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su 23 no 14

PC TipsThe keyboard shortcut CTRL + C will copy a selection, makes sense.  Shortcut CTRL + X cuts (copies then deletes) a selection, just about makes sense but CTRL + V to paste what's been copied? The reason is historical, when Microscoft first started writing Word the default word processor was Wordstar and Microscoft just copied their shortcuts so it would be easier for peeps to move from Wordstar to Word ... and now it's part of Windows.

sa 22 no 14St Cecilia's Day patron saint of music

Meaghan Blanchard♫ It was so packed at last night's Maverick concert in Easton Farm Park that some were watching the show on cctv in the bar.  Being appreciated were local band The Kevin Duffy Band, British banjo annoyer Dan Walsh and the sweetly soprano Canadian voice of red haired Meaghan Blanchard.  Next Maverick show is February at the farm ... more here

What a bargain!To be on here for Christmas the next available advertising slot is 1st December ... did we say that we had 15,000+ visitors last month?

fr 21 no 14

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What goes round definitely comes round, this BT hole in the ground near Fairfield Road Framlingham has been there for at least two years.

There have been three Orford business break ins in the first half of this month.

th 20 no 14

Aldeburgh Community CentreThe trick to finding the Aldeburgh Community Centre (a local community centre for local communities) entrance is it's round the back.  Once we'd worked that out we found it crammed with help organisations and charities though the police easily had the ... more here

we 19 no 14

Tomorrow's Brundish film is the period (1960s) thriller The Two Faces of January (cert 12A).

tu 18 no 14

Three ladies in dappled sunlight on the Market Hill Framlingham uploaded this morning has already gained three Flickr faves.

#bloodychristmas ... eh?Getting more scary, with Christmas still six weeks away today is the last day posting surface mail to Western Europe.

Jess the black and white catOur November digest the nearer Stradbroke one is emailing out to 5,000+ ntcers today ... click Jess the black and white cat to go on the list.

Nearer Stradbroke than Dennington

Nearer Stradbroke than Dennington

mo 17 no 14

Edwyn Collins at the Aldeburgh documentary film festivalIf you don't know who Edwyn Collins is you'll probably know this if only from the M&S ads.  In 2005 he suffered two near death cerebral haemorrhages but at the Aldeburgh documentary film festival yesterday for a showing of The Possibilities Are Endless about his recovery he entered employing a walking stick and an energetic hobble that was life affirming rather than disempowering.  At the ... more here

Make us your home page Now would be a good time to make us your home page.

su 16 no 14

We blooded a new to us camera body at Suffolk roller derby's Thursday training in Bury St Edmunds, nice to see Joni and Yoshi skating.

Young metal musos WANTED Ipswich/Framlingham.

sa 15 no 14

Stradbroke archive launchStradbroke launched it's village archive today with multiple computers in the Courthouse, cake, sausage rolls, a very decent cup of tea and much interest.  So far there are some 800 items of the 6,000 already digitised on www.stradbrokearchive.org.uk  and browsing we discovered there was a workhouse in Hoxne?!

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