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tu 12 jl 16

Windows 10 Toggle KeysWorth repeating: turn on Toggle Keys PC Tipsand you'll hear a confirming higher pitched tone when you turn on Caps; Num or Scroll Lock, turn them off and ... more here

Some recent licenses means this is already our busiest year ever on Alamy nearthecoast at Alamy

tu 26 jl 16

Motorbike grass track racing at Iken this Sunday, yes it's  been a while.

Roller derby ref Mimey Vice joins our 2,000+ views on Flickr album.

mo 25 jl 16

Grayson Perry's A House for Essex Wrabness on the south bank of the river Stour is Essex if only just.  From there you can see Grayson Perry's A House for Essex against the cranes of Felixstowe port.  From what we can make out Perry doesn't actually own the house ... can't say we're smitten.

su 24 jl 16

Framlingham's finest The OutlawsAlthough Framlingham's finest The Outlaws will be putting their autograph signing pens away for the last time later this year a local gig is the Meerkat Hall Saxmundham Friday 12th August. ♫

sa 23 jl 16

Judging by the piper and a couple in smart clothes there's a wedding in Framlingham today.

Anorak Alert 20:  It would be more informative and informed BBC tv news to report Cavendish is in the green jersey not Cavendish is dressed in green, it's a bike race not a fashion show.

fr 22 jl 16

Tomorrow it's a free fun day at Parham airfield museum with attractions including bands, dancers (we suspect Lindy Hop type jivers), and make your own ceramics.

th 21 jl 16

Romeo and Juliet in StowmarketLast night's thunderstorm wasn't that much in Stowmarket and hardly hindered the Keeper's Daughter's dress rehearsal of their promenade Romeo and Juliet in and around the John Peel Centre.  The show goes on the road tonight starting in Lowestoft and is a very different way of telling a 400+ year old story.

Tuesday night in Lowestoft the attempted and violent mugging by three young men of a woman in a wheelchair ... nothing to say.

Saturday in Ipswich despite losing Inky Minx to the London Roller Girls this year Rebellion Roller Derby had a comfortable 282-93 win against a not a pushover Vendetta Vixens plus they made the team photo of the year.  Creepy?  Oh yes, they can do creepy.

we 20 jl 16

♫ Drummer  WANTED  for a psychedelic/grunge band in the Saxmundham-Framlingham area.

tu 19 jl 16

 JOB  Sous chef wanted at £22k-£24k, we'll let you make your own mind up if it's actually in Framlingham ...

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1859-1930 at the age of 34ASTONISHER No.37:  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the creator of Sherlock Holmes played ten first class matches for the MCC and in goal for Portsmouth ... mind you this was an amateur side that disbanded two years before the present league team was founded in 1898.

Jess the black and white catThe second July digest is emailing out today ... click Jess the black and white cat to get yours.

BSA light car in FramlinghamLast week by Andy Tiernan's Framlingham we saw this 1930s BSA three wheel light car on a trailer with the very appropriate number plate.  The BSA number had belonged to the factory but Andy scored the plate from a London antique dealer about to retire.  We were a bit confused by the lack of brakes on the BSA's front wheels but Andy explained the brake was a rod operated drum brake mounted inboard on the diff.

su 17 jl 16

 JOB  Estate agency branch manager wanted in Framlingham, well that's got to be William H Brown.

This evening we were on a Diss bench eating cod and chips (a little oily but ok) and looking at Fair Green.  We could hear but not see children playing in a garden.  Every so often the top two thirds of a young girl would appear above the fence before disappearing as she jumped.  Before one jump we swear she said One small step for me, one giant leap for girlkind.

sa 16 jl 16

This evening Brass on the Grass in Bredfield.

The pleasantly intimate Brundish Fete on the Green tomorrow.

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