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fr 27 mr 15

An MP on a busHalesworth Area Community Transport have received funding from the Department of Transport for a 16 seat coach with disabled access.  It will be available for hire to schools and community groups and can be driven on an ordinary Group B license.

The clocks go forward in the early hours Sunday.

th 26 mr 15

PC TipsWindows logo key + M minimises all windows, makes sense Minimise and a quick way to see your desktop picture.  Windows logo key + shift + M restores the windows except it seems to get a bit confused if there are multiple monitors.

we 25 mr 15

Pembroke Road Framlingham will be closed from this Saturday the 28th for four weeks and road repairs ... what are they using?  Spoons?

tu 24 mr 15

Guess Who 35?Guess Who 35? on a motorbike he found in a hedge.  It was a 1926 New Imperial with burned out valves and no springs, but this is very unlikely to help you.

If you hit a stationary police car on the A12 at Melton and then engage in assaulting a police officer you're probably not helping yourself avoid being remanded in custody.

Allan Smethurst  1927-2000The twice monthly(ish) digest is emailing out to the 5,000+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click the Singing Postman to go on the list.

Framlingham town councilThis coming May Stradbroke will have a contested parish council election, around near the coast most places probably won't bother ... don't know about Stackton Tressel.  Surprisingly applications to be a parish/town councillor have to be delivered to the district council by hand, in Stradders the parish clerk will deliver it for you.

What a bargain!Advertising slot available now ... did we say we had 16,357 visitors in January and a record 24,870 total visits?

mo 23 mr 15

Belated Framlingham photies of tree fettling in New Road and the new footbridge by the college playing fields.

Nasty sounding nastiness in Southwold at 3am this morning.

A to Z of Villages and Towns near the coastGervaise said to us I often look at ntc but there's never any mention of Tunstall?  Go to the A to Z to find the Tunstall page Gervaise ... the same ruse is likely to work for your town or village.

su 22 mr 15

Mobile Police StationThe cuts have meant that the mobile police station near the coast now only goes out every six weeks and even the station seems to have shrunk.  OTOH they are going out until the end of the year with the next set of visits starting in Campsea Ashe at the end of the month.

This afternoon at the Cut the last of the Halesworth Arts afternoon concerts.

 JOB  Administrator wanted in Worlingworth, c19,000-21,000 pa.

fr 20 mr 15Spring Equinox

Stradbroke library and post office Before High Ongar in Essex was bypassed we used to pass the newsagents and sub-post office at seven in the morning.  Though they were open to get to the papers delivered they'd sell you papers, sweets and cigarettes but they couldn't conduct post ... more here

th 19 mr 15

From the Red Nose day before last Sgt Andy Buck gets a second fave. Red Nose Day in Framlingham

we 18 mr 15

Hog Hill 23-24 MayNice to see there will be more Hog Hill's this year at Redbridge which is almost Essex but in fact still a large town.

tu 17 mr 15St Patricks's Day

Look out, Miss, Lord Framlingham has arrived!It was generally agreed that Michael Lord MP for Central Suffolk was an excellent constituency MP but it would seem his subsequent ennoblement to Lord Framlingham has rather gone to his head.

mo 16 mr 15

JOBS  There's an A board outside the Stradbroke Ivy House advertising for full and part time staff  01379 384634

Overheard in the Long Stratton co-op:

little girl: I don't like lemons

mum: Not lemon... melon

little girl: I don't like green

mum: They're only green on the outside

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