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sa 4 jl 15American Independence Day

Sonia Leigh at the Maverick FestivalLast night at the Maverick festival in Easton Sonia Leigh was her rock'n roll self and said she'd sing Bar for us this afternoon; in the Moonshine Bar the gentle voice of Joel Rafael was matched by the steel guitar of Brit CJ Hillman and we're planning to attend Stompin' Dave Allen's flatfooting workshop tomorrow morning.

Like we said everything is happening today 4 July, Wilby school summer fayre, Bedfield barn dance, the Rendham fete, the monthly farmers market at the Snape Maltings and Le Tour kicks off with a prologue time trial in Holland.  'Why's it called the Tour of France if it's in Holland?'  'Oh p*ss off!'

fr 3 jl 15

A soggy Fairfield RoadAround lunchtime it was pretty soggy in Fairfield Road Framlingham, it was coming off the Mills Meadow site but easing up when we re-passed later.

th 2 jl 15

After decades of watching American football on tv saw our first live match Sunday.Ipswich Cardinals  Not surprisingly being outnumbered at least two to one the Ipswich Cardinals lost to the Wembley Stallions 19-44 but an honourable loss.  We were surprised how difficult it is to follow the ball at ground level and in this soccer obsessed country how hit and miss the kicking was.  We're looking forward to last match of the season against Bury (St Edmunds) Saints who reputedly are mostly US military.

Easton Pre-school are easily the most popular recipients of the Co-op green plastic discs in both Framlingham and Wickham Market.

Tomorrow it will be the 61st anniversary of post-war food rationing ending in this country.

Sad to hear there won't be a Peasenhall Pea Festival this year but in it's 20th year the Sweffling Field Dance is still on Saturday week.

we 1 jl 15

The inquest on two men who were killed by a collapsing wall in Worlingworth five years ago concluded accidental death.  Background on the investigation on the bulletin board.

tu 30 jn 15

That's nice, licensed another pic on Alamy.

Some house sales near the coast this spring.

mo 29 jn 15

Mobile police station in Wickham MarketThe mobile police station was in the centre of Wickham Market Friday afternoon operated by PCSOs Kat Howard and Sallyanna Chattenberry with volunteer John Hoe, and it had customers.  The station goes out for a week every six weeks, it's next tour starts Monday 3 August in the Costcutter car park Rendlesham.

We might have to review our opinion that everything is happening near the coast this Saturday the fourth, the Saturday after the 11th is getting pretty busy.  Cretingham fete is on the 11th though we're not sure where.  In Stradbroke Stradisphere is back with loads of local bands.  Last year it was extremely well organised, let's hope this year they're rewarded with a better turnout.

A to Z of Villages and Towns near the coastGervaise said to us I often look at ntc but there's never any mention of Tunstall?  Go to the A to Z to find the Tunstall page Gervaise ... the same ruse is likely to work for your town or village.

sa 27 jn 15

A lovely and untypical for this year so far sunny day for a Framlingham wedding.

As part of the Ipswich jazz festival Latin style singer Noemi Nuti and her band in the town hall tonight. ♫

fr 26 jn 15

Roller derby poster in RumblesA poster for next month's Ipswich roller derby and we didn't put it there ... We Are Not Alone!

We're pretty sure another thing happening near the coast on 4 July is the Kenton church fete but we've lost the bloody bit of paper!

Anorak Alert 14:  A Purdy is a gun but not a rifle OAPs Behaving Badly voice over man.

Tweet us!  #ff  #FF #FFriday ain't too proud to beg

th 25 jn 15

The Gentleman Plumber setting up last yearAnother thing happening near the coast on 4 July is the 2015 Dunwich Dynamo will be passing through.  The Gentleman Plumber's pop up café by the water tower on the Saxmundham Road will be serving home slow cooked pulled pork.

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mo 22 jn 15

PC TipsThere are web sites which point out which of a tweeter'sclick three dots to mute many Twitter friends have unfollowed.  If you don't want to offend by unfollowing but can't stand the blether you can mute, click on the three dots at the bottom of an irritating tweet.

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