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fr 22 au 14

The very excellent Luigino Masarati answers some Ginetta tech questions.

Allan Smethurst  1927-2000The twice monthly(ish) digest is emailing out to the 5,000+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click the Singing Postman to go on the list.

Lacons dray in FramlinghamAny pub or ex-pub near the coast with eagles (the Pettistree Three Tuns) is likely to have been a Lacons pub.  The Great Yarmouth brewery served 1760 until 1968 when Whitbread who had bought it three years earlier closed it in the American manner.  To our surprise at least the brewery resuscitated last year ... what goes round comes round.

th 21 au 14

All things will pass ...Throwback Thursday:  Eight years ago today torrential rain (nothing new about that then) took out the power in Framlingham for a couple of hours prompting poking abouts in Fore Street (so nothing new about that then).

Earlier this week catalytic converters stolen in Saxmundham and Hollesley.

We shopped in the Saxmundham Tescos for the first time this week, no Granny Smiths, staff didn't much want to be there, a bland experience.  Disappointing that the three small street side shops part of the development are a Costa and a charity and a betting shop.

we 20 au 14

Rhiannon Giddens - pic contributedNeil Innes was in the audience at the Snape Maltings last night for the sold out Carolina Chocolate Drops.  Though the man next to us was finding the not particularly strong jokes chokingly funny the four piece were impressively able musos and judging by Rhiannon Giddens' end of set dancing Ronnie Frost might not have got best newcomer if she'd been at Worlingworth.

tu 19 au 14

Aldeburgh carnival paradeAs best we could make out peering over people's heads (security had apologetically moved us on from the ramp up to the Coop Daily) yesterday's Aldeburgh carnival parade had a samba/Brazilian theme.  We thought it pretty impressive but our visiting guest from the east of a large town wanted to know where all the black people ... more here

From Southend's Seaside Sirens Truly Thumptious and son have joined our 1,000+ views album.

su 17 au 14

♫ Tonight's Ipswich jazz club show is first timer Don Weller and trio.  Don played in many of the late Stan Tracey's bands and his own jazz-rock band Major Surgery.

Halesworth Arts FestivalThis year's Halesworth Arts Festival includes rock's smoothest Hammond botherer Georgie Fame now with sons, the actor Simon Callow plus the affectionate two handed homage Eric and Little ErnWhat a bargain!.  The festival's sponsorship makes the next available advertising slot now 3rd September ... did we say that we had nearly 20,000 visitors in January?

sa 16 au 14

JOBS:  Four week showroom/store person starting in September and Framlingham, plus Fram Farmers are looking for a customer service/accounts administrator at 18-20k pa.

Dennington fete 1:30pm-4:30pm today on the sports field behind the village hall, top prize in the raffle a hundred quid! ... and a kidnapped princess.

th 14 au 14

Free dog chipping Friday 15 AugustFrom October you won't get a disc when you renew your road tax and from April 2016 owners will be legally obliged to microchip their doggie chums.  In a step towards this the Dogs Trust are offering free chipping 11:00am-3:00pm tomorrow at the Woodbridge King's Head ... that's at the top of the Market Hill.

sa 16 au 14

Worried too many people might turn up at your coffee morning?  Garden fete?  Public meeting?  Don't do promotion on nearthecoast then.

we 13 au 14

A distinctive but non-running Honda three wheeler OYT 514 Y stolen from a garage in Pageant Place Framlingham in the early hours of Monday.

Fore Street FramlinghamThe woman cyclist in a golden helmet and Fore Street Framlingham has joined our 1,000+ views album on Flickr.

The roller derby bout Brawl of the Wild in Bletchley added to the Facepack album roller derby 2012.

tu 12 au 14

PC TipsWe got this email apparently from stock photo site Alamy (here's our Alamy portfolio) and it looked so pro for a sec we were fooled.  As always it said we're owed money we just had to claim it .. more here

su 10 au 14

Yesterday we felt derby and Scottish lFeel the derby love!ve in Cambridge.

sa 9 au 14

A Ford convertible had it's rear window slashed in Saxmundham earlier in the week.

fr 8 au 14

UK Bus Jam at Stonham BarnsAll weekend it's the third annual UK Bus Jam at Stonham Barns, bit of a misleading title because there isn't any jam and the buses are VW campers.  Eddie and the Hot Rods play Saturday night, great name and we sort of half remember that pop eyed singer. ♫

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