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mo 15 se 14

Hackney carnivalWe now understand why Lady KRJ was bemused by the Aldeburgh carnival, the Hackney carnival in a large town yesterday was a bit overwhelming but no WI, boy scouts or volunteer firemen plus why do they need special policemen just for dancing?

fr 12 se 14

Ed Sheeran in Earl Soham and 2006... no sightings of Ed Sheeran in Framlingham for months now ... won't last.

Possibly it was  Rustington where Michael Flanders encountered The Gnu, either way our pic of a floral Rustington bus shelter has joined the 2,000+ album.

Love your co-opIn the car park at the back of the Long Stratton Co-op pharmacy (perhaps they mean chemists) we saw a white five hundredweight Co-op pharmacy van with sign written on the side prescriptions collected and delivered ... now there' a thought.

th 11 se 14

big in Japan... actually we are quite big in Japan.

 JOBS  A full time paid charity shop manager in Framlingham.

Jewellery was stolen in a daytime Peasenhall yesterday.

we 10 se 14

FREE catalytic converter marking this Saturday morning at the Darsham Tyre Centre and you don't need an appointment.

Love your co-opYou can tell Lady KRJ is from that there large town because she asked where the world food section is in the Framlingham coop ... Suffolk eh?

One of those Suffolk Sport twenty quid four week beginner golf courses starts on the outskirts of Ipswich at Fynn Valley today.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day ... still miss Fish.

tu 9 se 14

A generator and power tools stolen from a Halesworth building site last week and an unemployed man has been charged for two burglaries in Melton Sunday night.

What a bargain!Next available advertising slot 27th September... did we say that we had nearly 20,000 visitors in January?

#66 Louisey RiderIn July Nottingham Roller Girl Louise Wright cycling to work was hit by a Greene King lorry and died later that day in hospital ... her derby name was Louisey Rider ...

mo 8 se 14

1962 motorbike tax discLast week we were watching a motorcycle combination back from something in Ireland being washed at Andy Tiernan's Framlingham.  The bike had a brass tax disc holder and as this month we'd placed our last tax disc on a car windscreen we mused that owners will surely keep the tax disc holder on their vintage vehicles and no doubt there will be a new trade in period discs.

From October when renewing road tax a disc will not be issued and payment can be monthly.

Here's why we donated to www.mndcommunity.org yesterday.

su 7 se 14

Sumo break dancer in Laxfield♫ At the back end of yesterday's admirably free entrance Laxfield Day Out we managed to separately and without noticing drop our press pass and ear plugs (they let you stand closer to the pa) but some nice ladies pointed them out ... Suffolk eh?  As you would expect Vix and the Kicks made the effort with three sets including some Joe Tex and Chic's Le Freak.

It's not just the Woodbridge Wyevale that thinks it's Christmas already.

No cashback today at the Framlingham coop ... again..

Norfolk Brawd #74 GRIMbolinaLet the world know about your roller derby league, self help or self harming group by emailing ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 007970 865730

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Bootleg Boss at Stradisphere♫ Realised at Stradisphere what old rockers we are when from Stowmarket the Regency Gentlemen blew a straight ahead set of Chuck Berry/Rolling Stones/Free giving us a warm glow of pleasure.  Despite this like many we were pulled to the James Grigg stage by Born In The USA but we returned to the bar ... more here

Catwoman in a microwave joins our 2,000+ album on Flickr.

fr 5 se 14

get the digest FREEThe Scottish referendum digest is emailing out to the 5,000+ ntcers on the list ... click Jaques Tati to go on the list.

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Windows 7 left and rightPC TipsIn Windows 7 and 8 the shortcut windows key + left arrow will park the current window full height, half width and on the left side of the screen.  Now go windows key + left arrow ... more here.

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