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tu 30 se 14

The TrampsThe two theatre companies Les Fanatics and Presentimental have a mini two show tour of Framlingham, Ipswich and Eye beginning next month.  It's starts this Friday in The Armoury at the back of the Fram Castle Inn with The Affair.

Mackenzie Crook was on Radio 4's Front Row last night talking about Detectorists.

What a bargain!Next available advertising slot 11th October ... did we say that we had nearly 20,000 visitors in January?

Tomorrow it's goodbye forever to the road tax disc.

mo 29 se 14

#bloodychristmas ... eh?It's just not the Woodbridge Wyvale and Deben Inns that think it's Christmas already when we were in Norwich we saw a banner advertising Festive Lunches.  Even more uncomfortable today is last day posting surface mail to Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Central and South America and New Zealand for Christmas!

Five cases of fire setting in Cretingham earlier this month.

Some of the sitcom Detectorists was filmed around near the coast and starts this Thursday BBC4 10pm.

su 28 se 14

Mutiny on the BoutyRoller derby has more rules than the EU making a ref's difficult job essentially impossible during the frequent bursts of frantic activity.  Inevitably there will be calls that bemuse the benches and crowd, when events allow it would help if refs could signal long enough so third parties as well as the offending skater are informed.  Know we ... more here

sa 27 se 14

 JOBS   The Framlingham Lemon Tree has vacancies for front of house and a kitchen porter.

fr 26 se 14

Susan Calman is ConvictedAnorak Alert 6: We rather like the unlikely l♥ve child of Wee Jimmy Krankie and a hobbit that is Susan Calman ... but she was way out when in her radio series Susan Calman is Convicted she claimed that as a Glaswegian student in 1992 there was no Internet ... the net's stumbling birth was during the cold war ... mind you she might be right about Glasgow.

Sunday 24 August (don't know why it's taken a month) in Woodbridge what looks like a bicycle thief caught on camera.

Real Feelings at Framlingham CollegeUnlike last year's 80% female Cambridge Footlights this year's cast is all bloke which just means it'll be different which is just what you'd expect.  You can see this year's show Real Feelings Saturday at Framlingham College's Headmaster Porter theatre presented by Slice of Life ... thank you Slice of Life.

th 25 se 14

PC TipsLike Roy's RTFM t-shirtHopefully you know about Have you tried turning it off and on again?  It should work with anything that has control programming ... washing machines, digital cameras, cars.  Here at ntc we prefer the more pro Have you tried turning it off, counting to ten and turning it back on again?  The counting to ten is to give your unconscious a chance to point out that it's you not the device.

Norfolk BrawdsSaturday we will be mostly snapping the Norfolk Brawds triple bout roller derby in Norwich.

we 24 se 14Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

Bike stunting in NorwichBike stunting in NorwichIn Norwich we asked the stunting cyclist on the right if he could do a back flip.  He said yes, he'd learnt by practising into a swimming pool but now one of the Norwich skate parks has a foam pit.  Google make us think it may be the Charge Unit indoor skate park.

Make life easier for us by putting text in the body of an email NOT AN ATTACHMENT and attach graphics as a jpg NOT A FRIGGING PDF but we do still like to hear from you.

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