowman with live orchestra!

87 years ago today the first flight over the South Pole.

mo 28 no 16

Brundish Christmas fair in the village halBloody Christmas ... eh?It was welcomingly warm and difficult to move around in the Brundish village hall Saturday but we got to see Daddy Christmas, had a cup of tea with mince pie and for the first time poked a fresh strawberry into a chocolate fountain ... it tasted like a deluxe Jaffa cake gone mad.  10am to noon this Thursday it's the Christmas Coffee Shop in the Brundish village hall.

th 24 no 16

Something is going to change next year at Framlingham jewellers 9.2.5.

tu 22 no 16

Highways England reporting the Orwell Bridge open again and all delays have cleared ... an opinion not shared by others.

St Cecilia's Day patron saint of music

Lucy Porter - pic contributedANORAK ALERT No.21:  We like short arse Lucy Porter but on Radio 4's The Unbelievable Truth she described Diss as a village .. it's got three supermarkets Lucy.

Suffolk police reporting the Orwell Bridge closed because of high winds.

mo 21 no 16

nearthecoast PC TipsDigital camera RAW files are powerful, but they are specific to each camera model, and Photoshop and other software has to know about the individual.  If like us your begrudge paying monthly to ... more here

Framlingham Post Office postally used 1920For the new year Framlingham post office will be closing for a fortnight.  Now that the Hacheston and Earl Soham sub-POs have gone the way of all flesh we reckon Wickham Market is closest.

su 20 no 16

Framlingham's finest The OutlawsFramlingham's finest The Outlaws' absolutely last, final and terminal gig will be 17th December at Cretingham Golf Club.  Tickets on sale and only from the golf club, book on 01728 685275.  Now less than ten tickets left.

sa 19 no 16

 WANTED  House to rent in the Saxmundham or Framlingham area for January and  TO LET  house in Castle Street Framlingham ... synergy eh?

fr 18 no 16

Tina Bradshaw at the Halesworth CutTina Bradshaw eastern life coach starts by serving audience members from a teapot special tea that turns out to be white wine ... it goes on from there.  Last night in the Halesworth Cut she was predominantly comic parody but affectionate and endearing parody with a little actual counselling, or perhaps rather more a group of friends talking with one of their number who has opened up a little.  She is a complete one off, catch her if you can.

th 17 no 16

Work has started in Fairfield Road, FramlinghamTaylor Wimpey haven't hung about, work has started in Fairfield Road Framlingham on a 163 house estate.  It may be only the very preliminary work of marking out the gas mains but work has started.  Wonder if it'll prompt BT to rediscover their four year old hole in the ground.

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