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February (the ginger betty one) 2019

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we 27 Feb

The late Sally Waters with a new kittenThe first time we visited Stately Terrace Framlingham a ginger cat rushed up and told us they loved us.  After we moved to the Terrace we learnt that the ginger belonged to Sally our near neighbour and had been named George on the usually safe assumption that he was a tom.  In fact George was a betty as they call female cats in Suffolk.  A sunny day years later we could see George curled up asleep on Sally's garden roof ... an hour later George was still there unmoving.  George had passed away sleeping in the sun ... can't think of a nicer way to go.

Lot's more years later Sally who always had two or three cats also sadly passed away.  We've seen the new people in Sally's house with a tortoiseshell kitten ... what goes round comes round.

tu 26 Feb

♫ The Waveney Valley Folk Collective present folk trio Granny's Attic at the Eye Bank this Saturday.

mo 25 Feb

Roller derby skater Boris Gridcity in Houghton Regis ... don't worry, most people don't know where it is either. Waveney Valley Folk Collective presents Granny's Attic

su 24 Feb

St Elizabeth Hospice 2018 Bubble Rush The St Elizabeth Hospice Bubble Rush in Christchurch Park Ipswich is terrific fun even when it rains.  Cheaper early bird tickets are available now (you click 'Register').

sa 23 Feb

The year moves on, the Saturday after next 9 March the Flora Tearooms at Dunwich reopens for fish and chips.

fr 22 Feb

Monday in Lowestoft a cycling thief smashed windows on a Fiat 500 to steal a laptop bag.

 JOB  Sous chef wanted in Framlingham, make your own mind up where exactly.

tu 19 Feb

Women's Tour of Britain 2019Like last year the Women's Tour of Britain will be starting Monday 10 June in Suffolk but they are being coy about where exactly though the new mega East Suffolk district council seems to be involved ...

♫ The East Anglian Academy of Early Music's 2019 programme is now online.

mo 18 Feb

UEA Pirates 6-0 Kent FalconsYesterday's UEA Pirates v Kent Falcons american football in Norwich looked like it was going to be a native American game ... four quarters and no squaw ... sorry.  In the fourth quarter with very little time left the Pirate's punter was hassled into not kicking but responded with a splendid 20/30 yard run ... more here

Saturday night's music quiz impressively raised £480 for Stradbroke Cricket Club..

su 17 Feb

 JOB  Catering assistant needed at Framlingham College.

sa 16 Feb

Film @ Fram in 2008As always changes in the present continue to unhook linkages to the past.  After over ten years at the Conservative Club Film @ Fram (the club originally showed in the British Legion Albert Road ... we saw Topsy Turvy there) has moved to the Unitarian Meeting House.  A single source reports the Con Club SOLD to a private buyer.

th 14 Feb
Valentine's Day

Roughcast Theatre present Hobson's ChoiceStarting Monday Roughcast Theatre have an eight date Suffolk tour of the comedy Hobson's Choicenear the coast venues are Hoxne, Wingfield (nearly SOLD OUT) and the Halesworth Cut.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust events for youngsters at Foxburrow Farm Melton next month.

we 13 Feb

I advertised with nearthecoast and it fixed our downstairs looAdvert slots above and in the twice(ish) monthly digest available NOW.  So to tell near the coast about yourself with £11.95 but BOGOF, that's two months for the price of one ... first come first served.

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