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Suffolk ladies at last month's Stradisphere festival in Stradbroke, they're doing it again next year ... nice.

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 JOBS  The job description for the team manager wanted at Framlingham co-op looks suspiciously like a deputy manager.

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Suffolk gent on Framlingham market  A Suffolk gent on Framlingham market.

Halesworth Arts Festival 11th-26th OctoberEric and Little Ern tonight at the Halesworth Arts Festival, Georgie Fame without the Blue Fames but with sons Thursday and the Sid Lawrence Orchestra close the festival Sunday. ♫

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Tomorrow week a Craft and Collectables sale with free beverages in the United Free Framlingham.

You'll probably find your town or village on the A to Z page.

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The Knoll Framlingham

The Knoll  Framlingham

Blimey!  Marmalade are still on the road Haverhill.

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Allan Smethurst  1927-2000The twice monthly(ish) digest is emailing out to the 5,000+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click the Singing Postman to go on the list.

Valerie Leverett in her Farnham workshopOn the industrial estate by that bend in Farnham is Valerie Leverett Memorials named for their principal Valerie Leverett.  Inevitably computers are involved in the design process but the headstones are still hand made.  On that saddest of occasions when a child has died it may be that materials can be recycled to reduce the expense to younger parents.

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Parham airfield museumSaturday afternoon we visited Parham airfield and though the museum was closed it's open Sundays until the end of the month when it closes until next spring.  The following afternoon 800 straw bales worth some 18,000 were set alight.

#bloodychristmas ... eh?A bit scary today is last day posting surface mail in time for Christmas to Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, and the USA.

What a bargain!To be on here for Christmas the next available advertising slot is 25th November ... did we say that we had nearly 20,000 visitors in January?

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Brundish harvest supperWe arrived at the Brundish harvest supper last night far too late for the beef casserole but got a glass of good wine, a taste of the excellent cheese board and to go with the coffee home made sweets.  Though the peppermint creams were the superstar models the chocolate squares contained Brundish foraged hazelnuts ... well you can work it off with some zumba.

The clocks go back on the Sunday after next, that's the 26th.

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Lynne Hanson at Easton Farm Park♫ Depping for Brigitte Demeyer at Easton Farm Park last night Canadian Lynne Hanson arrived on crutches and her whole left leg in a hinged splint.  'Are you fed up of telling people how you hurt your leg?'  'No'  'How did you hurt your leg?'  'Playing touch football, I twisted awkwardly'  'US or Canadian rules?'  'Errrr'  'Three downs or four?'  'Three'  'So Canadian rules then.'  Would be very nice to have her back at next year's Maverick. ♫

There's much bollo about children's nanny Vivian Maier but she was an impressive street photographer and surprisingly seemed able to do it in isolation.  Finding Vivian Maier 3pm tomorrow at Aldeburgh Cinema might show how she formed herself as a snapper.

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Hall Farm Buthers FrmlinghamWe'd noticed in Crown and Anchor Alley Framlingham that in ¦ da ¦ cottage seemed to be opening Saturdays only (but also by appointment), Gosia's coffee van will be back on the market tomorrow and Hall Farm Butchers need a part time shop assistant.  JOB

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PC TipsIf you've got a monitor leftover from an upgrade twenty odd quid will buy a display adaptor with more than one output so your desktop can run two monitors.  Two gotchas; if your desktop is ... more here

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