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sa 19 ap 14

Swervy World are in Suffolk at the beginning of next month for a gig in Hadleigh and a few more dates in the book would be nice

fr 18 ap 14

Private security contractor at the Cold War MuseumThis is not the welcome you'll get at the Bentwaters Cold War Museum Rendlesham, the museum is literally dripping with volunteers eager to tell you about the history and the museum, there's an excellent little cafe and the rare right hand drive coach/ambulance will make you expect Hawkeye and Hotlips running up the aisle shouting medic emergency speak.  They are open this Sunday and Monday.

The Gamekeeper The Gamekeeper is looking for somewhere to rent in the Framlingham area.

th 17 ap 14

A couple setting up home in a Framlingham craneFramlingham feels like bird city at the mo'.  We saw three separate and enormous broods of Mallard duckling in The Knoll and a lucky couple have grabbed the luxury penthouse flat at the top of the crane on Mills Meadow ... the footpath down the side of the telephone exchange is finally open again, don't know why they had to close it in the first place.

Last week a flatbed Ford in Wickham Market (not Wimslow Arizona) was stolen with a metal seed drum on the back ... what's a seed drum?

The Badingham White Horse should be re-opening soon and roadside signs speaking of shares and the Ten Bells in Stonham Aspal indicate a community buy out but the Internet shows it seems to have failed at the beginning of the month.

tu 15 ap 14

It has to be said that in the Halesworth Cut Friday night the Hackney Colliery Band were LOUD but at least half of the full house had seen them at last year's High Tide

Hackney Colliery Band at the Halesworth Cut

festival so knew what they were getting and had come back for more.  Hard to categorise the band, they are thunderously driving, band leader Steve Pretty hot on the witty verbals and stage business, and snare drummer Luke Christie's expressive enthusiasm endearing and visually rewarding.  Last day of the festival this Saturday.

The AddThis bar is back, it was them not us.

A to Z of Villages and Towns near the coastOur A to Z of ntc helps you find your town or village but unlike a satnav it also kills 99% of all known germs and doesn't have a patronising voice.

mo 14 ap 14

Blaxhall Ship charity bike rideA 23 mile bike ride this Saturday to support Cancer Research UK starting and finishing at the Blaxhall Ship and taking in Snape, Orford and Iken with a short cut for thems that wants it.

87 years ago today the twelve sided three penny bit went into circulation.

sa 12 ap 14

Suffolk Chief Constable Douglas PaxtonAt yesterday's meet and greet in Eye Chief Constable Douglas Paxton had handcuffs and a cs spray on his belt, as one attending officer commented He is a policeman.  The Chief Constable and Commissioner Tim Passmore will be meeting and greeting through out the summer, the next one is Friday July 25 in Lowestoft.

Planning a witch ducking this year?  Promote your event on nearthecoast.

fr 11 ap 14

PC TipsIn Windows Vista and later there's a clever little go faster tweak using a usb memory stick or similar, plug it in, find it in Windows Explorer, right click on it, click on Properties, select tab ... cont'd in Windows

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Jess the black and white catThe Sur5val digest is emailing out to the 6,000+ ntcers on the list ... click Jess the black and white cat to go on the list.

th 10 ap 14

What a bargain!Next available advertising slot is 20th April ... did we say we typically get around 18,000 visitors a month and a record 19,600+ in January?

SRN NearthecoastSRN Nearthecoast is in, fiddling with her tick list, pen and prescribing guidelines but still listening apparently ... at ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730

we 9 ap 14

How to puff yourself on nearthcoast ... our Alexa ranking has gone under 300,000 again, wonder how long that'll last:)

mo 7 ap 14

We seemed to have lost the AddThis bar (them not us) but it'll be back.

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