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su 30 au 15

Imogen Sheeran jewelleryYesterday in the EACH charity shop Framlingham we said to Imogen Sheeran that we were surprised to see her witty liquorice allsorts bracelets on young men.  Oh no she replied I made the first one for Edward ... our mum only called us Nearthecoast when we'd done something wrong ...

sa 29 au 15

Today's wedding in FramlinghamThe recent flurry of Framlingham weddings plus we have wedding pix from the past nine years has prompted us to start a Framlingham weddings album on that there Facepack ... it includes today's wedding of course.

A free day out today at the Suffolk Food Hall Wherstead with 50+ modern and vintage tractors and a have a go JCB.

fr 28 au 15

Crown and Anchor Alley JOB  Bridges and Garrard Framlingham are looking for a part time sales assistant.

We have an uncertain memory of the Crown and Anchor Church Street having only two stories in an old picture.  A largish lump has fallen off showing that the third story is wood frame construction ... don't know if that supports our uncertain memory.

th 27 au 15

Some cyclists are a motorist on a bike, this incident in Thorpeness Friday night sounds unpleasant.

we 26 au 15

We've added Dan Buster to our Suffolk gents page.

tu 25 au 15

Framlingham August weddingAt Saturday's Framlingham wedding the very attractive flower arrangements by St Michael's porch we heard were made by the bride's mother.  The couple left in a beautifully restored (if rubber bumpered) MGB roadster ... we were quite jealous.

Guess Who 36?No takers so far for Guess Who 36? (on the evil Facebook this time), the little fella on the beach with his mum.

sa 22 au 15

Dennington boot saleA very decent turnout on a lovely day at the Dennington village hall boot sale.  Very taken with this fella who had set up on his own in the car park (everyone else was round the back on the grass) because that's how he and Dave used to do it.

th 20 au 15

Framsden born Laura Wright and the Virtuosi GUS Band are having a charity last night of the proms at the Cambridge Corn Exchange next month.

The police have renewed their appeal about the traffic accident that closed the A12 near Martlesham Sunday and clarified that the 70 year old vintage tractor driver sustained a liver not head injury and remains in a critical condition.

we 19 au 15

 JOBS  Reliable staff wanted immediately at the Great Glemham Crown, people are saying nice things about it with its new(ish) chef/landlord.

That's nice, licensed another pic on Alamy.  nearthecoast on Alamy

tu 18 au 15

Ploughing near FramlinghamLast week ploughing near Framlingham seemed a timely reminder that summer was passing, with today's miserable weather it now seems a bit redundant.

Rural Myth 64:  When the grass verge brambles need cutting back they're your brambles but when they've got ripe blackberries on them they're anybody's.

mo 17 au 15

PC TipsPhoto Viewer set to Photo GalleryAfter updating to Windows 10 and not taking advantage of the installer's offer to change the file associations (they set which app opens when you double ... more here

It was a collision between a vintage tractor's trailer and a Golf that closed the A12 yesterday.

It's the Aldeburgh Carnival today.  Enjoyed it last year though it was difficult to get a good view.

If yours is a local event for local people then you won't need How to promote your event on nearthcoast.

sa 15 au 15

Today's St Michael's Framlingham bride. Today's Framlingham bride

fr 14 au 15

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