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sa 1 au 15

A beautiful sunny day for today's Framlingham bride.

fr 31 jl 15

Earl Soham feteThat's the way to do it, free entry and free parking at tomorrow's Earl Soham villageThe Thorpeness village fete ~ pic contributed fete and also tomorrow the Thorpeness village fete is in the Dolphin Inn's garden with attractions including games, draws, prizes, stands with cakes, local vegetables, books, pies, and live music.

Ah, there isn't a free Windows 10 upgrade for Vista ...

th 30 jl 15

Windows 10Windows 10 installed at second attempt.  It looks very flat and simple as is the fashion these days perhaps because it works better on a smartphone, a new browser named Edge no doubt without the definite article to prevention confusion with people called David, a thing called WiFi-Sense to manage and protect your wireless connections, and an impressive weather app which includes historical data.

We're going to try updating a Vista laptop that actually is Vista next.

As we've said before you don't have to be young to be bad, a 77 year old Ipswich man has been arrested with three others at a Stonham Aspal cannabis farm.

we 29 jl 15

Windows 1011:25am: Waiting for the free Windows 10 upgrade on a Vista laptop, of course everything has decided to update itself to confuse the issue ...

02:25pm: Vista laptop finally updated despite ... more here

How to promote yourself on nearthcoast.com.

12:55pm: Now the bulletin board needs updating, it'll be off line for a while ...

01:12pm: That was painless, bulletin board back.

tu 28 jl 15

 JOB  A bit confused about where but we think a farm near Eye wants a part-time housekeeper.

mo 27 jl 15

Norfolk Brawds open co-ed scrimmageDespite a good handful of skaters bailing out of yesterday's Norfolk Brawds/East Anglo Smacksons open roller derby scrimmage in the end there were more than enough and what must have been most satisfying for everyone involved the Ipswich Cardinals had their first win of the season.

sa 25 jl 15

Borchester Market courtesy of Model Rail MagazineA boy's day out next weekend, especially if the weather's like today's, is the Southwold Model Railway Exhibition.  Attractions include a layout of a port somewhere on the south coast preparing for D-Day and live-steam train and traction engine rides.

SRN NearthecoastSRN Nearthecoast is in, fiddling with her tick list, pen and prescribing guidelines but still listening ... apparently ... at ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730

fr 24 jl 15

get the digest FREEThe BT hole digest has emailed out to the 5,000+ ntcers on the list ... click Jaques Tati to go on the list.

That BT hole in the groundThat British Telecom hole in the ground by Fairfield Road Framlingham is still there and we reckon it's been there at least three years ... mind you the actual hole is slowly evaporating.

Open co-ed roller derby scrimmage this Sunday near glamorous Norwich ... we'll be there snapping.

th 23 jl 15

PC TipsFile search by datee ~ pic courtesy of MicroscoftWhen we're searching for a mislaid file we often find that the file date is a quick way to find it.  Clicking in the Search Libraries text window will prompt a dropdown, click on Date modified: and a calendar for the current month will appear.  What it's taken us time to find is click on the month at the top of the calendar and the months of the year appear; click on the year at the calendar top and more years appear.

What was/will be the Framlingham bakery on the corner of New Road seems to be getting outside decking and at the Framlingham Station their 10th annual beer festival starts tonight.

A to Z of ntcDon't know your way round nearthecoast?  You need the A to Z of ntc, it's FREE and you don't have to pay and display or walk through the gift shop to get out.

su19 jl 15

Yesterday on the Market Hill unicyclist clearly contravening the council's no fun policy ... Framlingham eh?

sa18 jl 15

On the A12 side of the Woodbridge Wyevale car park is a new to us Mountain Warehouse.  They sell clothes and kit for outdoor pursuits, couldn't see any ice axes, lots of low cost own brand stuff ... you get what you pay for.

nearthecoast on TwitterThere's a Twitter feed on the right side side bar.  Can't see it?  Click on the birdy or refresh the page with ctrl+f5 until you can.

Bad News:  Someone's nicked our wheelie bin.  (In Framlingham?!)

Good News:  If we get a crime number Suffolk Coastal replace it for free.

fr 17 jl 15

PCSO Marie Smith installing a purse chainThe mobile police station was in the Woodbridge Wyevale car park today handing out purse chains and a placcy car thing that advises Remove your valuables and gives you somewhere to display your parking receipt.  PCSOs Graeme Hawkes and Marie Smith had a steady flow of customers and it's nice to see the police out and about.

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