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su 26 jn 16

Witnesham End of a RainbowDriving through Witnesham last weekend we thought That PC repair shop has gone, well it was very isolated, looks like a private house now.  Passing today we saw it's End of a Rainbow, they've been there eighteen months but sadly (if appropriately) this weekend was their last.

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sa 25 jn 16

2:00-5:00pm tomorrow open gardens in Double Street Framlingham, seventeen gardens and seventeen years since they were last open.

British Championships Day 6 Tier 3Double British Championship roller derby bouts in Norwich today; Norfolk Brawds v Killa Hurtz Roller Girls and Hell's Belles Roller Girls v The Concrete Cows plus Ronaldo's Ice Cream ... we'll be having another of their very excellent tutti frutti.

fr 24 jn 16

Overheard in Framlingham and what was the Munch Box Cafe:

    Her: There's that man.  Him: What?  Her: There's that man ... the one who walked out of the shop.  Him: He's foreign.  Her: Yes?  Him: Well, they do funny things.

    ... might explain a thing or two.

th 23 jn 16

Flag of EuropePerhaps like us you long ago found today's referendum tedious but do vote ... it does matter.

3:00pm:  Just voted at the United Free Framlingham and the poll officer said the turn out is HUGE.

we 22 jn 16

Ania Hobson open studio at Studio 90 RendhamThe coming weekend is the last of this year's Suffolk Open Studios.  In Rendham Ania Hobson is open studio at Studio 90 newly opened in April this year.

The bit of Suffolk not near the coast and in 2014.

tu 21 jn 16

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mo 20 jn 16Summer Solstice - the longest day

Ipswich Cardinals 12-41 Wembley StallionsYesterday not surprisingly Ipswich Cardinals outnumbered some three to one lost 41-12 to visitors Wembley Stallions.  Usual entertaining combination of excellent plays contrasted with fumbled snaps and dropped punt returns.  Unintended humour when at a play end pile up a giant lineman cried I can't move! ... more here

Police speed checking in Walpole and Yoxford today.

su 19 jn 16Father's Day - pic contributed by R Magritte

More history of 1972 Ginetta G15 GVD 673 K 1983 Scottish Hillclimb champion:

Yellow Ginetta G15I was actually the original owner and builder of Genevieve, bought brand new from Ginetta as a kit.  The registration reflects the fact it was first registered in Lanarkshire Scotland.  I and my brothers built it on my father's farm, Hamperhill near Braidwood in Lanarkshire and I had it for about ... more here

sa 18 jn 16

St Elizabeth Hospice's parachute partySt Elizabeth Hospice Ipswich is hosting at Beccles Airfield a parachute party next month.  They are looking for jumpers but on the day there will be entertainment including face painting, hot food, popcorn and music for spectators.

fr 17 jn 16

Julian Harries in The Unhappy Medium - pic contributedWe last saw Common Ground Theatre in Aldeburgh where their four handed Justin and the Argonauts was well routined and getting plenty of laughs, especially from the appreciative Hertfordshire holiday maker next to us.  The company's current show The Unhappy Medium has been on the road since the beginning of the month.  The ... more here

Rural Myth 68:  You can always tell an ol' country boy because they never walk anywhere ... unless it's with a dog and/or a gun.

th 16 jn 16

All things will pass ...Throwback Thursday:  Nine years ago today we went to motorbike grass track racing just outside Little Glemham and very much enjoyed it.

we 15 jn 16

We're nine years old today ... thank you, you are too kind.

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The Barber of Seville at Crow's HallSaturday night we picked our way through the flooded roads to Crow's Hall Debenham for a black tie concert performance of The Barber of Seville and how glad we are we did.  Crow's Hall is exquisite and the singers of London Festival Opera were joyful plus occasional gigantic overhead thunderclaps gave opportunity for impromptu humour from the stage.

fr 10 jn 16

PC TipsYou start up your pc/laptop (or perhaps it restarts itself) and you get something like Operating System not found, perhaps you've left a memory stick in a USB port and the pc is trying to boot from that?  Just remove it and maybe change the device order in which the pc's BIOS looks for the operating system, quite how you do this will depend on your particular pc, Google it.

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