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sa 20 se 14

Man, bike and dogA man in Framlingham using a bicycle to exercise his two Labs (you can only see one in the pic) has joined Suffolk pix and is our new Twitter header.

The Countess, synchronised swimming and painted face have all picked up more Flickr faves.

sa 20 se 14

Ladies in tutusSince we last saw Mouth to Mouth's production of the French farce Sganarelle it has inevitably moved on.  Dean Sore's mobile and maniacal washing up maid is still maniacal but now the scenery is mostly three ladies in tutus nobly holding things up.  Last night's show at the back of the Framlingham Station (luvvies' special pizza and Peroni 10) was free and kept the generous audience's attention despite the Peroni.

What a bargain!Next available advertising slot 27th September... did we say that we had nearly 20,000 visitors in January?

Rural Myth 59:  You don't get long for rape ... unless you have the whole field away.

fr 19 se 14

2:12pm: Little Mutterings has made it's return in yesterday's referendum Little Mutterings votes NOand has voted NO to leaving Suffolk Coastal.  The return was delayed because pro YES activist Stephanie ... more here

 JOBS   Experienced receptionist/dental nurse for Framlingham Dental Practice.

th 18 se 14

Marcus BrigstockeWe've noted before the Haverhill Arts Centre has become a try out zone for Himoff Thetellies so weren't stunned but a little surprised that nice Stephen Mr Cleverclogs Fry is playing there next month.  Then we read more carefully, it's a broadcast of him on stage in a large town ... a broadcast? <in Lady Bracknell voice>.

Marcus Brigstocke's Diss Corn Hall gig at the end of next month is halfway though a proper tour ... maybe it's because it's Norfolk.

The Countess of Grantham in Easton has picked up up a third fave.

we 17 se 14

Sir Bradley WigginsDidn't recognise Mark Cavendish who looked a little porky and Sir Brad Wiggins' beard and national time trial champion's jersey confused us ... we're easily confused.

Sunday morning's 5.5 mile time trial in a large town was the penultimate stage of the 2014 Tour of Britain.  At the end of Lower Thames Street there's enough of a rise that it was making the riders think.  British rider Nathan ... more here

tu 16 se 14

PC TipsBlackberry dried outLast week we dropped our Blackberry down the toilet.  Fortunately the toilet wasn't in use so after a few seconds hesitation we picked it out and removed the battery.  A quick wipe with soft toilet paper and then we left it keyboard down for twenty four hours.  A bit of hesitation when the battery was replaced next day ... more here

mo 15 se 14

Hackney carnivalWe now understand why Lady KRJ was bemused by the Aldeburgh carnival, the Hackney carnival in a large town yesterday was a bit overwhelming but no WI, boy scouts or volunteer firemen plus why do they need special policemen just for dancing?

fr 12 se 14

Ed Sheeran in Earl Soham and 2006... no sightings of Ed Sheeran in Framlingham for months now ... won't last.

Love your co-opIn the car park at the back of the Long Stratton Co-op pharmacy (perhaps they mean chemists) we saw a white five hundredweight Co-op pharmacy van with sign written on the side prescriptions collected and delivered ... now there' a thought.

th 11 se 14

big in Japan... actually we are quite big in Japan.

 JOBS  A full time paid charity shop manager in Framlingham.

we 10 se 14

Love your co-opYou can tell Lady KRJ is from that there large town because she asked where the world food section is in the Framlingham coop ... Suffolk eh?

Here's why we donated to www.mndcommunity.org yesterday.

su 7 se 14

Sumo break dancer in Laxfield♫ At the back end of yesterday's admirably free entrance Laxfield Day Out we managed to separately and without noticing drop our press pass and ear plugs (they let you stand closer to the pa) but some nice ladies pointed them out ... Suffolk eh?  As you would expect Vix and the Kicks made the effort with three sets including some Joe Tex and Chic's Le Freak.

No cashback today at the Framlingham coop ... again..

fr 5 se 14

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