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mo 27 ap 15

Great Glemham Crown FOR SALEThe Great Glemham Crown is very definitely FOR SALE and we find it intriguing what needed to be painted out on this sign.

sa 25 ap 15

Last week a burglary, thefts and a car stolen in Friston, and thefts from cars in Benhall and Sternfield.

fr 24 ap 15

Ryan Boldt at Easton Farm Park♫ Maverick may have gone bit low key at the beginning of the year but it's a double whammy this month; Mark Olson in Halesworth at the beginning of the month and this tomorrow at Easton Farm Park Canadian Ryan Boldt with most of the Deep Dark Woods and supported by Kacy & Clayton.

This Sunday is the annual St Elizabeth Hospice’s Suffolk Sportive cycle with a 80 and a 40 mile route and a shorter family ride.

Guess Who 35?Not Stirling Moss though Guess Who 35? was British and now Linda in Framlingham stationers knows he was in entertainment.

th 23 ap 15St George's Day

The AffairSaturday morning there will be a drive through scrap metal collection at Stradbroke High School, a girl guides' coffee morning and sale in the St Mike's Rooms Framlingham and in the evening comedy The Affair is at The Centre Bury St Edmunds.

A garden shed  WANTED  in Framlingham.

we 22 ap 15

get the digest FREEThe first hustings digest is emailing out to the 5,000+ ntcers on the list ... click Jaques Tati to go on the list.

Election hustings at Wingfield BarnsWe attended our first election hustings yesterday, it was in the Wingfield Barns and organised by the Country Landowners Association.  There was pretty much one of each flavour candidate but only Labour's Jack Abbot and the Green's Rhodri Griffiths (he lives in Parham) standing in Central Suffolk.  To be honest we didn't stay long and during that time the audience neither booed or cheered but it was nice to see some election activity.

tu 21 ap 15

 JOB  Part time nanny urgently needed in Monewden.

mo 20 ap 15

a polling cardIf you are registered to vote you should have received a polling card by now (you don't need the card to vote though it does make it easier).  You can register online but you have to do it by midnight tonight to vote this May.

An 18 year old Saxmundham man has been arrested in connection with the two stabbings in Leiston Friday night.

 JOBS  The A board outside the Stradbroke Ivy House is still advertising for staff.

nearthecoast at Alamy That's nice, licensed another pic on Alamy.

We're top of the page at Roller Derby Newz but for a regrettable reason.

sa 18 ap 15

Police are treating as connected two separate stabbings in Leiston last night.

fr 17 ap 15

Hit and run driver in Mount Pleasant Framlingham yesterday.  How long were those barriers there?  Over three months.

th 16 ap 15

Wall of Water Blue and Gold 2 ~ Maggi HamblingThe 2015 Alde Valley Spring Festival will be opened Saturday at White House Farm Great Glemham by artist Maggi Hambling .  Ms Hambling is a Rendham resident and creator of the Scallop on Aldeburgh beach.   The festival runs Tuesdays to Sundays for a month with events including farm suppers and festival walks.

PC TipsOne of the mysteries of Windows 7 is even if you right click the Windows start button bottom right then click Properties and have the ... recent documents ... check box ticked it may still not show.  You need to click the Customize button, scroll down forever and tick the Recent Items check box ... Microscoft eh?

Dean Sore and Kathrin Iten in The AffairWe saw comedy The Affair at the back of the Framlingham Castle Inn last year but since then it has got longer and a new cast including Dean Sore who was such a triumph as the maid in Sganarelle.  The show tours near the coast starting in Snape VH tomorrow and includes the Fram Station Saturday 9th May.

we 15 ap 15

Ducklings in the Fen Meadow FramlinghamIn Framlingham there's a room  To Let , a temporary with a view to going permanent  JOB  for a butchery operative, the first night of House Guest and not surprisingly ducklings in the Fen Meadow.

tu 14 ap 15

Andy Tiernan with a 1960s ExcelsiorVery nice to welcome back Framlingham advertiser Andy Tiernan.  Andy was on the telly a couple of weeks back buying a 1960s Excelsior from Henry Cole in the ITV4 series Shed & Buried.

Advertising available right now ... we just missed 16,000 visitors last month.

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