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fr 14 Dec

Christmas Second Class Stampsbloody Christmas ... eh?It may be the Christmas postal deadline TODAY for non-operational military with static post offices but significantly more terrifying for us is it's Tuesday last posting for second class in the UK.

SRN NearthecoastSRN Nearthecoast is in, fiddling with her tick list, pen and prescribing guidelines but still listening (apparently) at ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730

TONIGHT Framlingham Ladiesbloody Christmas ... eh? Choir present a Christmas Concert in St Clare's Church.  During a Ladies' concert last year the electronic keyboard briefly set off on its own as a latin-american rhythm section ... such fun:)

th 13 Dec

Red White and Bruise RollersIn 2014 and Ely we snapped a Red White and Bruise Rollers scrimmage with Suffolk RD and we're pretty certain we snapped a RWB skater with a mixed league team in Bletchley.  Like the Seaside Sirens very regrettably RWB are pulling up ... more here

 JOBS  Carpenters first and second fix (whatever that means) wanted in Framlingham ... well there is a lot of building going on.

I advertised with nearthecoast and it fixed our downstairs looNext available advertising slot above and in the twice(ish) monthly digest is 31 December.  So tell near the coast about yourself for the New Year with a month's worth for £11.95

we 12 Dec

CORRECTION: We originally reported that the CCU Chargers' honoury captain last Sunday was Ken Matcham.  The honoury captain was in fact Joe Waller who is being treated for cancer, our apologies to both gentlemen.

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tu 11 Dec

UEA Pirates v CCU ChargersSunday we arrived in Norwich too late for the shaking of hands at UEA Pirates v CCU Chargers but not too late for a Charger to be ejected for illegal use of the helmet.  Erin Jones 51 (one the Chargers' two women players) left injured in the first half and we think we saw she'd taken her pads off but she returned later to play offensive guard and was getting close up and personal ... impressive ... more here

bloody Christmas ... eh?Only tickets in advance for dinner and Basil's Christmas Carol at Stonham Barns Saturday 15th December.

mo 10 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh?Crikey!  It's five years since we visited the Saturday craft market in Hoxne.  This Saturday it's their Christmas special.

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su 9 Dec

The Little Mermaid on skatesThis morning in the Tommy Mills sports hall Framlingham in front of a very supportive and appreciative audience The Little Mermaid whizzed about on off ice skates.  One of the many very young cast members had to be taken to the toilet during the show but like we said before nobody fell over.  Such an opportunity for the young to learn self confidence ... hope there'll be another show soon.

sa 8 Dec

The Shepherd and Dog at Forward Green (it's between the A140 and Stowupland) still has a TO LET sign outside.

fr 7 Dec

New zebra crossing Station Road FramlinghamHere's the new zebra crossing in Station Road Framlingham that caused the road closure Saturday night.  Hasn't got the flashing orange globes (belisha beacons) on top of the poles (poles clearly tall enough to warn aircraft) and the poles have yet to be finished in black and white.

The winter solstice, is only two weeks away ... the Friday after next. Winter Solstice - the shortest day

th 6 Dec

Waitrose at Shell GaragesThe Shell garage on the Ipswich bound carriageway of the Woodbridge bypass has been flattened.  Rumour has the rebuild will have a Waitrose which doesn't seem impossible.

Just the building at the pleasant Co-op garage on the A1120 by Stowupland has also been flattened but the garage is still functioning from what looks like a Portakabin.

we 5 Dec

As we were leaving Cambridge by the A1030 and in fading light Sunday evening it was dark enough for us to see that the cycle path next to the road had its own small white cat's eyes marking the edges of the track ... good idea eh?

tu 4 Dec

PC TipsAmazon 30-Day Free TrialAmazon have sent us a card inviting us to try a second 30 day free trial with a letter telling us we won't believe the changes they've made.  Hopefully this time they wouldn't start charging our credit card without warning.

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