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mo 5 oc 15

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This morning in Framlingham we picked up our first conker of the year, aren't they lovely when they're all shiny and newly hatched ...

su 4 oc 15

India Knight on Framlingham marketYesterday we saw author and journalist India Knight on Framlingham market and we were told she had been seen in Fram throughout the week.  Understandable, Framlingham is a very pleasant place ... mostly.

sa 3 oc 15

Senior and juniors Amis Velo cyclocrossThe Sunday before last we went to Colchester to see a cyclocross.  There were no water crossings, a motorsport type starting grid, perhaps no more than four dismounts and the course was sufficiently flat and dry there were several trains running early on but there were also six different races to cover all classes and BOGOF filled rolls because of overly optimistic catering.

Tonight in the Laxfield village hall is the last performance of Common Ground's 2015 tour of The Count of Monte Cristo.

Tomorrow lunchtime is Bucklesham Plough Day ... we recognised the name but had to look it up, Bucklesham is just off the A12 near the junction with the A14.

tu 29 se 15

Skippy the AngerooThe Saturday before last we went to the UEA Norwich to see roller derby.  There were no equipment checks, one minute penalties, minor penalties or tutus but there was free cake and some fine derby from both Norfolk Brawds teams and the Nottingham Roller Girls.

fr 18 se 15

Tomorrow 11:30 for 12 Radio 4 presenter Libby Purves will open the five solo shows at White House Farm Great Glemham.

A witch ducking this year?  Planning a witch ducking this year?  Promote your event on here.

th 17 se 15

Rural Myth 65:  In Suffolk a homosexual is a man who likes women better than tractors.

 JOBS  Framlingham College are recruiting assistants, one each of catering and domestic.

we 16 se 15

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PC TipsA useful new keyboard shortcut in Windows 10 is Windows key + X which pops up a substantial menu of system stuff and has underlined keyboard shortcuts.  You can do the same thing by right clicking what's now the Windows 10 logo bottom left and was the Start button, the same menu appears and though keyboard shortcuts are not underlined they still function.

tu 15 se 15

Oh dear, last night roofing lead stolen from St Mary's Dennington.

A 185 years ago today William Huskinson became the world's first railway accident.

Elvis and Bill BlackAnorak Alert 16:  On Radio 4 Mitch Benn reckoned original Elvis' bass player Bill Black was part of the 1968 comeback tv special, would have been quite a trick as Bill Black had died three years earlier.

Pictorial evidence that roller derby always was co-ed ... and East Anglian.

mo 14 se 15

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12:29pm:  We're back.

Congratulations to the Bury St Edmunds Saints who had a comfortable 47-12 win over Bristol Apache yesterday at the American football Rose Bowl and so move up a division.

su 13 se 15Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

Synesthesia at Asylum Studios RendleshamFriday night we went to the private view of two young local artists at Asylum Studios Bentwaters Rendlesham but unfortunately it had been last month.  We should have worked this out as we knew Synesthesia in honor of Rob Quin was running at the studios until the 27th (by appointment).

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