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Bench in memory of Alistair DouglasIn Framlingham at the junction of the footpaths from the Saxmundham Road and Infirmary Lane there's a bench in memory of veterinarian Alistair Douglas.  A lovely view and a charming memorial Laughter and friendship always welcome here.

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th 28 my 15

An air rifle, a tv and jewellery stolen in a daytime Woodbridge house burglary Tuesday.

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Hog Hill 2015Bit of a busy bank holiday weekend.  At Hainault the first Hog Hill of the year was full of longboarding, some buckboards, slalom and an impressive slide though this jammer must have hurt himself when he came down even faster the next time to repeat this stunt.  A BMX track has been built in the track centre and was being used by tinys being coached by a not tiny.Framlingham Gala Princesses 2015

Monday's Framlingham Gayla had it seemed to us more spectators than usual and coped with surprisingly busy roads for a Sunday morning.  The parade included from Dennington school a Jack and the Beanstalk float dispensing sweeties.

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Framlingham bakersIn Framlingham the front has come off the bakers, the dentists are recruiting an apprentice/trainee dental nurse and at Mills Meadow care and catering assistants needed.  JOBS

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Fencing in Bury St EdmundsAt last night's fencing club in Bury St Edmunds attendance was a little slim perhaps because it's the exam season but still four teenage starters and a good handful of the more experienced.  Fencing looks brilliant if a little anonymous because of the masks and even when attached to scoring cables ... more here

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Pix of Framlingham guaranteed castle free. Castle Street Framlingham

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The Bugatti Owners Club forgathered Saturday afternoon at the Parham Airfield MuseumBugattis at Parham Airfield with guests an XK Coupe, a BMW, a Frazer Nash BMW (with a cigarette lighter we at first thought the dashboard light), and a Morris Garage MG.  Though some Bugattis were clearly for racing others were intended for the glitterati to holiday on the C๔te D'Azur but inexplicably there's nowhere to put your evening clothes ...more here

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