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we 25 fe 15

Charlie HaylockTonight in Brundish (the Las Vegas of High Suffolk) village hall Suffolk raconteur Charlie Haylock will amuse with entertainments perhaps including the Hurricane over Basildon.

tu 24 fe 15

Two swan planters stolen in Danforth Drive Framlingham Sunday night.

mo 23 fe 15

The DAB (digital) radio network is to get 182 new transmitters with near the coast benefiting from new transmitters at Aldeburgh and Blythburgh.  Picking the bones out of a government document is an unsatisfying experience and we can't find a date for these two newbies beyond completion of all by 30 September 2016.

sa 21 fe 15

PC TipsIncreasingly the main Facebook activity of friends is sharing irritatingly cute or cruel videos that auto start if your mouse pointer goes anywhere near them.  Not only irritating but ... more here

♫ Diana Jones plus Lewis and Leigh at Easton farm park tonight and the Halcyon Quartet at the Halesworth Cut tomorrow afternoon.

Norfolk Brawds open co-ed scrimmageThe Norfolk Brawds open co-ed scrimmage last week had places for six (possibly eight) more skaters, expect another open scrimmage next month.  In Ipswich and the adjacent county Suffolk RD have open training sessions starting next month ... and though Scroobius Hip isn't skating at the moment she has joined our 1,000+ album.

fr 20 fe 15

In Saxmundham last night a Martins employee was hit on the head.

we 18 fe 15

Kim Bannon at Radio StradbrokeHaving been distracted by Stradbroke's community run library and post office being open on a Sunday we made it to Radio Stradbroke in time for the last fifteen minutes of Kim Bannon's show.  This Sunday 10am-1pm it's Richard and Huggy with another punk show.

Police remind drivers to lock their cars after at least four were entered overnight in Rendlesham last week.

tu 17 fe 15

Sexual Assault Referral CentreThe Sexual Assault Referral Centre is on the outskirts of Ipswich and provides a single location to support and investigate particularly child, and young and vulnerable adult victims.  A lump of money from central government has paid 18,000 for a video ... more here

mo 16 fe 15

Wickham Market diversionsSometimes it seems Suffolk Coastal are trying to isolate bits of near the coast like Wickham Market and Kettleburgh from the rest of the UK.

su 15 fe 15

Today we snapped in Stradbroke and Otley near Norwich but that can wait while we try and wrap up pleasing Mr Google.

sa 14 fe 15
Valentine's Day

In it's own low key way Framlingham was humming last night for Valentine's Day Day; the Lemon Tree was packed with a guitar duo mildly irritating their instruments, a concert in St Mikes, something requiring evening dress in the St Mike's Rooms and so crowded in the Castle Inn we had to join Alan behind the bar to actually see the Trembling Wheelbarrows. ♫

fr 13 fe 15

Tweet This!  #ff  #FF #wFriday  ain't too proud to beg

Friday the 13th

Jess the black and white catThe Valentine's digest is emailing out ... click Jess the black and white cat to get it.

The Countess of Grantham off dutyAnother Valentine's Day date tomorrow is the Trianon Music Group in St Mike's Framlingham with a program including a suite from Downton Abbey.

What a bargain!The next available advertising slot is 24 February ... did we say we had 16,357 visitors last month and a record 24,870 total visits?

th 12 fe 15

The Kettleburgh Players start a three day run of Robin Hood tonight ... run ends Valentine's Day

Suffolk ConstabularyPossibly related incidents at the beginning of the month in Chillesford and Orford.  Last weekend in Dennington thefts from three cars and in Rendlesham forest from two cars.

mo 9 fe 15

Terry at the Campsea Ashe Dog and DuckThe Campsea Ashe Dog and Duck will be closed next week from Sunday night the 15th until Saturday night the 21st.

Our attempts to please that nice Mr Google with how we look on a smartphone took if not a giant leap forward at least a significant step today.

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